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Following her dream turns into a search for her father’s car

February 26, 2015


The Return of the “Legend”

Before she was born, Dawn Hughes’ father owned a 1964 Stingray Convertible that he dearly loved.  One thing led to another over the years and he had to let it go, but he kept the passion for the Corvette and passed it on to his daughter with many “Corvette Talks,” telling her that some day she would have one of her own.

For a long time she saved all of her pennies, putting away whatever she could for the big day.  The last time she spoke with her dad about the Corvette he looked her straight in the eyes, grinned and said, “I want to be there when you get it.”

Sadly and unexpectedly, Dawn’s father passed away just before the the C7 Stingray was announced.  She struggled with the decision to get one as this was an achievement she wanted to share with her father.  In the end, she knew he would have wanted her to follow her dream.

While on a business trip in the fall of 2013 Dawn found herself with time to visit Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, NJ.  After walking the inventory and getting all of her questions answered she decided what she wanted and ordered her car.  She waited for the day she could go to the National Corvette Museum to take delivery of her dream.

That’s when Dawn started to see a few coincidences.

Her 2014 Corvette, built 50 years after her dad’s 1964, came off the line earlier than expected, which was fine with her!  The first date the Museum made available for her to pick up was November 15th and she grabbed it.  It was raining, but in no way did that dampen her enjoyment as she felt that her dad was with her while she toured the museum and the Corvette Plant.

The next day as she was driving home to Florida… she realized that it was one year to the day that her father had passed.

As a tribute to her dad and the passion for Corvettes that he had passed on to her, Dawn paid the car off on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014.

Not long after, Dawn became curious about her father’s 1964 Corvette.  She looked up the VIN (408675111410) and discovered that he gave up ownership of his Sting Ray on June 15, 1966; forty eight years to the day that he gave up his title, Dawn got hers!

Her father’s Corvette was “Legend 1” and Dawn’s license plate reads “Legend 2”.

Her quest to one day get the two cars together has begun.  Dawn is hoping that maybe someone reading this blog or her story in the NCM magazine may know something of her father’s car and is looking for any help that she can get.  If she could get these two cars together, it would be Legen…(wait for it)…dary!


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