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How Unique is your 2015 Corvette?

June 26, 2015

Thanks to the National Corvette Museum, you can now look it up!

With the last 2015 Corvette rolling off of the line on June 17th, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant built 34,240 2015 Corvettes which included 25,587 Stingrays and 8,653 Z06s.

The runaway first place winner in exterior colors was Arctic White with Torch Red and Shark Gray in 2nd and 3rd.  Night Race Blue took up the last spot.

3,150 of the 2015 Corvettes were exported by the factory and 407 were sold through the fleet sales.

Automatic transmissions accounted for 23,232 cars or a solid 67% of sales.

One of the rare cars for the year is Atlantic Package with a total of only 17 cars.

You can see the whole list below, or download it by clicking here.  Enjoy!




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