World’s Oldest Corvette




1953 Experimental Prototype Motoram Corvette - EX122


“1952 – The EX-122 concept car, which had been in development since 1951, is officially named “Corvette'” after a type of fast warship. Sports car aficionado and GM Vice President Harley Earl is the major force behind the development of the vehicle.”

EX-122 at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance dedicated to the GM Motorama.

“1953 – In January, the Corvette concept car debuts at GM Motorama in New York City.”

Source: General Motors 2001 Corvette Specialists Data Book

Source: General Motors 2001 Corvette Specialists Data Book

The 1953 GM
Motorama at the Waldor Astoria in New York City opened its doors to the public
on Sat., January 17th, 1953.

the time the EX122 arrived on the Motorama stage, it represented a
fiberglass-bodied sports car that was readied for production.”
Source: Bentley Publisher’s Corvette from the inside by Dave Mclellan –
Corvette’s Chief Engineer 1975-1992

“The EX122 Corvette is the first of the hand built
Source: Bloomington Gold
William Locke Director The Special Collection

  • “Zora came in thru
    the turnstiles of the Waldorf just like thousands of other patrons that January
  • “He came across
    a little low-slung sports car from Chevrolet called EX122. It stopped him in
    his tracks.”

became an engineer on the Corvette team in 1953 after seeing EX122 at the

The first two production line built 1953 Corvettes rolled out of
the Van Slyke Flint Michigan plant in June of ’53, over five months after EX122
debuted at the Waldorf.

Vin plate

serial number is EX122 which denotes
an experimentally built
-R.F. Sanders

“The car became a plaything for
the engineering department. The 6-cylnder engine was removed and an 8-cylinder
engine was installed, and it was used for various performance demonstrations.
It gave such a good account of itself that immediately it was decided to
abandon the 6-cylinder engine in regular Chevrolet Corvette production and
supplement it with the new 8-cylinder as standard

O ld Car

“I purchased
the car from
Chevrolet on April 11, 1956.”
-R.F. Sanders

“I was in charge of the experimental
department at that time and saw to it that the car was rebuilt in the very best
condition. It was repainted red, a new top and new seats installed, a new
speedometer installed, transmission was completely overhauled, safety items
were replaced and a new set of tires put on.” Source: R.F. Sanders GM
Engineer in Charge of Experimental Department

EX122 Restored to Original Motorama Apperance in

Ex122 Restored

“The completed Corvette prototype, designated EX122,
photographed in the GM Styling Auditorium on January 10, 1953.”
Source: The Complete Corvette Restoration and technical guide
vol. 1 1953-1962 by Noland Adams


EX122 Debut in NYC EX122 debuts at the 1953 GM
Motorama held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in
New York City.

EX122 in San Francisco
EX122 on tour San Francisco Motorama April 30 thru May
7, 1953, Golden Gate Bridge in background.

EX122 in Dallas EX122 on tour Dallas Motorama May 15-24, 1953,
photographed with a Texas Rangers while in

Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design with EX122

at the design studio with may other prototype Corvettes. (Jan, 2012)

Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design with EX122 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

in New York City where the Corvette was first introduced to the world. (Feb, 2011)

EX122 at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

EX122 on stage at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance along with

the prototype 1951 GM LeSabre and the prototype 1953 Cadillac LeMans


EX122 Awards and Special Events

Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance – GM Motorama Special Display
EX122 next
to GM Experimental Firebird Showcar




2005-EX122 Cranbrook Concours d’Elegance – Bloomsfield,
Class Winner Award

cranbr oo k2

2005-EX122 Bloomington Gold Special Collection XXI
“Great Stories”


EX122 – 2004 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – Amelia
Island, FL
Winner of Moet & Chandon Fashion Award
For the Best
Presentation of Fashion and the Automobile

Presented by: Latonya
Amelia Award


EX122 – Winner
at Amelia Island Concours on Show Field


EX122 – 2003 GM
Eyes On Design General Motors Styling Dome – Warren, MI
Best Privately
Owned Concept Vehicle

Eyes on Design Award

EX122 – Charles Kerbeck
& Miss Corvette at Podium
Accepting the Eyes on Design Gold Ribbon
& Crystal Award

Acceptance of Eyes on Design Award
Eyes on Design Award2

2003 – General Motors
50th Anniversary Celebration – Nashville, TN
50 Years –
Five Generations – One Event of a Lifetime
June 27-28, 2003
Nashville Award
Coliseum Photo

Star of ESPN Network Television
See It On ESPN & ESPN-2’s “Road
ESPN Show Shot

Television Air Dates:
Sunday 12/28/03 on ESPN at 4pm Est / 3pm
Mond 01/12/04 on ESPN-2 at 4pm Est / 3pm Cnt
Sunday 01/18/04 on
ESPN at 3pm Est / 2pm Cnt

Coliseum Photo 4

Displayed at Nashville Coliseum
During GM Corvette 50th Anniversary
Coliseum Photo
Flint Pin

SACC Shadow Box
Mural 50 Years of Corvette
Production, presented to the Kerbeck’s by
Noland Adams – June 30, 2003
Flint Shadow Box

EX122 –
Noland Adams Corvette Historian, Author, and 2003 National
Museum Hall of Fame Inductee with George Kerbeck
at the Flint Michigan
50th Anniversary Celebration.

Noland Adams Corvette Historian

EX122 – NCRS Year of The
Presented to the Kerbeck’s In Recognition of EX122
by Gilbert
Scrivner NCRS President & Roy Sinor NCRS National Judging Chairman
NCRS Award

EX122 – 2003
NCRS National Convention Hershey, PA

NCRS Convention in Hershey PA

2003 – EX122
Chosen as Chips Choice
At the 1953 Corvette Reunion Carlisle, PA

Chips Choice Award

EX122 on
Display in Chips Office

 Display for Chips Choice

2003 Hilton
Head Island Concours d’Elegance
EX122 Invited by General Motors

Hilton Head Island Concours dElegance

EX122 on the
show field at rs d’Elegance
Show Field at Hilton Head
Vice President of General Motors – Darwin Clark
Behind the
wheel of EX122 Motorama Corvette

EX122 Motorama Corvette
– 52nd Annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Aug. 18th, 2002

EX122 Motorama Corvette
2002 – 29th Annual Rolex Montery Historic
Automobile Races
Corvette featured marque – August 16-17th, 2002

2002- Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance, Rochester, MI
Matilda & Alfred Wilson Award
Best Featured Sports Car – 50 Years
of Corvette – Styling
Mea dow Brook Concourse

EX122 One of the first thirty three cars to be inducted
into the
Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame

Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame

1993-EX122 Bloomington
Gold Special Collection “Motorama Gold”
Bloomington Gold Special Collection

1985 – EX122 Featured
Bloomington Gold “Special Collection II”
where it lead the
Special Collection Parade.
Bloomington Special Collection II

History of the World Oldest Corvette
The following letter contains the
authentic history of the EX 122 in the words
of R.F. Sanders. Mr. Sanders
was the General Motors director of
Engineering and Sales in charge of the
Experimental Department.

Page1 History
Page2 History
Page3 History
1959 Bank Check written
to Russell F. Sanders from
Jack Ingle in the amount of $1000 for the
purchase in full of EX122

Check for purchase of EX122

EX122 Ownership

General Motors
Sold to Russell
  April 11th, 1956
Sold to Jack Engle   October 10th, 1959
Sold to Kerbeck Chevrolet   July
12th, 2002

2003 National Corvette
Museum Bowling Green, KY

EX122 in Kerbeck Showroom

2003 – EX122 Displayed In
the Kerbeck Showroom
EX122 getting loaded on trailer

2003 – EX122 Gets Loaded
For Its Show Circuit
Motorama Show Car Tractor Trailer
2003 – EX122 1953
Motorama Show Car Tractor Trailer