• Don Higgins says:

    My wife and I recently purchased a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe.
    We could not be happier with our Corvette or the buying experience.
    Our Corvette Specialist was Sam Kelley. Sam was great to work with. Within approximately two hours between phone conversations, text messages and faxes we completed the deal.
    If you are interested in buying a Corvette contact Kerbeck and ask for Sam Kelley.

  • Josh DeBerry says:

    the new C7 corvette is my favorite of them all and I plan to own one after restoring a 1987.

  • TOM JONES says:


  • Lawrence says:

    Great site, great information, great game, but most of all GREAT CAR!!! Just picked up my Gray convertible and was instantly overwhelmed with joy…what a dream come true!

  • Meredith says:


  • Denise Ham says:

    Hello from Scottsdale Arizona,I just received my first Corvette as a gift from my husband. It is a real clean 1995 convertible (black), competition yellow with oak interior, with only 16,700 original miles!!! Great car to drive around a great city. Denise HamSonoran Luxury Properties11675 N. 136th St. #103 Scottsdale AZ, 85259

  • Alexa Stevens says:

    I just want to say that Dave Brown is quite a salesman. I met him at the Carlisle show in Pennsylvania and have been hooked on Kerbeck every since. He knows his stuff, and I will definately be showing up at Kerbeck very soon to see what he’s got to offer–the 06’s are great. Keep it up Dave!

  • Eddie says:

    A 20 year dream became a reality when I drove away in a 2003 Mill Yellow coupe a few days ago. Excellent dealership, excellent staff. Special thanks to David Brown for his courtesy, and professionalism throughout the buying experience at Kerbeck’s.

  • Chuck says:

    I am interested in trading my old vette in on a newer one… I have a 1987 Corvette, Red, Loaded, very nice shape. I am looking to trade it on a 1997 and up C-5

  • Don McBurney says:

    While traveling on business I picked up a Philadelphia Inquirer. I was shocked to see Kerbeck advertising the EXACT Corvette I was shopping forαat a price that was almost $2000 LESS than the best deal I found at any other Chevy dealer! I called and bought my new 2004 Torch Red Coupe from Kristen and Samuel, right over the phoneαsight unseen! On my next trip to the East Coast, Samuel picked me up at the airport, we completed one hour of paperwork, and I drove back to Ohio (26.4 mpg!) in the most comfortable grand touring sports car on the market! Purchasing my dream car was easy, uncomplicated, and truly a pleasure. Thanks for making my FIRST Corvette buying (and driving!) experience such a wonderful event/process!

  • Mike says:

    I presently own a 1978 silver ann. vette. Would like to own much newer model hope to be down soon to view your inventory.

  • Dennis M. says:

    I check your website every week.I’ve owned a ’74 Vette conv.,’95 coupe,’99 coupe,’03 Z06(Milestone Edition #055),and currently a ’00 conv.(unusual navy blue w/grey int. and white top.)I want a 2007 2LT coupe, blk./red, manual trans.,but need to trade the ’00 and my red ’04 SS Silverado.Sorry y’all aren’t closer so we could work a deal.If I can sell them I’ll be contacting your dealership.

  • Michael Luchansky says:

    Very impressive inventory, easy to use web-site. One of the best I have seen!(that’s why your #1)

  • David Gunter says:

    I found a nice ’98 Coupe in your showroom….black/grey. Very nice. Need to trade my 1968 Convertible, Black on Black in Black, Two tops…45K miles…very nice. Owned it for 28 years…need a new one. What do you think its worth??

  • frank says:

    hi, from sydney, australia. i have owned 4 vetts and currently have a 1999 convertible. soon hopefully the c6. keep in mind guys that i have to convert the steering from left hand to right hand drive as our cars are all right hand drive. plus we have to add about 70% tax and change over the dollar to aussie dollars. works out to be a real expensive car, but all worth it!!

  • Richard says:

    Isn’t your ‘oldest Corvette’ actually #2. The Futureama vette was dismantled. The one you have used to be red and has a V8 in it. However it does make it the oldest now. Has GM certified it as such?

  • doc meyer says:

    I plan on buying a new ‘vette this summer

  • Joyce & Bob says:

    When will the C6 Z06 7.0L V8 427CI 505HP be available? Joyce wants a Velocity Yellow/Black Convertible, and I want a Black/Black/Black/Black 6 speed Coupe…HURRY,HURRY…

  • g spano says:

    i am waiting for the 2003 coupe to come out, at least a picture. are they changing the body style?

  • John Lawver says:

    Very nice site, I can’t wait to visit your showroom in NJ

  • Scott Close says:

    My wife and I visited Kerbeck last September while visiting AC. Fantastic store with a extremely freindly & helpful staff. They could not have been nicer or more hospitable! If you want a Corvette (and who doesn’t)I would not hesitate for a moment to purchase a car from Sam Kelly or anyone else on the staff.

  • Keith Hoke says:

    Yesterday I visited your display at Corvettes at Carlisle and fell in love with the Yellow 05 sitting right out in front of your tent. I went to the show to find a 2004 Z06 but changed my mind after seeing that car. Year after year, your display is the highlight of my trip to the show.

  • Jennifer says:

    I know I have already signed this…. but I had to do so again. I love your website. I especially love your ’53 ‘vette. If only you knew…

  • Phil says:

    Your Collection of cars is quite amazing. I also saw your ad on Barrett Jackson and just thought I would take a look at what you had. And just a comment to Kyle the gentlemen I saw writing on here. The Z06 is out and into the public because I know the owner of one.

  • Mike Smith says:

    This is a great website!

  • Dan Whitton says:

    want to dream of a 50th anniversary corvette or a 2003 Zo6 electric blue….

  • GERONIMO says:

    I don’t understand the problem’s that you are having buying a vette from KERBECK.Call Dave Salvatore but be patient, you’ll notice that their inventory is constantly changing, that means they are with customers and you need to keep calling. Once the process begins it goes very quickly and I have no doubt you will be satisfied.To give some of you answers on the previous e-mail’s, If you buy a car from their inventory, you will have to pay for shipping and also make all the arrangement’s with a shipping company. If you order the car, then they can do a courtesy delivery like I did. The receiving dealer will charge you a small fee (around $250).I hope this help’s somebody !!!

  • Lindell Lemon says:

    03/28/08, I just bought a new 08 red crystal metallic vette 2LT, exhaust option, Chrome wheels & Transparent roof. Daughter getting ready to graduate from college, My last corvette I had was when she was born 22 years ago. Lindell of Ohio

  • Scott says:

    I will be turning forty this year and have seriously been considering to treat myself to a new corvette. I’m interested in buying a 2003 model. I would like to know if the style will change for the 50th anniversary edition.

  • kent c says:

    Too bad (not) I live in L.A. and already ordered a 2006 Z51 automatic at msrp from community chevrolet in Burbank. I’m in Medford nj visiting relatives, the Ford dealer here on Rt 70 has a new GT locked up in the garage behind the showroom, way cool. I’ll pick up my 06’C6 on monday, hope I like the monterey red/cashmere w/paddles. Kerbeck has a great selection and a great website.

  • Brian says:

    I’m looking forward to buying the 2005 convertible in May for my wifes B-Day

  • scott-o says:

    Can someone please tell me in the 80’s, how many corvettes had to be made to b a production year?…some people may know what im talking about,but for those who dont,here we go. In 1983 there was either 1 or 2 made and i know that half of 1 is above the door in the kenntuky factory. Can somebody please relay this information to me. please email me if anyone knows.

  • Allison says:

    Your site is awesome. My dream car is a corvette. A 1981 midnight black corvette with red stripes on the front top and back. One day I will get one…your site has inspired me even more. I’m 16, but I’m dreaming big..and hoping to become a mechanic.

  • Joe Witt says:

    My wife and I were in Bolling Green,Kyrecently toured the plant saw one of your posters on a wall at Arts Auto Mart next to the NCM would love to have one,We bought our 2002 locally, this is our third vette, we would love to visit your showroom, who knows we may get our next vette from Kerbeck, neat website, turned everyone in our local car club to your site.

  • Jeremy Block says:

    Looking to buy a good used c-4 T.P.I. vette from you- or anyone associated with you between $4000-$6500. I can’t wait to visit your showroom soon! Great site! I will be bringing my father along, this would surely be a great father-son experience.

  • ERIC MISHNER says:


  • Lance Miller says:

    My new C6 is dreamlike – just like the dealership that handled the transaction. Kudos to Kerbeck – what a great buying experience! Thanks for a great car & great time with my new purchase…Lance

  • Ray Jackson says:

    This (C6) will be my first ‘Vette. I’ve heard a lot about your dealership. I am looking for a deal. I plan to go to any length to get the best price and deal that I can. I plan on buying my ‘Vette CONVERTIBLE in March or April. I’ve been saving for this carband I now have the cash. Whoever is willing to sell me a ‘Vette at the best price will get my money. I am willing to travel if necessary.Museum deliverly is also an option if I have to order. I am looking for a red convertible, black interior, black POWER top, automatic, and Z51 package! Bottom line, I’m looking for the best price thatI can get. I don’t care where I have to go to get it. There are several dealers in my home area but I will go whereever. Only Serious Dealers should contact me at: 219 762-6787 (work) 219 860-0063 (pgr)

  • david panes says:

    Please let me know when i can leave a deposit for a 2006 zo6 corvette. Any info on what kind of allocation you will be getting? Thanks for your timeMr Panes

  • Dave Putz says:

    I plan on purchasing in 1-3 month. Red convertible. I’m still deciding on package.

  • Gary H. says:

    I loved your showroom…I am interested in a 2001-2004 6speed convertible…I am open to color choices…. Must have low miles and be mint as all vettes should be…

  • Tom Mantz says:

    I’ve spent lots of time on your web site, fascinated by what I saw. My fiance and I drove 2 hrs to A.C. on December 30th to look around and maybe drive a car. I wound up driving a newred convertible home that night. Thanks Gary for a great experience and an even greater car. It’s gonna be a Very Happy New Year!

  • Chris says:

    Was glad to see Kerbeck at Corvettes at Carlisle. I was happy to see a 1990 ZR-1 in rare competition yellow at the Kerbeck tent, never seen one before thanks Kerbeck

  • Al Casapulla says:

    Kerbeck has the showroom from heaven and sales staff to go with it. What a great experience. I bought a 2000 convertible last year. Wanted a new coupe but could not resist the deal on the rag top. Ask for Harry Boyer!

  • Bryan May says:

    Fantastic site guy’s and gals ,I own a 88 roadster right hand drive in New Zealand ,www.aucklandcorvetteclub.co.nz and are having summer nationals next Feb ,so if anyone want’s to come DOWNUNDER please email me for info. I definitley will visit Kerbeck’S when in the U.S.A.

  • David Nassi says:

    Great site,proud of owning 91 zr1 in israel,willing to purchase 2006 z06 soon.

  • Al Long says:

    Great web site, still driving my 98 Vette. Am looking forward to geting the new C6 or Z06 when they come out.

  • Al Sherriff says:

    Sure wish their was a Kerbeck’s up here in Canada. Love your site. I own a 99 torch red coupe,

  • Robert E. Smith says:

    I live in Southern California. I recently purchased a 1982 Corvette Coupe Black/Black with 16810 original miles. I have been a Corvette fan all my life. IT’s to bad you’re so far away. Your site looks fantastic.

  • Rick Hughett says:

    I have owned my 01 C-5 for about 15 months now. Just turned 2,500 miles. 800 of those was just getting it home. It sits a lot in the garage. My wife and me love to take it out on special occasions like a date night. We have a 14 year old so that is far and few between. Harry, just wanted to thank you agin for making the out of state purchase so pleasant. Rick from Atlanta.

  • kyle says:

    saw your ad on barrett jackson, thought i’d check it out. amazing inventory. blown away by your cars. can’t wait till the Z06 is out!

  • Jarrod says:

    I have a 1953, 1956-57, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1979, 1990-02 Corvettes, and would love to add a 2003 50th Annv. to my collection. Would love for you to send me any info. on the new vette including a pic. when available.

  • Vince J says:

    I just bought a 2005 C6 Conv. White/black int with everything on it here in Sac @ John L. Sullivan Chevy. Was able to get only about 1k off msrp. If I knew about your website before I probably would have gone to you for the purchase. I would be willing to trade/sell mine in towards the new Z06 if priced right. Great website and soo much inventory!!!

  • Matthew says:

    I have a 1968 Vette Convertable

  • Lane A. Katz says:

    Nice web site! Come see my sitewww.stingrayalley.com

  • RHIANNON says:

    …Take my breath away……!

  • Denise Ham says:

    Just wanted to say that it is websites and advertising like yours that keep beautiful Corvettes in front of the public. I was just at a show in Scottsdale Arizona that had over 100 Covettes of all years entered. It was a pleasure to see such well cared for cars. I took first in my class (1986-1996)on my first time entering a show. The support and congrats I received was great from the other Vette owners. If you do not own a Corvette yet, I say buy now lifes to short not to.Denise HamHomes with the Auto Enthusiasts in Mind480-213-1613Scottsdale AZ, 85259

  • Denise Ham says:

    Just love your website! Just gave your site to a friend that is in the market for a Corvette. Just enjoying driving my 1995 on these sunny days!Denise HamHomes with the Auto Enthusiasts in MindSonoran Luxury PropertiesScottsdale AZ 85259

  • Tommy DeGennaro Jr. says:

    Just got a ’79 coupe and will be a frequent visitor to your site….I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful inventory…

  • Rich Serra says:

    Picked up my 04 yellow 6 sp coupe on 7-24-04.Thanks to Kristen and Gary my purchace was a pleasure and look foward to doing it again. Thanks Rich

  • Austen says:

    Beautiful showroom i was there when my dad bought the 50 anniverseary convertible. Im the one that you letsit on the nitrous oxide borgate You have one heck of an establishment

  • J VIENI says:


  • Mike D says:

    I’m looking for a 2006 White in your inventory. I don’t see one. Do you have any?

  • Bren says:

    YES! What a week this was with the Barrett-Jackson Auction and MY love for cars, especially the ultimate CORVETTE. Pick a year, any year and the Corvette has a place in my heart. I hope soon to be a Corvette owner.

  • Mark Miksa says:

    I`m going to AC Monday..and my first stop will be at Kerbecks… I have to check this place out…I happen to own a 2001 silver Z06

  • Joey says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Harry Boyer and the entire Kerbeck team for making the purchase of my 2004 ZO6, a pleasurable experience! I spoke to Harry for the first time on 09/05/03 late in the evening. Even after a busy day Harry had the time and patience to sit thru a 20 minute phone conversation. He answered all my questions and invited me to call him anytime,if needed. Well I did, and on 09/13/03 drove that baby 222 miles to its new home. Harry is a true professional. The entire process was sincerely an enjoyable venture! This is the only dealer in the U.S to buy your dream car! Thanks again, Joey

  • david says:

    Keep me posted when i can reserve a 2006 c6/z06.thanksdave

  • Jim says:

    Today I saw your dealership listed in Newsday, here on Long Island. Your ad listing $5200 off on a 2003 coupe is what caught my eyes. I’m assuming it’s only on the one listed. My first car was a 1962 Vette and I am planning on getting another Vette. Being that I’m turning 50 this year, what better time to get a 50th year Vette? I’d like to visit your dealership in mid to late March, early April. I’m looking for a 2003 black coupe, preferrably grey interior, second choice of interior is black. As much as I’d like a 6 speed standard, I think an automatic would be a more reasonable choice. I hate having to be reasonable!



  • Glenn Murphy says:

    I bought an Electron Blue coupe from Michael & Kristen and the car is fabulous and the dealership was A1. It was actually fun buying the car. I would recommend Kerbeck to anyone wanting a Vette! It IS the ONLY place to go and I shopped long ( 2 years) and hard and this is where I ended up! The deal was the best by FAR, and their expertise was tops! No one knows Vettes like Kerbeck! No one deals on Vettes like Kerbeck! Many other dealers told me to ‘Go back to Kerbeck, I can’t touch that number’ when I told them what they needed to do to sell me the car! All I can say, ‘If you want a Corvette, talk to Kerbeck’ Thanks Kristen & Michael Bellino! Glenn

  • Dominique Carter says:

    I want an corvette!

  • Wanda Francis says:

    I am ready to purchase a vet, I was there a few years ago with friends who purchased 3 corvetts, we drove from Maryland. Interested definitely in an 05.

  • Tim says:

    I had heard that Magnetic Red was going to be offered for the 2004 Z06. I am wondering if this is true or not, please email me with any info. Love the site.

  • nnamdi says:

    i love this site thanks

  • Michael Y says:

    Nice place… Lot of cars… Not a lot of pressure… Thanks for your help Dave. We would’ve driven away in a Z06 had it not been for the darned insurrance in NJ! Be back soon hopefully, Mike Y http://www.yaro1.com

  • Mikel Reagh says:

    Hi! saw your ad in autoweek so thought I would check out your web site. WOW what an awsome collection of corvettes your show room makes me want to cry. it has been a life long dream of mine to own a corvette and you have so many, I get very depresed looking at corvettes but I just cant help myself, some day my dream will come true but for now I’ll just have to keep dreaming. hope you dont mind but I downloaded a picture of your show room to my start up page. Thank You. Dreamer in Sweet Home Or.

  • Stephen Minicucci says:

    Great website! You have one I love. Whanna trade? I have a 95 coupe torch red/ torch red interior. Super condition with 25,000 miles.

  • Jim Fusco says:

    I see you guys at Carlisle every year, so when it came time for me to buy my first Corvette I went to kerbeck’s first. I was not disappointed. Your web site is first rate and your service equally fantastic. I saw the C5 I’d been looking for on your web site on a Monday and made an appointment with Sam Kelly to see it on Saturday. When I got there, Sam told me he was prepared to spend all day with me if neccesary. He really knows his Vettes. He showed me everything. By the time I signed all the papers I was sure I came to the right place. I’m recommending you to all my family and friends. Thanks for the beautiful Bowling Green ’00 C5. The drive home was great. Best toy I’ve ever bought.

  • Chris says:

    I have a 1965 corvette conv. blue with blue inter.

  • Nancy says:

    I have loved Corvettes since my pink Barbie Corvette when I was a little girl! I am now a proud owner of an 03 Millennium Yellow Z06. It only took me about 40 yrs to get it! My daughter has named her Daisy. Now she just has to learn how to drive a 6 speed. Thanks to Dave Brown for making things so easy. Never had a new car purchase go so quick and smooth. Have and will recommend Kerbeck to everyone!

  • Tom Stuart says:

    I wish to express my gratitude Gary Beatty’s enthusiastic tour of the facility last Saturday. My 12 year old son and I were in Ocean City fishing (yes we did smell like fish, but we did not get too close to the cars!!!) when I said to him we must find Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City. I first became aware of Kerbeck many years ago when they first started advertising in AutoWeek. Then with the internet, their website has been in my favorites.I have been in love with Corvettes since I was a very small boy in the mid 60’s. Currently my wife and I are proud owners of an ’86 Yellow Indy Pace car. I can assure you, with people like Gary representing the dealership, my next Corvette will definitely come from Kerbeck Corvette.The facility is very, very impressive. A TOP notch establishment.Tom StuartJamestown, NY

  • Tom says:

    Harry – thanks for your help with the purchase of the black 1999 C5. That deal helped me to decide that a new 2005 loaded machine silver C6 was really the way to travel!!!

  • M.Khan says:


  • Mark Shapter says:

    Wow! What a great Corvette web site and dealership! Wish you were about 2,000 miles closer to my home!

  • JT Fernandez says:

    Very Impressive Site. ZO6 is definite preference.

  • DAN JOHNSON says:


  • Jeff Ferraro says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank George@Charlie Kerbeck and his entire staff for getting me into my corvette. From the moment I entered the showroom

  • Craig Hunter says:

    I’m planing a trip to New Jersey this summer (2003). I plan to stop in and see the place.I now have a 1972 corvette completely restored. My wife would like a corvette for herself. Sowe will be shopping also.

  • Steve Goetz says:

    Hi Kristen & Dave,I picked up my new 2002 red vette last week, what an awesome machine. Thanks for a great buying experience. What a great showroom. See Ya, Steve

  • Vinnie says:

    I am traveling to Atlantic City in Sept.2002 and I am looking forward to touring your dealership and grounds. I am sure it will be a real treat. I have been driving a 1990 Polo Green Corvette for many years all over our great country. I have put 215,000 miles on my corvette and it still runs and handles like the the day I got it. See you soon. Vinnie

  • Tom says:

    Correction. Recently purchased a ’99 vette from your dealership. WOW – what a deal – Harry you are THE corvette specialist !!!!!!!!

  • Jason Cazes says:

    Part 2 of email below… forgot to mention that they picked me up at the airport in philly over an hour away and brought me to my hotel. This is the only place to buy a corvette.

  • Tom says:

    Recently purchased a ’99 vette your dealership – WOW – what a deal – Harry you are THE corvette specialist!!!!!!

  • Rod Maloney says:

    A life Long DREAM come true….Am 47 & have waited for this moment, to buy my 1st VETTE. Came down to Atlantic City, NJ on March 6th, 2004 at the urging of my girl friend to see the dealership, because of the GREAT WEB site. Donna asked me what are the ODDS of buying a CORVETTE….50/50 I said non chalantly. A NEW….TORCH/RED….ZO6 still in the RAPPERS, celaphane on the WHEEL, SEATS, FLOOR BOARDS, On the SHOW ROOM floor, with a TORCH RED interior stared me down. It said take me HOME to East Providence, RI….I DID!!!!! One of the MOST AWSOME buying experiences, have ever EXPERIENCED….& in PART THANKS to DAVID BROWN in sales….ALMOST 2 months LATER, still have to PINCH myself….THE CAR is AWSOME…..The 1st in my COLLECTION of many MORE to COME….VERY FORTUNATE Rod Maloney

  • Jason Cazes says:

    I searched the internet and kerbecks was the only dealer with the 2008 with options in stock that I wanted. The best part is they gave me $3,500 of MSRP for a car with options that you can’t find anywhere else. I worked with ‘Harry’, who has been with the company 14 years, and was treated like I paid $10,000 over the MSRP! I had to write and say THANK YOU for this experience! I flew from Seattle, WA to Atlantic City to pick up the car and drive it back across country. I’m halfway back from my trip, and decided to write this note on the site. This is a SUPERCAR. Only way to describe it. Corvette got it completely right in 2008. It’s perfect in every way, and more power than I expected. Again… Harry: Thank You and Brad, the business manager.. Thank you. I will be buying a new vette at least every 2 years from your outfit.

  • Louis Marchi says:

    want to buy a new 2005 corvette from kerbeck

  • Dan says:

    Information on delivery to any other state please?

  • Matt says:

    Greetings, I currently have two Vettes. A 64 white coupe with red interior body off 60,000 original miles and I am original owner. Also have an Electron Blue Coupe. Stock but a fun driver. Am kind of looking around for a C-6 or a project car. I have been a Corvette guy since I was eight and my dad and his buddy had a new 53. To bad we did not keep that one. Blessings

  • Louis Marchi says:

    want to buy a new from kerbeck

  • Sharron says:

    Saw your ads on the Speed Channel at Barrett-Jackson, good job. I own a totally restored 72 C-3, everything looks stock but, has a built 350, totally matching numbers car. Real nice ride…..

  • jack stanley says:

    I am in the market for an 06 Corvette Coupe equiped and colored as your stock #’s G60797 and G60924 with MSRPs of $57,320. I am a long way from you in Northern California and wonder if your pricing would warrant the trip, or if you have some type of courtsey/drop ship delivery process for this area?? Just retired and a Vette is my gift to myself after 37 years with a competitive manufacturer. Hope to hear from you!

  • Matt says:

    I have two Vettes, an 02 electron blue auto coupe which I really love as a driver and a 64 Stingray Coupe white with new red interior. I did a body off, powder coated the frame and it still has original paint. 60,000 original miles bored, 20 over, balance and blue printed, re-done heads, 370 posi with close ratio 4 speed. Best part is that I am the original owner. I drove it off the showroom floor when I was 18 years old at Book Chevy in Pittsburgh Pa. I have been a Corvette lover since 1953 when my dad and the owner of Gibson Chevy in Monessen PA had one they ran around in.

  • Jerri Lynn says:

    My father owns a 93 coupe 6 speed black on tan, its in awesome condition. I hope we soon buy an 05, i would love a silver on black convertible. Nice pics on the website Kerbeck, keep it up!

  • Jennifer says:

    I LOVE CORVETTES!!!! I want my first car to be one… in about 1 and 1/2 years….

  • KRIS POGAN says:


  • redsoxbernie says:

    I have an ’02 ZO6. I will buy a new ZO this Fall. How in the world can you guys give me a reasonable dollar estimate on the trade-in value of my 2002 against the purchase of a new ZO? (My problem is I live 3000 miles away.) The local dealers won’t ‘deal.’ Thanks.

  • heather says:

    looking for a 1960 to 1963 vette thats a fixer upper.

  • Dro says:

    I have a Polo Green 92 coupe

  • debra mahler-ramsey says:

    were waiting for the 2006 to come to the showroom owner: 1999 pewter coupe

  • SKIP EARLE says:

    I love your website. You are in the running of where I will purchase my Vette.

  • Michael says:

    awesome site, keep up the good work, google is my best friend for finding this fantastic site.

  • SKIP says:




  • Tom Scinto says:

    I really enjoy your website. How are you able to order so many Corvette’s for stock? Keep up the great interest in Chev. Corvette’s.

  • Al says:

    Love your site and I love the new C6 so much that it may be time to sell my 62 and come to see you guys and look over a softop keep them coming in..Thanks

  • John M ELZEY says:

    I wrote last on 3/19/04…..still a great site to look at. I’m 55 now, still waiting for my new vette. BRING back the ZERO per-cent on corvettes—we’ll ALL be happy. central-Illinois.

  • ralph says:

    Possible lease on 08 vette. Please give me a real idea on the $44000 car to lease.

  • JESSE says:

    Hello this is a great website really enjoyed it. Mine is a 1991 red coupe 6-speed. Bought from Dodge sales manager!his personal baby april2000. BY the way Iwas born same year as corvette, 1953.JESSE

  • Dennis L. Larkin says:

    I’m on my way to see you in October. I want one more of these things before I have to call it quits.

  • Edward Mowton says:

    Coming down this weekend and think while I am at your showroom, I won’t be losing at the tables!!!!

  • Ryan Eller says:

    very good

  • Jonathan Moll says:

    hey this is the ultimate site for CORVETTE’S. I have loved CORVETTESfor ever and when i saw the ass in the duPont RegistryTM i was psyched!!!! i hope to purchase a corvette soon(well when i get the dough!!!) i am 14 going on 14 and cant wait to get the pleasure of driving the car so keep up the page and i will keep coming back. i love the site!!!

  • Gary says:

    Wow !! Great to know where one of the 1953 models sits. I just recently purchased the Corvette 50th Anniversary book and read the history of that very car and the 50 years that followed. Fantastic story! Still loving my 1996 Coup and hope to enjoy it for years to come.

  • Cindy says:

    Love your web-site. This has been my dream car since I was a little girl.



  • Marty Johnson says:

    I have a 91 ZR1 and a 69 Z/28…………I am the second owner of the camaro. I bought the car in 75 and have the protecto plate and original invoice. Looking to buy a new Vette next year…………hoping it will be a ZO6.

  • Glen E. Muenchau says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your excellent website, especially the ‘Kerbeck Collection’… I hope to see it all firsthand someday! Congratulations on your past achievements and keep up the good work! Chevrolet USA-1 forever!!

  • Mike & Sonja Whiteman says:

    Bought our 94 Polo Green convertable from Kerbeck in 2001 Great Car!!! good people to deal with Thanks.

  • CHarles says:

    I have a 1998 convertible fully loaded with 28,000 miles that I would like to trade with cash for a 2006 or 2007 convertible.

  • Matt Kasper says:

    I visit you site frequently. I have a 64 white coupe red leatehr 365hp 3.70 posi 4 spd. It just turned 60,000 mi. Original paint, body off and I am the original owner. Drove it off the show room floor at 18. I also have and 02 C-5 electron blue auto as my driver. Love both cars. One for show and one for go.

  • Steve Finfrock says:

    Just checking out you site. I seen it on the Barett/Jackson auction. I live in Effingham, Illinois, home of Mid America moterworks. I own a 1993 corvette

  • Jim says:

    This is a great site and i told my son about it he’s a vette nut to everyone that i know who likes vettes i’m telling them about your site

  • Canadian says:

    To the Canadians that posted. Not a big deal, once you purchase the car from the States, you ship it to the border where you will have to pay duties and taxes.

  • John Lynch says:

    I bought a black 2002 Convertable from Kerbeck and found the whole process very easy…I enjoyed the long trip back to Maryland in my brand new Vette.

  • Kevin Bell says:

    I now own a 1953 AND a 2005 thanks to you guys. service was fabulous and I just love my vettes!!

  • Richard Dunn says:

    I am interesting in buying the 2006 ZO6 Corvette. Do you have information regarding ordering and availability?

  • Paul Culton says:

    I wanted to give praise where praise is due. I have never been treated better at any dealership! I will never purchase a corvette from any dealership than Kerbeck. I have purchased all three corvettes I have owned at Kerbeck. I now live in Las Vegas. I had my 2000 c5 shipped out here on a truck because I will not so business with any other corvette dealership. I will soon be looking to get the 2006 z06. I will be flying home to New Jersey to purchase this vehicle. Great Job Kerbeck! You truly are a diamond in the rough! I am only 26 years old and I look forward to many years of transactions and great service! Keep up the good work!

  • Bill says:

    Found a couple of more Arcticles on EX122from the 70’s. Send me your mailing address. Will mail them to you shortly. Great to see EX122 again. Glad you brought it to Hilton Head

  • Steve says:

    It’s been years

  • Harry H. McDonald 1 says:

    There is only one place to buy A new Corvette

  • Greg says:

    Looking forward to using your site often.

  • MANNY says:

    Do you transfer cars from dealer to dealer. If you do, I’m interested on purchasing an 06 corvette convertible and I want to know how much additional money is involved for the freight charges. Thanks

  • Jamie Andrews says:

    Hi! Loved the Corvette since I can remember! Browsing your website was a real treat! Keep up the great work! Beautiful collection!

  • Reed and Janet Mardis says:

    Just wanted to thank you all for the great Car every where we go we have looks and also people telling us how pretty this car is .

  • Ken Breen says:

    I’m a Canadian from Vancouver, B.C. I’m planning on buying a Corvette within 2 years. Just wondering if your dealership is the place to go! Looks like you are competitive, and have an excellent selection of Corvettes. If I bought a new Corvette, what would it cost to have it delivered to say Bellingham, Washington. I have a rough idea as to the retail cost of the vehicle. Also, would your new Corvette be OK for import to Canada, emissions, etc., If it’s worthwhile, I could tell the wife, we’re going on a gambling junket to Atlantic City. She’s busy in the casino, I buy my dream car.

  • Socerdevil25 says:

    i love you!!!

  • Rich says:

    Great site,looking forward to the 2003.would like to know if they are taking deposits on the 50th Anniversary model. Thanks_x000D_

  • mattew geronimo says:

    my daddy want’s a yellow zo6 for christmas_x000D_

  • Jose Serrano says:

    Admiro este dealer de corvette. Mi deseo es poder visitarlo algun dia y adquirir una hermosa corveta. Tambien deseo conocer personalmente a Vicki y le deseo mucha felicidad y triunfos.Les envio saludos desde Puerto Rico.

  • PADIN LUIS says:

    hello i have a 1995 ss impala…i am looking for a 2002 to 2004 vette ….white

  • Bob Spin says:

    I am VP of LICOA, Long Island Corvette Owners Assn, with over 300 members and now celebrating our 45th anniversary. Many member of our club over the years have purchased new Corvettes from Kerbeck and have always enjoyed the purchase and the great savings. The all agree on the professional sales people making their purchase painless and direct with no problems. Thanks for serving our members and we look foward in seeing you at Carlisle.Thanks again.Bob Spin LICOA

  • alex coleman says:

    i just drove a new 08 zo6 at my local chevy dealer and fell in love with it!! but i cant afford it 🙁

  • Tom Taylor says:

    Great website! I own a ’78 Pace Car & a 1990 Indy Festival Car (originally titled to IMS). I have seen your ads for several years – first time at the site. Thanks for your long and great support of this great hobby.

  • Skip Polowy says:

    You have a great web site, and enjoy checking it to see any additions, since I am looking for a C6 convertible.

  • Robert Newell says:

    Looking into possibly financing the ’79 coupe. Loved the slightly used but not abused site. Hope to be in touch soon._x000D_

  • Tony Anzalone says:

    I live on Long Island, NY. If I bought a Corvette from Kerbeck, would I have trouble getting warranty service at a Long Island Chevy Dealer?_x000D_

  • Mark Davenport says:

    WOW! this is one of the best web-sites, corvette or other, that I’ve seen. I will be shopping for a 97-98 coupe next year and will keep checking your inventory. Thanks._x000D_

  • Gary L. Marsiglia says:

    Haven’t had so much fun in buying a new car in years. Enjoyed meeting and talking with Mr. Frank Kerbeck. Nice to see the dealer ‘on the showroom floor.’ What a fantastic operation….you gotta go there to enjoy how much fun everyone is having. Special thanks to my salesman, David Browm…very helpful, informative and great personality. Enjoying my 2002 Z06. Have had a lot of performers over my 56 years, but this is without a doubt one of the hottest, stock production cars I’ve ever owned….My girlfriend says that I have a smile on my face every time I am behind the wheel or just detailing it._x000D_

  • Eric Johnston says:

    Hi to Kristen, Dave, George and the rest of the Kerbeck staff! After 4300+ miles, we still think our 2002 Millenium yellow Z06 is the best buy in the sports car market. Thanks for making us feel like family. The whole buying experience was a pleasure. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and personalized service add up to first class experience. Highly recommend Kerbeck to anyone looking to purchase. We’ve recommended your dealership to a friend who is currently looking for a Z06. He should be contacting you today._x000D_

  • Larry Burdock says:

    Just ran into a guy up here in Rochester NY who was raving about the deal and service he got at Kerbecks earlier this year. Picked him up at the Philly Airport and closed the deal in a jiffy. Nice site, I’ll be back._x000D_

  • Brian Vicente says:

    I just took delivery of a 2002 coupe from Kerbeck and then drove 750 miles home. While I was initially apprehensive about buying the car from an out of state dealer, Kerbeck was the only dealership I could find with the exact car I wanted in stock. After taking delivery, I can tell you that the buying experience was positively first class, with no game playing during negotiation/financing and the excellent salesperson (Harry Boyer) taking the time to thoroughly go over the car with me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kerbeck._x000D_

  • Bill Cross says:

    If you want to buy a corvette, buy it here !!! I can’t say enough about how great the staff is here. not your typical car dealer. I now drive a 2002 red vett, thanks to KERBECKS !!!_x000D_

  • Matthew says:

    I have purchased three corvettes and other vehicles at Kerbecks in A.C and Palmyra. If anyone is considering purchasing from Kerbecks I would highly recommed their dealership. First class all the way, professional and efficent. Just take a look at their web site._x000D_

  • kenny edwards says:

    great site!!!!_x000D_

  • ralph says:

    like to see app. prices on trade in vettes to get a ideal figure thanks nice site_x000D_

  • Tom Lustenberger says:

    Kristen…got your message. Nice web site, you folks definitely have a large inventory. I’m looking to buy a ‘new’ or low miles ‘used’ 2000 coupe prior to Spring. Look forward to hearing from you. Later Tom_x000D_

  • Bernie Rose says:

    Kristen: Please give me a call at (978) 502-2110 (cell) or (518) 385) 0933 (office)…I got your message. BTW,…nice Web Site…Bernie_x000D_

  • jerry mitrz says:

    looking to explore a 2002 Z06 (203)878-9494_x000D_

  • Troy&Cindy Long says:

    Nice web site! One of the best We have seen. Enjoyed looking at your used but not abused inventory._x000D_

  • Chuck Cerria says:


  • T. S. Curt says:

    18 months ago I sold my modded fixed roof pewter C5 and bought a loaded BMW 330ci (so kill me). I have missed the feel and thrill of a strong V8 ever since. As I live 2 hours from AC, I’ve been to the dealership. Those who haven’t and do so will be impresssed.

  • James Brown says:

    I love my 2004 Z06 but I want to trade it in for the 2005 convertible!!!!

  • James Brown says:

    I love my 2004 Z06 but I want to trade it in for the 2005 convertible!!!!

  • Jack says:

    Great site! Back to work for me

  • George Ware says:

    Wow……..I’ll be buying my C6 this summer from Kerbeck!

  • Big Jim says:

    We’ve gotten lots of info on the upcoming Z06.

  • Larry & Phyllis Shelley says:

    We’ve driven vettes for 30 years, – very impressed with your showroom! Would love to see it in person.

  • Mike says:

    I was watching the Barrett-Jackson auction on TV and saw your advertisement. I am looking for a 1966 Corvette, Coupe, 427/390 HP. I had one in 1971 during my high school years and sold it for 15000.00 ten years later. I still, to this day, want to actually kill myself for selling the car. It was in prestine condition, Milano Maroon, and so dam fast that I nearly lost my eyeballs in the back of my head on a daily basis. Although the corvettes built today are a mechanical marvel and handle as well as a Ferrari, nothing will ever come close to the roar and feeling in your gut as you rev a ‘Big Block’. PLEASE, anyone out there who knows where I can get my paws on such a car, please e-mail me , Cost is no object for the right vehicle. P/S Matching numbers, although nice, are not an absolute. However, the vehicle must appear to be totally stock. Thanks.

  • Charles S. Ayars says:

    Dear Dave: Thank you for the nice letter that I recieved from you. Looking forward to dealing with you in the future.

  • James Brown says:

    I love my 2004 Z06 but I want to trade it in for the 2005 convertible!!!!

  • Darrell Raysor says:

    To Jim McAfee….I visited Kerbeck’s a year ago looking to see if I could fit into a C5 convertible. Next summer I’ll buy one from you.

  • Gary Slentz says:

    We owned, and restored a 74 Yellow convertible for 18 years. It won 24 first places in show. Never thouhgt I would sell it. Howevewr my daugther bought it form us. We now own a 94 LT1 and LOVE it, this one really smokes the tires. As they say ‘If got em smoke em’ Save the ‘Wave’ God Bless America.Gary & Helen SlentzPS. You guys have a great Web Site, and Showroom.

  • arthur matichak says:

    I have a 01 ZO6 will wait on the 2007 ZO6 to come out and here is where I will get it.

  • Iris Wood says:

    I really like your ads and hopefully this summer you can make my dream car become a reality. I hope to see you soon.

  • Al Logue says:

    The ex-122 is awesome!

  • Tom says:

    I bought my 2000 convertible from Kerbeck in oct 2002. By far, the best experience buying a car ever!!! Wonderful staff. My next vette will come from there also!!!

  • Amber says:

    I am only 13 years old, but I LOVE corvettes. Great site and good inventory.

  • Z06Guy says:

    Have a 2002 Z06, Really need to upgrade. Soon!!!!!!

  • John Hill says:

    Just surfed in from Jacksonville,N.C.Own a 96 Coupe. Great web-site. Good job guys!

  • R York says:


  • Shawn P. says:

    I found your dealership online,and had to see the place.On a recent trip to Atlantic City,I got directions to the dealer.I was amazed at the site of the showroom.Gary Beatty came over and introduced himself.I explained to him that I was just site seeing(not buying) and he still treated us like kings.I live in Pittsburgh,P.a. It was worth the drive. Shawn

  • Butch Ludwig says:

    checking out your site,seen it on barrett-jackson,have a 75

  • Michael Greenfield says:

    Your website is spectacular. It is one of the most detailed and user friendly sites for purchasing a car online that I have seen in a awhile.

  • KK says:

    Recently took delivery of C6 convertible. Great car! Now I need to sell my 1998 Mercedes SLK 230, with only 38K miles, black on black, with the power convertible top. email to tennisplayer_1962@yahoo.com for pix.

  • jim johnson says:

    very nice display of excellent vehicles that are very special production cars. New to this web site but will look back often. I have owned 12 corvettes and still have a 1964 coupe and a 2001 coupe. Jim Johnson

  • Pete LoPresti says:

    GREAT WEBSITE !!! I own a 2003 Z06 Black with Blk/Red interior with 4337 miles. Because of a hip replacement I was NOT able to drive it much, but I took it out 9/21/06 and while waiting at a red light behind a NYC taxi I was SLAMMED in the rear by a young girl on a cell phone, and pushed under the taxi!!! Well anyway, I’m alive and hope to get a new 2007 Z06 (Atomic Orange). My Neighbor also has a Z06 which he bought from you (Kerbeck) and raved about your dealership. When the smoke clears I’ll be coming to Kerbeck for sure

  • Nick Urbino says:

    Great Site! I love the C6 and plan to have one in my garage by the time I’m 40!(I’m 37 now) I’ll be in touch.

  • james lawrence says:

    to Ivey Barnes….still working on making that ‘DRMWEVR’ come true…hope to see more Z06’s in victory red…appear in incoming stock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Hummer says:

    I hear so many good things about Your Dealership and I plan on coming down in the spring and get a car! I think Your web-site is awesome but must confess I think it was better before the recent changes were made!

  • Bob Spini says:

    Kerbeck, you have a great website, always informative and always very helpful. always good to see you at Carlisle and ACY Convention Center. My garage has all of your posters on the wall, it makes a great backdrop to my 71 white coupe that I am the original owner of and is as new condition.Wll look foward to stopping by when Im making a donation on the boardwalk. Great Job Bob Spini, Long Island New York.

  • Robert says:

    Looking for a white 00-03 Corvette, red leather interior, 6 speed. Low mile

  • paul heckendorf jr says:

    great job at carlisle can’t wait to see you next year you people are the best!!

  • dave says:

    I bought a 1978 silver anniversary in 1999 that had been in storag sence 82, with 13,000 k on it this is the best thing ive ever owned in my life, once in a life time deal for me..

  • Gilbert Peet says:

    I visited Kerbeck Chevrolet last month and I was really impressed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was disapointed I was not able to ride in a ZO6. Gilbert Peet Escondido, Ca.

  • Patrick Marciano says:

    I certainly enjoy your web site..ie, the museum and all of your collections. Im 52 years young and I got a bad itch here..I am wanting another VET so bad. How easy can you make it for someone to purchase a one of your VETS.Again I enjoyed your web site. I’ll be back!

  • bill terpak says:

    hey very nice site and a cool game

  • Mario says:

    A co-worker just picked up his o6 Z06 about a month ago. WOW! I had teh privelage of taking it for a rip, It’s not a car, it’s a rocket. Everything you read and hear about how awesome this is car is understated. Once you drive you must buy.

  • Grayson Hiers says:

    awesome dealership i will be going to New Jersey for USCG training and will be sure and stop by.

  • DAVE MELLO says:

    I am the President of Southcoast Corvette Club located in Somerset, MA. I own a 1978 Anniversary & a 1987 Dk Red Metallic Roadster. I was surfing your site looking for a newer C6 Roadster. Your showroom icon has some on display that look interesting. Would it be possible to e-mail me more detailed info on your available inventory, preferably Roadsters with automatic transmission ?? Also would your Company consider a possible trade in using my 1987, I can supply you with any information you may require. Thank you for your time. DAVE MELLO

  • Stephen from Fort Worth TX says:

    Wow what an awesome website. It’s a car enthusiast top choice. I hope to be a first time Vett owner in a few months.

  • Jim Schwentker says:

    You have an unbelievable inventory!

  • Delio Carmona says:

    Great site, Please keep me informed as to when the next orders are being taken for 06’ZO6’s.

  • Steve Maust says:

    I’m interested in a 07 Monterey red convertible. I now have a 66 coupe matching number small block. NCRS top flight in the 80’s. Is it possible to trade it in?

  • K. W. Kalb says:

    Awaiting delivery to Kentucky of an ’05 convertible. Shopped a half-dozen dealerships, then discovered Kerbeck on the internet.The BEST deal possible, selection amazing! Michael Bellino (sales rep) great to deal with: knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt in completing the deal. HIGHLY recommend Kerbeck Corvette.

  • rick burrier says:

    looking for c5

  • STEVE OWEN says:


  • Henry Hanke says:

    I’m an owner of a 98 Red Convertible Corvette. Is it possible for me to order a new 07 Corvette from you. Fly in and pick it up from you? I need it to be registered in California. Please explain the details. Thanks, Henry Hanke

  • Bob Huffman says:

    I have C- 4 1994 Green Coupe great car am now looking for C-5 Conv. Thanks for the info

  • Michael says:

    I will own a Corvette one day.

  • George Bates says:

    I had to take time to tell everyone what a great experience it was buying my Anniv edition from Kerbeck. Kristen was wonderful on the phone and Gary was great in person. I was never treated better when buying a car. I reccommend Kerbeck to anyone and everyone wanting a corvette. Thank you all so much!!!!

  • Kerry & Mike says:

    Very excited to be coming to Atlantic City – our 3rd year in a row for the car show/auction. We’ll be at Kerbeck on Thursday. We are currently doing a frame off restoration on a ’54 all original beauty! We’re hoping to make a ‘find’ while at Kerbeck! Not sure exactly what we want but we’ll know if she, the car, starts ‘talkin’ to us! Can’t wait. See you then.

  • John says:

    The 2003 anniversary edition will have the C5 body style. The C6 will be available in late fall 2004.

  • Herb Bobo says:

    I am interested in a replacement for our 1998 Silver convertible. Do you have a 2005 silver convertible with black top and interior, manual transmission, XM radio? When will the 2006 be out? Any difference in price? Our 1998 has about 75,000 miles.

  • rick gardner says:

    would very much like to see your store, i am now on my eighty fourth corvette im also 64 years old,my first was a 1958 red – white 4 spd. now have a mint 1998 coupe. i collect dealer stickers if you would be so kind as to send me one i would be most grateful. rick gardner 4 rossmere bay s.e. medicine hat alberta canada t1b 2l7 keep up the good work with the dealer ship, thanks — r. gardner

  • michael says:

    you guys have really good prices at corvettes but I need a lemans blue ZO6 e mail me back and tell me what you can do for me. Thanks!!!

  • Vince Leazier says:

    Just saw the new ZR-1 sell for a milloin bucks on Barrett-Jackson,what a beautiful car. I have an 02 black coupe that I love more than anything. I will definetly visit your dealership someday.

  • Mike says:

    Bought mine in ’00 Black on Black. Such a great dealership I still refer my friends, aquaintances and whom ever might ask about mine. Is the hot sales girl still working for you guys!!!

  • John Hugo says:

    Im from VA.Do you take trade in’s? 99Toyota 4 Runner Limited.It is a lease that is up in 2/03. When will the 2003 Vettes be in? I really like the MAG Red/Oak Convertible Automatic. Can we neg by internet and can you give me a ball park price. Thanks John



  • Steven Zedeck says:


  • Frank Bradford Townley says:

    I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with the 03 SPG coupe which Harry Boyer sold me last May. What a great car, what a great improvement on the 99 I had before, what a great dealership. Now, thanks to the maniacs on http://www.corvetteforum.com, I’ve added mods and made new friends. Corvettes and Kerbeck rock!

  • Michael Rusciano says:

    Can’t wait to be the proud owner of a 2005 LS2. I’ve owned two vettes previously. A ’60 conv. Honduras Maroon w/ Blk top 283 w/ dual quads and a ’65 coupe, Malibu Blue that I had painted Silver MetalFlake and had 10 coats of hand rubbed lacquer on it. It originaly was a 327 c.i. 350hp. But after having it completely blueprinted to 333 c.i. with a crower 340 cam and Borg Warner 5 spd. and 456 posi- rear pushing the hp to over 600 …It’s time to relax, settling down and experience your New Editon. Can’t wait.

  • r e says:

    I am 56 years old soon to be 57. All my life I have dreamed of owning my own corvette. I have always Loved the look and styling of the vette bodies. I have never been able to afford one becaus of one reason or another. People have tried to convince me that I should get some other kind of sports car,but the corvette rings SUPREME in my way of thinking. I think its the best looking car ever made. Maybe someday before I pass away from this earth The LORD will see fit for me to own one. VETTES are by far the best thing that has happened to Chevrolet.There is not not enough words for me to describe how I feel about the Corvette. I want to Thankyou for your website,that I just happened to fall on tonight. This gallery and showroom make me even more envious.

  • Dirk Gilliam says:

    Enjoyed looking at the 2007 inventory–WE rode our Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (5 hours) to get your location..HAD a Great Time..Enjoyed the free food..wish you had more used vets. Will keep looking till i find that 2000-2002 vet of my dreams

  • bryan cacace says:

    All i have to say is that ur dealershit the one the best thrils in my life. Seing all the cettes outside and inside was juat breath taking.

  • Bernie Rose says:

    I recently took delivery of a 2004 Black 6 Speed, Z-51 coupe from Kerbeck. Sam and Kristen made this purchase a pleasureable and class experience. Bruce (the boss) was very supportive also, letting me store my old Vette at Kerbeck for a week. I got an excellent deal PLUS was treated very well on a personal basis.I’ve been wanting a black 6 speed Z-51 Corvette for the last three Vette’s (over 11 years) and finally got exactly what I wanted at a great price. It certainly was worth the 284 mi drive!!I’ve owned 15 Corvettes since 1957, and this is the best purchase experience I’ve had by far.In the future, I can’t think of any other choice for buying a new ‘Vette but Kerbeck.Sam and Kristen rule!!!Bernie

  • Bart Baker says:

    I drove from Virginia all the way to AC to buy my new C5 red convertible from this dealership. My salesman,Dave Brown, was great and kept his word on all the dealership’s promises. To the poster two entries back, keep your dream for the ’81 alive. I waited 31 years after I wrecked my ’59. It was worth the wait!

  • tony ashley says:

    i would love to have a corvette but i couldnt for one cause i dont make a nuff money to bye one. love corvettes

  • Ken says:

    Recently purchased a new ’07 coupe from Kerbeck–a great experience!.. Never visited Kerbeck’s dealership-everything done over the phone with car drop shipped through a courtesy drop at local dealership. Love my car, always looking for a reason to go for a ride. Thanks Harry.

  • Joe Keglovits says:

    We have a 03 Yellow Rag Top,Blk and Blk, 6 Speed with a Corsa Pace Car Exhaust (Yes, it is the right exhaust), K&N Breather and it really makes a difference. For the right price I would trade up, we are leasing it now. 3500 tender miles.

  • gary hopkins says:

    hi, first i would like to say hi to everyone in freestate corvette club in catonsville md. i saw kerbeck on the barrett-jackson auction tonight. i have 1967 corvette conv. a 2000 corvette conv. and a real 1969 camaro ss. all are done cars needing nothing. thanks for reading my entry and if you are going to buy a new vette check out kerbeck first. thanks gary

  • tony says:

    looking for a red corvette and 21 year old blond for cheep

  • RALPH says:


  • BEN ADAMS says:


  • Kevin Jay Leonard says:

    I would just like to thank the Kerbeck sales team for finding me my 2004 Black Z06 Corvette. Those guys went out of there way to full-fill my every need. I will be back in 2005 for my new Corvette. Takecare and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Jon Myntti says:

    Will be purchasing a 2006 convertible later in year

  • Rick Weitzel says:

    Picked up my 04 Corvette today. Kristen was great and Sam made the deal go easy. No gimmicks, no hassle, I got what was promoised at the price promised. Sam took all the time I needed and truly wanted me to leave happy. Thanks to all at Kerbeck !!!!

  • Gary Prince says:

    I am looking for a 2008 red coupe and want to trade my 2006 coupe in and get the best price that I can

  • Mike Francischetti says:

    The website is wonderful. I am looking for the best dealership to purchase my firt corvette and from what I see on your website Kerbeck is at the top of my list. Hope to see you in June for my purchase. My birthday is in June and a new corvette is what I want to celebrate it with. See you in June.

  • Evie says:

    Our 40 year class reunion is this year…had a ’45 White Vet in 1964… how great it would be to have another. Great car!!!

  • Vince B. says:

    Just bought a new 06 Coupe today 6/30/06 from Kerbeck. They offer a buying experience which is second to none. They are the most knowledgeable Corvette people you can find. There is no pressure sales pitch. They know how to talk to and service a customer. They are not only interested in your business today, but for life!! It’s obvious they have the best selection and terrific pricing. There are no “surprises” when you close the deal. Many thanks to Kristen, Sam Kelly, David Brown, David Salvatore, Cecilia and the rest of the Kerbeck team who made our purchase a wonderful experience.

  • Randy Geary says:

    Traded my 2001 C5 about 1 year ago and still regretting it. Cant wait to get the new C6 Convertable.

  • Dana says:

    Maybe some day my 81 will be worth enough that I can trade it in on a new one. Meantime I’ll keep looking and wishing. Great site!!

  • Steve Tressler says:

    Great looking site… makes me want to buy without even stepping into the showroom. I’ve seen the ads in DuPont Registry and have been checking around this site for a few years. Not sure if i’m ready to buy yet, but when I want to find my black on black 91 6 speed (gotta love tuned port), i’ll be sure to give you guys the first phone call!

  • Melvin S. Miller says:

    Have ’91 coupe good condition 42,000 miles color white.

  • Jason A Walrond says:

    I would like to visit your dealership and schedule a test drive of the black 2006 Z06 thats in stock. Please contact me by email and advise me if the vehicle is still available. Thank you Jason Walrond

  • matt says:

    We want to see pics on here of all the people you had at Carlisle! And who is Vicki?

  • Carmine says:

    Interesting, have to drive down from RI and check it out.

  • MANNY DIAZ says:


  • cosmo says:

    love every thing about u guys

  • Dee Fitzpatrick says:

    I am returnung to the US first week of Sept and I am looking to buy an 07.

  • BonnieRacer says:

    Thanks for your sponcership of the Barrett-Jackson Auction this past weekend in Scottsdale, Ar.I also love Corvettes, sure would like to get one on the C6 Z06 when the comeout.Salt Fever

  • Charles Wiggins says:

    I’m in the market for a Z06.

  • Christopher Sewell says:

    I have liked corvette’s for a long time. They should make a new model corvette with the ‘String Ray’ body, but have the new features of the 2005s. Thanks

  • matt rutland says:

    hi all,

  • bernie says:

    I will look you folks up on my nextvisit to atlantic city. Your web site sure tweaked my curiosity. Very welldone and thanks.

  • fast vett says:


  • BILL ARTHUR says:

    my uncle in Michigan took me to detroit to the auto show in 1953,they had a 1953 corvette going around on a turn table,would that car be the x122??? since then i have owned 11 corvettes..I now drive a 1994 black roadster Bill

  • Gary Parker says:

    I just bought my second Corvette ( 2008) from Kerbeck 5 days ago and got $5,000. off the MSRP. I bought my first coupe back in 2003 from Kerbeck. It was a very pleasant experience. They had more 2008 Corvetts than any other dealer. Thanks Harry!



  • Don Jey says:

    Any 2007 Machine Silver 1LT coupes with automatic in the pipeline, without the chrome wheels? Almost all of your inventory has the chrome wheels.

  • michael Clemmmey says:

    i am very interested in a 2006 or 2007 conv. orange in starburst color with auto and the paddle shifting option and all and as many options available please email a quote on each year or call me at 781 389 3100.

  • Joseph O'Reilly says:

    Vettes are preatty nice, and this is a well done site. How would a corvette compared to my 2006 DB9?

  • Albert I. Aughenbaugh Jr. says:

    Planning a trip to Atlantic City in Sept., hope to be able to get over to Kerbecks, looking for a ’99 or ’00 yellow convertable to compliment my ’74 yellow one.

  • Glenn Murphy says:

    Kristen, Michael, Vicki, and all the Kerbeck people, it was great to see you all again this past weekend at Carlisle PA.

  • Roger Olson says:

    Sold my 99 convertible last spring. interested in a c-6 orange/cashmere 6sp convertible. when are the convertibles available?

  • Wendell Mankins says:

    My friend introduced me to this web site and it is ‘ GREAT ‘. I have a 1993 40thAnniv.,RUBY RED and really enjoy driveing and showing it. I’ve had it for 3 yrs. It had 7,500 miles on it when purchased from a private owner and presently has 21,000 well ‘Enjoyed’ miles. We will stop in to visit you all and admire your inventory. Who knows, might drive out with a new one. Oh yes!! and we are also members of the 40th Anniversary Corvette Registry.SAVE THE WAVE !!!!!!

  • John Conley says:

    I love your website and you have some of the nicest vettes for sale anywhere new or used.

  • Phil says:

    I think I have died and gone to Heaven, Why do we not have a dealership in Ontario Canada like this I will never know…

  • Mark Colvin says:

    I have a 05 Corvette Coupe, There is no better car made

  • Marc V. says:

    I agree. Thumbs up to Dave Brown. Next week will be 1 year anniversary of taking delivery of my Atomic Orange coupe from Dave at Kerbeck. 1st class dealership. Highly recommended experience.

  • bill patterson says:

    I want to thank Kerbeck Corvette for making the purchase of my new Corvette convertible a pleasureable no pressure buying experience. Even before I was ready to buy Sam Kelly spoke to me on the phone several times and answered all my questions. He informed me of the cars’ price right up front no games or talking to the manager like other dealerships always do. I got a great deal on a great car. I was treated so well by the entire sales staff I couldn’t believe how stress free the whole experience was. If you are in the market for a corvette Kerbeck is the only place to go.Thanks alot Sam!



  • Jerry Weibel says:

    I am looking for a 1971 Corvette, T-top, War Bonnett Yellow, low mileage, preferably a one owner, and all original, not restored. Is there anything like that out there, and how much is it selling for?

  • Chris says:

    I am also wondering what would need to be arranged to buy one of your corvettes and ship it to Canada.

  • Tim Cole says:

    great site very well done have a wonderfull 72 ster looking to add a 90 ish to the yard thanks agian for a great ride on the web.

  • Joey says:

    Just woke my 2004 Z out from hibernation. This is one incredible machine. 11900 miles still drives like it is new.It puts a smile on my face every time i hear those 405 horses purring.I purchased it here at Kerbeck new and would not hesitate for an instant to deal with Harry Boyer or any of the excellent staff in the future.I said it before…This is the ONLY place in the world to purchase your Vette ! Joey

  • Bob says:

    We’re getting close to making a decision between a 2002 Corvette Convertible and a Porsche Boxter.Can the Corvette be ordered with heated seats? If not,do you think they’ll be offered as an option on the ’03 models?

  • JS says:

    I have a 2003 Z06 with 2,406 miles on it. The car is torch red with the torch red accent interior. Car has never seen rain or winter, its my baby. Looking to upgrade to a new Z06, please keep me ‘up’ on the new invetory. Came in with a few buddies on Columbus Day Weekend, if you remember.

  • Steve VanVleet says:

    We have a 1995 triple black convert, it makes the trip to and from work a lot more fun. You have a great web site.

  • Harvey C. Mangum Jr. says:

    I am the proud owner of a 94 pollo green convert. Who can I contact for a hard-top and who does rag top stiching in the state of maryland.

  • Bob Spini says:

    First, I enjoy your exhibits whereever they might be, AC, Carlisle, Nashville, etc, I redid my garage and all your posters gracefully adorn the walls. Do you have a 2003/04 Spiral gray Conv, red interior, white top in or coming in, I think that this combo must be outrageous, and have not seen or heard of it yet, let me know, thanks

  • Tommy C says:

    ow about some exciting color combinations instead of the same old boring combinations that are on your inventory cars. For example black and beige beige convertibles, red titanium coupe with 2 tone red and blk interior. same old boring colors, looking to get a car my lease is due pretty soon. Get some nice 2 tone interior combos.

  • Rifat Krasniqi says:

    Thank You

  • wayne mcginnis says:

    This is my first visit to your web site How many new corvettes do you sell in a year? I am looking to buy my first corvette it has to be a used one I am looking at a 1987 with 13,000 miles from original owner about $15000 it is all original like new good luck with guest book.

  • Tony Smith says:


  • gary hopkins says:

    hi i just want to clear up something from another post tonight, ZORA DUNTOV did not invent the corvette. he did not come on the scene until 1955 two years after the first corvette was made. thanks for reading

  • Tim McCloskey says:

    We just sold our ’89 Corvette coupe with the intention of upgrading to a C-5. We’re looking specifically for a ’99-’00 black on black fixed roof hardtop equipped with polished wheels and six speed trans. Will consider ’99-’00 coupe equipped as above. We’re willing to travel to look at the right car. Thanks!!

  • Ray says:

    Attn: Dave Brown

  • jim Lawrence says:

    Interested in being contacted when you have a very low mileage C6-2006-z06..in precision red…the holder of this lead contact entry will see his or her commission become a reality…hold on to this one!!!! Right now it’s a toss up between kerbeck’s and another.

  • tsr says:

    What can I use to wash or wax my corvette with? I do not want to use just anything.

  • James says:

    Looking for a reasonable 1953 to 1962 Corvette, i am not a dealer, just a private party looking to fullfill my dream some year. If you have one for sale or know of someone selling one, please email me at onecoolride@hotmail.com

  • Mick White says:

    Now, if only your UNBEATABLE discounts could, somehow, be used towards the down payment, this ‘old’ Corvette aficionado (gross understatement) since the 1950s could FINALLY have his first Corvette — before it’s too late.

  • Johnny Maestro says:

    wheres my 59? my 2005 is the best.

  • Bill Kreizenbeck says:

    checked your website because of the similarities in the name and have owned several corvettes out of the 50s.

  • matt lee says:

    I was thinking of getting a corvette, now I’m convinced.

  • Bill Criss says:

    Excellent display of Vette’s. Loved EX-122 history. Long live the Vette

  • John Taylor says:

    Can you give me some information on a 2003 50th anniversary edition 6 speed. What would the value be today. Thank you

  • Brenda Woods says:

    WOW!! I enjoyed your website sooooo much.

  • Jeff Dougherty says:

    I love my 2002 Z06. Contact me as soon as the new Z06 goes on sale. I can’t wait to see what they do with the new one.

  • douglas a foster says:

    Will be buying a new 08,in Nov 08. Keep me up dated till then. Thank you

  • Walter J. Chrobocinski says:

    Merry Christmas to all @ Kerbeck. I visit your site daily, great job.

  • Louis G. Asbaty says:

    Had the great opportunity to stop in with my bride…I think she is starting to like’vette’s as well. We spent some time with Dave who made the visit a comfortable one. Thanks for your time. Someday there will be a ‘vette in my driveway… It is almost every child’s dream, so don’t lose site of it as it will happen someday for everyone.

  • Wayne Mahan says:

    I’m going to be in Atlantic City on March 22,23 and I’m really looking forward to visiting your dealership. I’ve visited your display at Carlisle the last few years.

  • andrew feher says:

    Great site. Looks like this is the site to look for a corvette.

  • Rob Printz says:

    Just saw your ad in a local paper(Westchester county, NY), great prices & great selection….I’ve wanted a vette for awhile now, will prob. buy fall of 04(C6)…..If I can save a few $$$$ when I’m ready to buy, will not mind making the drive to AC!!…Keep up the good work & congrats on all the awards…

  • Todd Colabella says:

    my 2003 50th rocks.

  • Richard Cooper says:

    excellent site, I have a 99 but will need a new one soon. I’ll stay in touch.



  • Michael Genkerell says:

    hey you guys have a nice web site. I have a 2000 bule corvette 38000 miles. can you tell me what you would give me on a trade in. Thanks

  • Chipsteak says:

    I am 54 years old. In 1971 I bought a 1966 Corvette Roadster for $1500.00. I got married in 1973 and sold the Corvette for $1750.00 with one year of payments remaining in the coupon book of $63.00 per month. I did absolutely the worst thing and absolutely the best thing in my life in the same year. I pledged to myself that I WILL have another Corvette before I die. I still have the gorgeous bride I married in ’73 but I don’t have my Corvette and I’ve kicking myself for 33 years. I’m comin’ down.

  • Lou Greenzweig says:

    To all at Kerbeck,

  • Fred Anselmo says:

    I love to stop by Kerbecks a few time per year when visiting AC for other ‘activities’. Will be happy to move up from my 98 C5 convertible to an 03 AE convertible if want ot make a sale.

  • Bob Hayden says:

    This is the first time I came to your web site and I found it very interesting. In April of 08 I will be looking for my 3rd Corvette. In the next few weeks I will be stopping at your dealership to look around.I have a house down in N. Wildwood so I am in your area every weekend.

  • david crandall says:

    Just out of curiousity. I live in Ct. How do I go about buying a car from you but register it in Ct?

  • Scott says:

    Love your site when will the 2005 vette be in your showroom

  • James Lawrence says:

    Loved the sites new addittions…can’t help but surf in and check out the new updates…waiting for the new look and features of the C6 ZO6 in 2006….that’s the one I’m waiting for

  • frank says:

    i love my new corvette!

  • Leslie Renfrow says:

    i would like to say thanks for puting this website on here i really love it! i’ve been in love with corvettes since i first saw one!

  • Bob says:


  • BEN ADAMS says:


  • mike says:

    hey guys im 15 yrs old and my dad purchased a 2004 red convertible, fully loaded Z51, MN6, and he loves it, good jobs u guys, and Dave and the other wonderful people were great, and now hes looking to buy a victory red/black/black, MN6 Z51…..and he will be choosing you guys Good Luck! Mike

  • daniel cedrone says:

    I can’t wait to get my new Z06 from Kerbeck’s. It will be very soon and I hope to be able to add to this list of happy buyers. I also can’t wait to meet Kristen, she sound so neat!!!! Danny

  • Kenneth Teuton says:

    Really enjoyed the visit through the website, but the 2005 Corvette Gallery would not open for me. I am like some of the others that have made entries, I too want to own a ‘Vettte’ one day before I can no longer drive a car with this type of performance.

  • Amy Nenadovich says:

    What a pleasure to get to work with such an enthusiastic dealer – even if it is for Subaru and not Corvette. I had to come home and share your website with my husband since he’s an avid car buff, too. Tell Charlie I said hello and we’ll see you again soon.

  • Billy James says:

    Am about to get my 1st vette….site makes me excited..

  • tony costa says:

    Just wanted you to know about all the positive feedback we constantly get about Kerbeck here at Corvetteweb.com magazine. Kerbeck really has earned the highest level of respect in the Corvette community.

  • GARY (THE) GREAT says:


  • Michael Wahab says:

    Hi there,never before have I seen such a Beautiful Collection of Corvettes. Love your website. Look forward to visiting your showroom..Very,very nice..regards,from Canada.

  • Samuel Rios says:

    Why lie, I can’t honestly say I’ll ever be able to buy one of these gorgeous cars, but I have been in love with them since I can remember (45yrs). I just appreciate being able to stare at them with a never ending hope that one day the improbable may happen

  • Dan Miller - Hurley NY says:

    I can’t begin to thank Kerbeck Corvette enough. We purchased a 2007 convertible Saturday the 10th of November. Your staff was simply the best, polite, professional and pleasant to deal with. I don’t believe any other dealership can begin to compare with Kerbeck, not only from your vast car selection but with pricing and making deals happen. We have never been treated so well. There is no question about it, Kerbeck make deals happen. I will have no problem recommending you to future customers. I have owned 5 Corvettes and presently own 2, no previous experience with a new car dealership compares. Thanks again for a great experience and a great car.



  • Bill Baker says:

    You have a really great site! The first Corvette I ever saw was a ’62 ragtop … I was 13 and vowed to have one someday … it took another ten years for my first, and I’ve now owned several … I might have a keeper now ~ a ’98 Torch Red ragtop with still only 22,000 miles … yeah, I don’t drive it as much as I should, but I enjoy lookin’ at it!

  • Richard Saunders says:

    Just brought home new vette what a great experince working with David Brown.The best car buying experince I have ever had. Love my car Thanks again to Kerbeck Chevrolet and special thanks to David Brown just a great guy. Richard Saunders Winslow NJ

  • frankie hyde says:

    This is the best corvette web site I’ve ever been to

  • Paul Bartels says:

    I presently own a 1993 Polo Green Coupe with tan leather interior. This car is a 99.5 – 100 point concours prepared show car with 8,000 miles. I will be selling it to purchase the new C6 Z06 when they become available. I love your website, keep up the good work.

  • G.S. says:

    I’m selling my ’96 LT-4 with 38k miles, my third vette. As soon as I do I headed stright to your dealership to buy a C6. I spoke to Dave Salvatore on the phone and he really impressed me with his candor and description of your sales process. Looking forward to meeting Dave in-person and buying my new vette.

  • Alan Ackerman says:

    For Sale, 1999 Callaway Supernatural C5 Collectors Edition Competition Skiboat with under 70 hrs. Only one signed by Reeves Callaway and the brochure is signed by Elfy Duntov, wife of Zora Duntov the inventor of the Corvette. B/O

  • stewart banenfeld says:


  • Jason says:

    The show room dreams are made from

  • Tony Parsons says:

    Just browsing, got your website watching Barrett-Jackson. Great site. I have a 1987 corvette coupe, great car.

  • JPitts says:

    Just wanted to say this was by far the best corvette website I have ever been on .I will soon be buying my first one and hopefullt it will be from you. God Bless

  • General Lee says:

    Top Notch and First Class Service!!! (Greg Lee and John Davis)Drove with my buddy from Virginia Beach in my Corvette to pick up his new Corvette. Sam is the Man, he made us feel like KINGS!!! The Lot attendant was awesome!! The entire staff made us feel at home!!! Thanks KERBECK CORVETTES

  • Mark Miksa says:

    I just bought a 2001 silver Z06 when actually I was looking for a yellow ragtop.

  • Steve Egan says:

    Corvette, the name itself signifies passion and excitement. Anyone who has ever owned one of these special works of art knows exactly what I am talking about. I have been privileged to own a 1958 and a 1995, currently I am trying to decide if I want to purchase a late model C-5 or the new C-6.

  • John Mazurick says:

    Great show sunday Kerbeck’s!! Music ,cars,entertainment and diplays and the corvettes we love to see and drive.I especially liked Sandy the Dynomometer lady in her short mini and good looks.We took pictures of her with my 04 vette.Very beautiful lady! Thanks for a great time and show! Sorry i missed you Sam Kelly,looking for my next dream a cts or deville in white or red see you sept.Kerbeck’s is No.! in my book! John Mazurick satisfied customer

  • Michael Thomas says:

    My new corvette is being shipped to Baltimore early next week – can’t wait-going crazy-is it here yet. All kidding aside, I’m a general sales manager in the car business – I called everybody I know. Kerbec has given me the best $ and service bar none.

  • Piper says:

    Sharp site, gotta love the ‘vettes!


    I plan on buying A 06–ZO6 -I would like to have a calif dealer del to me as DMV is tough. it must be victory red



  • Bob C says:

    I have been slaving away for 39 years at my present job. I owned a dual quad ’66 4-4-2 when muscle cars were real. How I miss that power. My retirement present to myself will be a brand spanking new ’09 or 2010 Vette. Your site is saved in my favorite places and when the time comes I will be flying to Atlantic City and driving back to Charlotte.

  • james osborne says:

    just looking .

  • Scott says:

    After having to sell my 01 NBM C5 (which killed me) for some extra money down on a new home, I’m ready to purchase a new 05 or 06 C6. Dave and Kerbeck Corvettes is where I’m going. This site is excellent and Dave over at the corvetteforum is a true professional.

  • Christopher Riggs says:

    Any new z06s?

  • Joe Morroney says:

    I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much fun the Toys For Tots Caravan was yesterday. Ten of us from the SKYLINE DRIVE CORVETTE CLUB in Reading, Pa. drove down to pArcticipate in the run. There’s going to be a lot of happy kids out there next month. That was a lot of toys we saw stacked up in the showroom. The warm hospitality of the Kerbeck Staff should make you proud. Hats off to you and your crew for a truly awesome event and a fun-filled and memorable day. Hopefully, we all can ‘do it again’ next year with even more Vettes in attendance.

  • Marc says:

    Just purchased 07 ATOMIC ORANGE from KERBECK to add to my VETTE collection. Thanks guys. Make room in the garage honey, Im coming home. And YES, I REALLY DID NEED ANOTHER VETTE!!!! CORVETTES AND KERBECK RULES. Also check out other Kerbeck dealerships online (Lambos,Bentleys, and Astin Martins. Very nice.

  • Harry H. McDonald 1 says:

    Been 6 months since I got my new AE at ‘Kerbecks’

  • Jonathan Greiner says:

    Corvettes are the greatest cars in the world!!

  • Ron Tautic says:

    2005 corvette coupe, Daytona sunset orange with cashmere interior, Z51 suspension, navagation.

  • Trevor Butz says:

    Best vette site I have ever seen. I would like to visit some day,,, but you are 2000 plus miles away!!!!! Cheers from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

  • Chad says:

    I’m looking for an orignal 78 to 83 2 door chev malibu g body 4 speed standard car W / air Thank you. Chad Hybrdbyk@shaw.ca

  • Terry D says:

    Great website! Owned a 1962 since 1972. Looking for a newer one. No the old one isn’t for sale.

  • Marc V. says:

    Aftermarket CAGS eliminator about $25.00 from ECKLERS.COM

  • George/Seacoast NH says:

    Third vette for me bought at Kerbec’s JUL/04. BLK/BLK 04 Z06. NEVER will I part with this machine. I still love you Kristen…where-ever you are…thanx again.

  • Leslie A. Greenfield says:

    I brought home my new corvette this past saturday. It was a pleasure doing business with Kerbeck. They are professional, no nonsense and knowledgeable. I specifically want to thank Samuel and his colleagues for all their help and guidance.

  • Jay Carter says:

    I visited your show room, Geat display! I’m looking for a Yellow 2001 to 2004 coupe or hard top.

  • Stuart says:

    Nice web sight vettes I have 96 and 98

  • john ferran says:

    I look at your site quite often trying to decide if it is worth the drive back to Salt Lake city if I could get a good price maybe I would concider it. I am looking at a convertable black on black or red on black with a black top. I have a ’99 coupe with 18k.

  • KK says:

    Just took delivery of a C6 convertible. Now I have to sell my 1998 Mercedes-Benz 230SLK convertible, with 38K miles, black on black, auto transmission, garage kept. Email to: tennisplayer_1962@yahoo.com

  • Brianna Shannon says:

    I saw your ad on tv and had to come to this website because corvettes are my favorite cars ever and they are so cute I would love to have one but I cant afford it right now but one day I will get one and its going to be great!!~bri~

  • meredith ziemba says:

    just wamt to buy another vette

  • Bill says:

    looking real soon to buy a used Z06. Talk to you soon.

  • Justin Sanok says:

    Best Corvette dealership!! Can’t wait for ZR1!!!

  • Aaron Offutt says:

    Was looking around the internet tonight and decided to see what’s on your lot. Aaahhhh…..it brought back good memories. I purchased a 2004 Z06 back in Sept ’03 from you guys. Everyone was so courteous and helpful. I must admit, I was extremely nervous being only 27 at the time. I was by far the youngest one there. Wasn’t sure if I was getting in over my head or not. Looking back, I’d do it all over again. I don’t plan on ever selling it but maybe someday I’ll be back for another one. Till then….

  • Stephen S. Phillips says:

    Great Website for all Corvette Enthusists!!! This is the place to buy one for sure!!!

  • robert says:

    I bought a c6 from you guys on thanksgiving weekend. I just went to look, but you made it very easy to buy and drive one away that day. I had less time to gamble that day so i saved additional money. the car is simply great.i would buy from you again

  • matt pagano says:

    these are the best cars ever to be alive they are soo much fun

  • Danny Shaban says:

    I bought my corvette in Dec. and it was the best thing I ever did driving to Atlantic city to pick it up. Can’t wait to by my next one.

  • Bob Blank says:

    I was released from active duty from the Naval Reserve after the Korean War and in June of 1954 purchased a ’54 Corvette which I loved! Drove it every day and it so impressed a local girl, we were married in 1956. When Norma Jean showed me how much luggage she intended to take with her on our honeymoon with Vette, I told her: ‘We have to talk’! Anyhow, we drove it on our honeymoon, on vacations to Florida, on the beach at St. Augustine, FL and it was our ONLY car until in 1961, our first son was born and we had built our first house and, the Vette had to go for something with more room. I still miss that Vette, it was a fun car to drive and I think I still have one of

  • Moe says:

    I heard that your head is the rollbar in the 2006 convertible if you are over 6’2′. Who is the tallest person out there that fits?

  • Jack says:

    You guys at Kerbeck sound like a knowlegable bunch who treat customers right. I am in the process of purchasing a 2008 Corvette coupe or Z06 in Canada. Perhaps I just ran accross a bad dealership, but the salespeople I am talking to have no idea what they are talking about with regards to just about anu Vette info and are very rude. I am certain I will enjoy my Vette much more than the purchasing experience, or at least I sure hope so.

  • bill weber says:

    i collect your posters that are given out at carlisle during the vette weekend. i recently sold a 1990 convertible and i am interested in upgrading to a c5. you can call me at 724-349-2812 ext 216

  • BRIAN says:


  • J Kretzer says:

    Hello all, I recently saw your add on TV and wanted to check out the site. Boy it is impressive

  • Jim Cerniglia says:

    Watching Barrett-Jackson Auction on Speed, saw our commerial

  • Tom Bello says:

    I purchased the ‘total package’ in March ’03 when I drove home in a new Millenium Yellow coupe. It’s got plenty of power, handling, looks and class with a rich heritage to boot. A special thanks goes to Harry Boyer who was there every step of the way and helped me realize a dream. I call it my lifetime achievement award. Thanks Kerbeck!

  • John Menger says:

    I visited Kerbeck’s out of curiosity about 6-weeks ago (end of January). It was at that time that I met Gary Beatty, sales and leasing rep. I was treated as though I was the only customer that Kerbeck every had! Extremely courteous, unbelieveably knowledgeable about the porduct, straight to the point (shop around all you want and you will not find a more complete and knowledgeable dealer to say nothing of the pricing).I did just that and on February 27th, Gary delivered me a 2004 Z-06!! During the process of delivery, George Kerbeck was on hand to talk about Vettes!!! Many thanks to Gary for one of the most pleasant and seamless sales process that I have ever been through. I should know. I am a salesman myself on Wall Street. Best wishes to all at Kerbeck!!

  • Ed Rizzotti says:

    1)Do you take trade in Corvettes and can you approximate the price that you will pay prior to seeing the car.2)When will you have information on the C-63) Your site is very informative and professional.

  • Jim Stucker says:

    Nice site!!! The Z06 is just AWESOME!!!!!! I’ll be visiting often.

  • Terry says:

    i hear there is a new vette comming out in the future…500hp +++?? 9.2 1/4?? if any info on thi machine please email me… im looking for pictures.. thanks..Terry

  • Thomas Petillo says:

    Looking for a 2004- 2005 vette, white ext, black or red interior, auto trans, coupe.

  • Todd Garrison says:

    The Kerbeck Website-excellent. I can’t help but to keep coming back to your website

  • John L. Diana says:

    Do you have any Z06 in stock looking for a silver with black Thank You John PS it has

  • David Redcay says:

    I Will be coming to a/c to buy my yellow Corvette.

  • Michael says:

    hey, you guys have to be some of the most awsome people in the world. The corvette is my favorite car.(Chevys rule and Fords drool)Anyway, I am only 13, but i hope to someday own a corvette, prefebly a Victory Red one with the Cashmere interior and ALL the options. But that will probably never happen, 70,000 dollars is hard to come by, But i can still be confident. I hope that somday i have to the money to come there with you guys to buy my corvette and make my life complete.

  • Donna M Maxwell says:


  • George L Allemby says:

    im looking for a 78 limited edition pace car corvett and also a 1970 cheveelle ss454/425 hp

  • Bob Matose says:

    You folks have an OUTSTANDING collection of ‘classic’ GM cars!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to see them in person someday!!!

  • Terry Terragna says:

    WOW! all the ads and things you read about Kerbeck are understated! You do by far have the most awesome and friendly dealership.I went with my ’93 coupe and drove home in a new ’03 coupe.Merry X-mas to me!! And it only took 4.5 hours to get there but it was a 7hr ride home. I can’t thank you enough, everyone from Kristen on the phone all the way through the process great. And a special thanks to George, i hope you get your voice back. Keep up the great job and Thanks again.Happy Holidays to all!!!!Terry T. another happy Kerbeck cust.

  • Simon says:

    Great Site, Chevy’s Corvette, who could ask for more? Email for 70Conv. 73Conv.454, 80, 94 & 95…These Corvettes are NICE!

  • Roy & Kathy Grillo says:

    We have just read about the EX 122 that you provide on your website, and we must say it is greatly document and extremely interesting. Being owners of 92 Roadster we can greatly appreciate such a wonderful car. Hope to see it in person one day.

  • David says:

    Oh Yeah Baby! I like my 85 and I’d LOVE to have one of the base model cpes. Do you ship?

  • Cliff Hathaway` says:

    I have a ’98 Pearl Purple Metallic Conv. (1yr color) Looking for 2003 Anniversary Red ,LOW milage, automatic, .Fell in love w/pace car decals.I need that special car.do you put decal pkg on from Phoenix graphic ??

  • Kahlil Demonbreun says:

    Great Site !!!!!!! I was wondering why you didn’t have any Orange C6’s. I was also wondering how that color is selling?

  • Renado Hair says:

    I vistited your dealership with the Toys for Tots drive in ’06. You have a great car store with a wonderful display of performance cars. My current car is an ’04 Commemorative Edition. I’m sure I’ll be talking to you when I decide to make a deal on a C6!

  • Ralph says:

    Okay, what’s the catch? I saw your ad giving 9k off the MSRP on NEW 2007 CONVERTABLES. vin# 1GY1YY36U975109487. MSRP= 66,150 @ the door. Minus the 9k I can drive it home for 57,150. AM I dreaming or is this for real?



  • Alan Fitzell says:

    I saw your site on TV last night and have enjoyed lusting after all those beautiful automomiles. I have always loved the Vette, first the 1981 white with red interior, then the 1994, then the amazing C5 red convertible would be my choice. It never ends I really love the new C6. Someday maybe! Thanks for the enjoyable trip thru your site!

  • robert heidgerd says:

    I now own a 1995 corvette with 16000 miles on it .I AM GETTING ITCHY LOOKING AT YOUR SITE FOR A 2008 .Hope it will be soon .

  • Mel Pollack says:

    Will be contacting you about a 2003 Z-06.

  • Jim Graham says:

    Have been a Cadillac owner for years. Now I’m old and retired. Going to buy a new, loaded, ‘05 Vette. Your list is very impressive.

  • john says:

    Thanks for the treat on your website. well design and layed out. Great looking New and classic sex machines. Wish I could plunk down some $$$$$$$$$.

  • Rian and Angela Peloquin says:

    We just bought a 2002 Millenium Yellow Z06 from Kerbeck’s and are in heaven! The deal was unbelievable and our salesman Gary was fantastic! Anyone thinking of buying a Corvette should definitely talk to these guys FIRST!!

  • dan g says:

    Can I purchase a new 07 vette from you and bring it into Canada

  • Ken Wingard says:

    I am looking for a 2003 Z06 in yellow with low miles so if you come across any please e-mail me. I might consider different colors also. Thank you so much.

  • Carmen says:

    I love the corvettes. They are so awesome. They are so regular. They are so sexy.

  • John B. Carpenter says:

    I picked up a brand new torch coupe fromDave Brown in March last year. It was such a great experience that I wanted to note how positive it was even though it’s been over a year. He stayed after hours on a Saturday night in the pouring rain and made sure that everything was as it should be. He even called me about 20 minutes after I left to ensure that everything was ok. The best car buying experience I’ve had in 40 years! Ask for Dave!!!

  • Tony Kluz says:

    Hola. Always love the site! Recently traded my C5 for another Chevy but still run ‘SweetC5’ plates! Notice $3K discount on the Convertibles… What about the Coupes? The knuckle heads down here (Moron Chevrolet Miami) were asking $10k over sticker! They will have dozens in SEP as usual… Thanks.

  • John M says:

    I can’t believe it…Kerbeck actually has white Corvettes in stock…just kidding..bought my 07 there and will buy my next one there as well.Awesome dealership and people!!

  • Ralph Sanford says:

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for my new 2004 Comm.Ed.Z06.I love it.Thanks Sam.Hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday.See you after the first of the year when it’s A.C.time again.

  • Barn says:

    Awesome with a capital A…………

  • James F.Lyons says:

    Nice presentation

  • Eugene Odormayer says:

    Awesome site, I love corvettes. I own 2 myself.

  • Eric Browning says:

    I saw your commercial advertising your ownership of the EX-122 on the 2006 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. Your preservation and presentation of this historic automobile are greatly commended. The website presentation of the the EX-122 is well executed in terms of the historic photos and the inclusion of the 1959 letter from the car’s first private owner as well as the check for the purchase amount from the second to the third owner. You may want to consider placing this information at the top of the webpage as it more thoroughly and concisely explains the history and development of the EX-122. The presentation of this material with the arifact is an historian and collector’s dream. As an historian, their juxtaposition brought joy to my heart and if I saw the two (car and historic pictures/documents)in person I know they would bring tears to my eyes. Job well done.

  • Greg Hagan says:

    I have a 1994 corvette it is polo green and it is for sale I am looking for a 1997 or 1998 corvette. My 94 have 92.550 mile on it.email me it you no any one looking for a 94 vette

  • Dave Border Sr. says:

    I was 6yrs old when I had my first ride in a 63 Corvette. I was hooked, I knew someday I would have one. At 43 I bought a 1973 Corvette Coupe, L48, Automatic with 64,000 on the clock. It looks new, we get thumbs up where ever we go! It’s a state of mind!. A featherless arrow. I’ll be at Kerbeck’s for a brand new one someday! SAVE THE WAVE!!!

  • bvestfal says:

    love your website & even more is your selection. hard to deside…the covertible is pure sex & the zo6 is pure passion. man, i wish i could have my cake & eat it to. definetly looking forward to test driving kerbeck in the very near future. who knows, may take museum delivery of a little slice of passion.

  • Keroy Valdez says:

    usted to see your inventory on the used Corvettes, since I can’t afford a new one. Thanks

  • phil says:

    Yeah…why would anybody want a white corvette…they actually make ones with nice colors

  • Jim Miller says:

    The cars look great–and so does Vicki

  • Willie Cox III says:

    From what I see, it will be worth the trip from St. Louis.

  • Harvey Davidson says:

    What a fantastic Chevrolet Dealership where you can actually drive a car you want to write a check for but there are not many dealerships who take you seriously, and obviously the salesman will go along triple strapped in and in the cell with 911 ready to call. AMAZING INVENORY GENTLEMAN.! Harv Davidson SD the screamin eagle state.

  • TF160 says:

    With all these corvette’s, will you ever get some in the color WHITE. Then I’ll buy!!!!

  • Duey Graham says:

    Have the exterior colors for the 2006 been determined yet? I’m partial to dark green..

  • Jessica* says:

    HI! omg i love corvettes!! there the best!!! i soo want one, but there too much..lol..haha,, well i will get one.. one day!..:)…. have a nice day!

  • Ray English says:

    I have purchased a vet from you in the past and am interested in a 08 convertible. Would you please send me a booklet so I can examine the new colors in more detail. My address is 222 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 301, Warwick, RI 02888. Thanks, be speaking with you soon.

  • Skip Chase says:

    What is the chance of purchasing a 2006 ZO6 in a few months? How many will you receive and how much are they marked up? I drove one at the GM Proving Grounds. Unreal. Thank you for your time.

  • trevor says:

    I have a 79 pickup GMC truck and I really want an 04 corvette

  • Lou Bartholomay says:

    Great website will view often

  • Joe Gabriel says:


  • Marshall says:

    I am currently leasing a 2003 convertible 50th anniversary edition (7,000 miles), in perfect condition with about a 1.5 years left on my lease. I would like to have a 2007 convertible (black), any chance of working with me and my lease to make this a reality?



  • NJVETTEGUY says:

    Anyone order a car and pick it up from the Corvette Museum?

  • David says:

    You folks have a great selection.In 75 I had a 63 Split Window,but was stolen.Ins co got me a 65 coupe.Girl friend wrecked it.

  • David Thomas says:

    I enjoy looking at your website. You have the best selection I have seen. The only problem is I Live in Texas. Its a long way to NJ from here. Im not sure the savings would cover the trip there and back. What options do you have for delivery in Texas If any. Looking to buy in the early part of 2007. Thanks

  • paul heckendorf jr says:

    It was great to see you at carlisle this year you guys are the best and the service you give can not be beat. When it comes to the new ZO6 well santa you know whats on my list..

  • JUDY THIELEN says:


  • samson says:

    hello every body,i like to have a friend from any country. both male and female thanks,

  • Don says:

    Very nice website

  • w best says:

    love those corvettes. plan on a new one soon.

  • DWIGHT S. says:


  • James Music says:

    I just want thank everyone I dealt with in my purchase of a 07 corvette. I can’t wait until it arrives next week. Just to let everyone know, Kerbeck is the only place to consider if you want to purchase a corvette.

  • trevor says:

    It’s a very cool website grate gob

  • Bob Spinicchia says:

    To Dave,George and everyone there,Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all from Bob VP LICOA of Long Island NY. Long Island Corvette Owners Assn

  • Pete Fox says:

    I would like to thank Sam and all the members of the Kerbeck team that made the purchase of my new Z06 a memorable experience. Sam was terrific throughout the process and his continued support is a testament to the kind of people that work for Kerbeck. Again thank you for everything and best wishes in the future.

  • bob and matt says:

    HEY CHARLES THANKS 4 taking us 4 a spin in your 53 corvette replica in ocean city.

  • christopher OBrien says:

    sorry but didnt have much time to post a message but just wanted to say i bought my 01 c5 from kerbeck and i have been searching for the perfect c5 and i found it there. It was well worth the 175 mile trip and a special thanks to harry for making my transaction go so smooth .Thumbs up to these guys and gals and ill be back for a c7 when there out

  • Mark says:

    Kristen,Thanks for all your help. It was great driivng my new C6 home Saturday. I would have slept in it if Debbie let me.Best regards,Mark

  • jonathan murphy says:

    i finaly bought one nice car now im afraid to drive it in rain 07 atomic orange .dave brown good salesman great facility.

  • Jim Paliotta - Syracuse NY says:

    How do you guys sell Vettes with such great discounts? The dealerships up here won’t even come close to your discounts. I’m looking for a 2008 convertible, best I can do here is $5000.00 off MSRP. Need to sell my 2005 convertible with 2084 miles on it. I may be making a bus trip to see you guys when & if I sell mine.

  • Jim Skiver says:

    I am considering a 2004 z06 commerative and the sales person tells me they only made 100 of these cars. It is blue and has the silver strips and orange penstrip. This is 20 out of 100 is what I have been told. I really like and probably will purchase the car but I don’t like rederick when I am purchasing soemthing. Can anyone tell me if this is true?? Or is there one out there that someone is selling otherwise??

  • chetty says:

    You have beatiful vettes at all times!!

  • Jack Fulmer says:

    Great website and lots of excellent information about availability and prices. I hope to be able to purchase a Z06 from you down the road.

  • ModVette says:

    Hello, I’d like to inform you and your Customers about ModVette’s Free Monthly Giveaway! Just sign up for the forum and post to the Giveaway thread and you will be elegible! This month we are giving away a set of 3 Z51 Emblems!!!

  • Thomas Cicale says:

    Just e.mailing to let any one interest in buying a corvette to give Kerbeck a try.I’ve bought a lot of cars and this dealership is a.1. Ask for Dave or Amy.Happy customer Tom.

  • andrew kroha says:

    I just took delivery of a 2007 ZO6 from Kerbeck. What a easy pleasant experience. Amy Burnley and Dave Brown answered all my questions and I had a lot. I had some resrvations about purchasing a car out of state but everything went smoothly. The Kerbek marketing team is first rate and I would recommend Kerbeck to anyone looking for a new vette. Thanks so much guys the ZO6 is everything all the car magazines said it was. Ilove it!

  • George & Janet Jackson says:

    We would like to send a special thanks to Kerbeck Corvette for the special treatment we received on Sept 26 05. We live in Florida and came to PA via the Auto Train to Janet’s 40th class reunion with our 98 Aztec Gold Vette #1 of 15 made. Before leaving FL Janet found two other gold Vettes on the net at Kerbecks so we decided to take a day to go down to see them and take a few photos. As we pulled in George Kerbeck came out to greet us and look at our gold 98. We told him why we were there and he flew into action removing several cars in the showroom in order to remove the two gold Vetts to the parking lot for a photo-op. They took photos and so did we. Then it dawned on me, there was the first 98 Aztec Gold coupe made, the first 98 Aztec Gold convertible made and the ONLY gold 2003 50th anniversery model made all side by side. WOW that will probably never happen again so our cameras clicked away hopefully George will put the pics on the Kerbeck site. Again thanks to Kerbeck and company for making us feel so special, now I understand why you are #1.

  • Stephan Unrau says:

    Great site.

  • Dan Carpinello says:

    MY dad bought a black 2004 corvette coupe and my dad wanted to thank Harry for the purchase of it

  • KWK says:

    Just took delivery of a C6 convertible. Love it! Now I must sell my 1998 Mercedes Benz 230SLK with only 38K miles. Black on black, garage kept. Located in KY, email for pix/info: tennisplayer_1962@yahoo.com

  • Malcolm Mckay/Linda Leversage says:

    We saw your ad on Speed last night and thought we would check out your website. Nice to see all those vettes in one place. Cheers

  • Ryan Baca says:

    your Corvettes are asome I’m only 11 years old. When I get older I will buy my first cotvette from you guys

  • Bill Parrott says:

    I just found your site…………..WOW Is it possible to get more info. on the fuel injected 58 impala? I have a fuel injected 1958 special edition impala, always looking for info. on these cars. will appericate an answer………bill

  • Paul Barrick says:

    Wonderful website, I own 2004 Comm. Edt. convertible, ‘Nobody ever got sick from smokin their tires’ Remember to put in competitive mode though..

  • Tom Spencer says:

    ‘IICOOL’ rides again!! Thank you Mike Bellino & George Kerbeck for getting me into my new C6 Corvette Coupe. My second from Kerbeck. The care and attention to detail really made it effortless. The new C6 reminds me of the 63-67 Stingrays. It’s a sharper cleaner car.My thanks again.Tom

  • George/NH SeaCoast says:

    Thanx Kristen. Picking up that Z06 Fri. Was a pleasure!

  • Russell says:

    Great site! Awesome cars

  • Les says:

    I check your website often, I’v been wanting a corvette since I was 16, I’m 54 now some day my ship will come in and I’ll be at you dealership…..Thanks for the dreams…

  • Bob Spinicchia says:

    Once again, a job well done at Corvettes at Carlisle. Great display, good reps showing the cars and answering questions . The Miss America signing of autographs was a great touch. I have sent many people that were searching for a New Corvette here on Long Island, told them about Kerbeck, they went and BOUGHT it there, including an SSR Truck. Great Work, I’ll stop in for a visit on my next donation trip at AC, thanks. Bob Spinicchia LICOA (GOV) of Long Island Corvette owners Assn.

  • D York says:

    Love my 2002 conv. 6sp. but the new one looks nice!! Gotta try one!

  • Joe G says:

    I bought a 1994 used C-4 from Kerbeck 2 years ago and it is amazing! It handles like a dream and runs like new. I’m saving for another Vette because I cannot bear to trade mine in!

  • rich says:

    If you dealership in person is half as good as your website ‘WOW’

  • Dan says:

    Mine is Arctic White, 1984.

  • Lesa says:

    It’s been 3 months now since purchasing my 04 yellow vette from you guys and I couldn’t be happier. Had an 89 Vette and downgraded to a 2001 WS6. I am much happier to be back in a Vette now. Harry Boyer was the greatest. He worked so hard to please me. Can’t wait for a few years to get a C6.

  • f m. alberding says:

    owner of a ’74 coupe’ great site loads of info. thanks.!

  • ananymous says:

    this website is awesome

  • walter engelken says:

    enjoy youre web-site and plan to visit youre showroom my next time up.i live in florida and i am looking for a 98 to 2000 corvette.see you soon.walter engelken

  • Mike J. says:

    Saw you adds on The Speed Channel during the Barrett-Jaction Action and had to see your web site. I’m now retired (about 4 years) and since viewing your collection I feel a need to return to your city. Our first vacation was to Atlantic City in our new 1963 Impala 2 DR HT in the summer of 1964. I still have memories of the band Si Zenter & Bobby Vale performing on the steel pier. The 1963 Imala was our first new car, after high school I had a 1953 BelAir conv.that took the wife and first daughter to CA while in the USAF. We’ve owned a new 1967 Camero Conv with a 327 4 speed posi-rearend what a hot rod (had to sell when the third little one arrived in 1969) a 1961 Impala SW was it’s replacement. My main vehicle now is a 2000 Silverado. My pride in joy is my 1957 BelAir 4Door Sport Sedan ( H/T) that is the same as the one that belonged to my dad that I took to the senior prom. Some day maybe, that Vette that I’ve dreamed of will be in my driveway. Thanks for a great web site.

  • tlawrence says:


  • Mark says:

    Haveing now visited your dealership and ordered a C6 I have to say this was the best car buying experience ever. George, it was great meeting you.I can’t wait to pick up my car.Best regards,Mark

  • J Lusk says:

    wow,I luv vettes,I own a 2001 coupe. But need a 2006 zo6.

  • Gary says:

    Hi. Last week while visiting my family in Margate,(we live in Kansas) my wife and I stopped in to see all of the Corvettes you have. We own a ’96. I was very pleased with your salesman. I never actually got his name, but he let us look around and talked with us for about 10 minutes. Very nice dealership and friendly salesman. Thanks again for letting us look at all the Vettes!

  • Cesar C= says:

    Can’t afford the 2009 presented by Jay L. but I am satistified with my 2008 Black/Black Coupe. Former owner of ’04 and ’06. Great car!

  • john brown says:

    looking for a decent priced z06

  • Joe Greco says:

    My brother works for GM. Can I get the employee discount on the 2005 Corvette?

  • matty says:

    When u guys will be taking orders pls let me know and would u guys e mail me the corvettes from 1960’s to the persent the list and pics that u guys have of them that would be great… and great site.

  • Gary Parker says:

    I bought my 03 Coupe 2 years ago and still love it. I will be buying a new Coupe as soon as I see the 0% finance option once againGary Parker

  • C5VETTE says:

    What if any options are there for delivery of a new C6 to the west coast (Seattle)?

  • Larry Schear says:

    Quite a facility and museum – well worth a visit!

  • Davin says:

    Just wanted to say ALOHA from HAWAII

  • Mrmojo says:

    Great cars. corvetteforum.com

  • Don Young says:

    My Dream car ZO6, gotta get one before I get much older, getting close. pushing 64, WOW

  • Don Crispin says:

    Great web site.

  • Sam Hoskins says:

    This is a really awsome site. I love Corvettes and so I really enjoyed looking at your site. As a matter of fact I like all cars.

  • David Mann says:

    My wife has a 2007 Lemans Blue convertable which is awsome. I am now starting to shop for a 2008 crystal red coupe. But I will probably have to sell my 61 corvette to make room for the new one.

  • jeff ellis says:

    saw ad on barret-jackson… great site , and unbelivable prices…

  • Michael Genkerell says:

    I can’t wait for the new 2009 ZR1 wich is comming out this summer. 620hp wow thats going to be fun.

  • Jim Miller says:

    I am a huge fan of the 63 to 66 Corvettes as my neighbour has one and I rebuilt the 427 motor for a customers 65 Convertible. I will tell you the car turns some serious heads. I didn’t even know your dealer existed until I watched the Barrett-Jackson and saw your advertisement… Jim

  • Wes Mackevich says:

    Just want to say thanks to Harry Boyer for the great salesmanship he showed me. I couldn’t ask for a better deal naywhere, and that KERBECK Collection is one of the best I’ve seen. You can bet my next Vette will be purchased of KERBECK. To all, Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe Holiday & New Year….Thanks Again!!!!!!

  • Steve Odian says:

    Still enjoying the 2002 ZO6 I bought from you last October. Certainly worth the trip from Massachusetts. Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

  • Daryll B says:

    Owned for 2 months, must sell due to health. 8,393 Miles, asking $ 50,000 OBO for quick sale. Purchased new for $63K

  • Darryl Bentley says:

    Proud owner of a 1973 Coupe, 454/4 speed with factory air,Elkhart Green with Medium Saddle interior, 92K miles, matching numbers & engine has never had the heads off. All new interior, re-painted in 1987. Car is Clean, tight, exceptional (AND thirsty!) From an owner in Lincolnton, GA

  • henry j. edwards says:


  • DANIELLO! says:

    damn, wod a car!!!

  • Leslie says:

    I saw your web address during the Barrett-Jackson auction. I have a ’98 White Corvette and I LOVE it!

  • Bob says:

    I stopped in to look at the new C6 (4 of them) on your showroom floor. I spent at least 15 minutes looking and sitting in the C6 without any interuption from any salespeople. This was very nice. After that time a salesman approached me to ask if I had any questions. I asked him the difference in ride quality between the standard suspension and the Z51 and he stated that if it wasn’t raining out I could have taken a ride in each one to feel the difference. I don’t think any other dealerships would do that. Near the end of our conversation I come to find out that the salesmans name is George Kerbeck himself. One of the owners of the dealership. He was great to talk to and when the time comes, Kerbeck will be the place I purchase the C6 from.

  • Reggie says:

    Awesome site.

  • Dave Nomeyko says:

    Great Website !I’ll be looking for a 05 C6 convertible in a year or so. Keep me in mind.

  • Pete says:

    Hi. I’m from the other side of the pondENGLAND. I bought my 1971 convertable 2years ago it was imported about 12 yearsago. We have a great following of vetts here, have lots of trips and meet oncea month in a pub. Great Website you have

  • Kenny Lee says:

    I just want to thank Dave Brown on our first Corvette purchase. I will recommend anybody looking for a Vette to go see Dave @ Kerbeck, it’s worth the drive!

  • James Brown says:

    Want to trade a 2004 Z06 black coupe in on a blk/blk 2005 convertible.

  • jpc says:

    nice web sight !!!!!! whos ronnie??????

  • MicheL Ouellette says:

    I’d visited your show room in 1997 and was totally impressed by the variety of quality vettes.

  • Lewis O'Leary says:

    Seeking a base 2008 model convertible, 6-speed. Choice of colors are black and silver.

  • Dick Dolby says:

    what is the best way to determine the price of my Vet when I want to sell it?’81,red, 4-speed, glass top, cassette, 21300 miles, 2nd owner.

  • Tim Kanavy says:

    Thx to Kristen and Dave Brown for their help in purchasing my 05.They were professional and most pleasant and it took about ten min to select one from your existing inventory.Live in Az.now,formerly,Pa.and I can assure you that no one here matches your price or selection.Thomas Sunday Inc did a great delivery job and even with shipping cost I saved 1,500 dealing with you.I’ll look forward to seeing your showroom when I return to the East coast for a visit.Once again thx for a memorable buying experence…Tim

  • DEE PHILIPS says:

    Hello.. my friend is looking for a 1958 Corvette.. Oh course the numbers have to match… no special color can you help. 917 731-4815.thank you Dee

  • Ryan says:

    When will you start taking orders for the 2006 Corvette Z06? When you know please notify me. Thanks.

  • Tom & Kathy Nolan says:

    George: Does the Corvette Community really appreciate what you did for them yesterday??? Each and every person who drove their Vette in the Kerbeck 3rd Annual Toys For Tots Corvette Run Caravan should be writing you their words of ‘gratitude’ — not only did you bring so many Corvette owners together for a couple of hours, you did it in such a way that I know Tom and I will remember that drive for the rest of our lives!! Again, here we are praising you for making the run happen — so many people ‘talk’ about doing something but you actually ‘make it happen’. Of course, your Staff has got to stand up and take a bow — they worked so hard, not only yesterday, but for days prior to allow things to run so smoothly. How blessed are the tots of the Atlantic City area to have the results of your ‘dream come true’ — the gifts were given truly from the hearts of such wonderful people! But George, just to let you know you’ve given the BEST gift of ALL to 475 Corvette owners this year — THANK YOU THANK YOU for such a run………………………!!! Love, Tom & Kathy Nolan

  • Jeremy says:

    Hi! For my 14th birthday my father blindfolded me and drove to the dealership he worked at. He walked me into the service bay and sat me in a car then shut the door. I took off my blindfold to see a black dashboard with no instrumentation. I turned the key to the on possition and to my amazement a beautiful display of numbers dazzled before my eyes! What was this strange dual flagged symbol on the steering wheel about? I got out of the car and instantly fell in love with the C-4 corvette! After many rides and drives in C-4’s, I am happy to say that the time is comming shortly for me to make a purchase. In the words of Darth Vader

  • Ellie Aliga says:

    2007 models

  • Dave Garbien says:

    Looking to buy my first vette: mid 80’s to 90.

  • Karan Ayers says:


  • PlanetCorvette says:

    I am buying my 3rd Corvette from Kerbeck! See you guys soon…www.planetcorvette.com

  • Scott says:

    Yes Please bring back zero percent interest on the corvete. I

  • mike turner says:

    interested in 2007 coupe models

  • Tony says:

    Bought I Myellow C6 about 4 weeks ago – Dave Brown was my salesperson – greatest car buying experience, great customer service and what can you say about the best vette ever made!! Thanks Kerbeck!! Dave, George and Bruce all the best!

  • Ron Smith says:

    Very impressive inventory, easy to use web-site. One of the best I have seen!(that’s why your #1). I’m way out here in the west(Utah) and never seen a better web site, I will really consider going back there to buy my next Vette. I have a 2001 Red Z-06, and a Grey 2002 Cpe.Auto

  • Michael Herring says:

    Love the site and your collection. I’ve got a 1971 Formula 400 Firebird and I’m just about finished with my total restoration. I see you have a 1971 T/A. I would love to see some more pictures of that car. Keep up the tradition and maybe I can be a customer of yours someday.

  • RICK says:

    Looking for 03 or 04 Z06. ?????????????

  • Paul M. Perlstein, Esq. says:

    I just purchased my second Corvette from Harry Boyer. He is a true professional,extremely knowlegable and very courteous. I have purchased Corvettes from other dealers but never experienced the level of satisfaction that I got from Harry and Kerbeck. And no one else could come near Kerbeck’s ‘deal’. As for those people who don’t want a ‘loaded’ Vette, or the color combos that George likes, Kerbeck will order it for you any way you want it and at least you know that they will get it. Try that with another dealer and the car that they promise in six weeks may not even arrive in six months.

  • Andrew J. Conley III says:

    My father and I always go to the Corvette shows.We always see Mr.Kerbeck there.I would love to visit your showroom.I would love to see how many Corvetts you have.

  • Robert H Schaffer says:

    Does George need a 87 Grand National for collection ? new motor trans rear .Will beat most of cars in his collection.18k on trade will get me in a new vette.Rob

  • Randy says:

    Since GM is dropping several colors, what will their replacements be?

  • Chris Dolce says:

    Love your website. I currently own a 2001 coupe and hope to have a C6 next year.

  • Pete I says:

    Just a quick note to thank all the people at Kerbeck came down there Saturday looking for a used C5 left with my first new Vette Grey 2004 with black leather Thanks guys I’ll be back in a couple of years

  • Alexandre Ramos says:

    Here in Brazil the import fees are about 75%. So we can’t even dream about one, and local GM does not have interest in sell this model here. Your site is the best way to have a dream. Thanks

  • John Taylor says:

    Kristen was extremely pleasant and very helpful. Keep up the Outstanding work.

  • Lester Castleberry says:

    I saw an advertisement about your dealership stating worlds largest Corvette dealer, had to check it out. I live about 20 miles from a Chevy dealer that claims to be the second largest Corvette dealer (Maxie Price in Loganville, GA.).

  • LYN ADAMS says:


  • Jim & Cindy Maddox says:

    Anyone who is a serious buyer and does not want to spend days wasting ther time should take the time to call KERBECK .I have owned five Corvette’s this year alone ,(Three c/6′). I purchsed a ’07 Machine Silver W/Storm Grey Top .The experience was most pleasent ,and everyone did everything that was required .All paper work done and ready to sign and drive.Your dealership and sales staff are truly ‘A CLASS ACT’.Our purchace turned into a most enjoyable mini-vacation.THANKS again ,Jim & Cindy Maddox

  • ct tiller says:

    still have my original 63 fi roadster, bill of sale, plastic card with my name & car serial no. currently doing complete restoration and thinking hard about an 06. how is it you stock no white 06’s?

  • Tony Granito says:

    Great site. It’s getting late in the year and I now want a 2006 vette and I will be gld to come to Jersey to get it if the deal is right. Have a great day. Tony G

  • Manuel Souza says:

    Great website. How can I find out more about accessories for the Corvette? Will you be adding this to your website soon?

  • E says:


  • nicola fausto romita says:

    wow i cant wait to make a visit to your dealership and cant wait to get my hands on a 2006 z06

  • HASGY says:


  • Roanald Contryman says:

    When is the 2008 Corvette Coupe due out ??? I like your selection of Corvettes. I live on the coast of Oregon would be a nice drive from the east coast to Oregon in a new Corvette, Thanks for the website.

  • Bob Spin says:

    To Dave Brown, Thank you very much for your and attention that you gave me in my quest to purchase a 2007 Corvette Conv. Your pricing and help was second to none, everything up front, and professional and courteous sales service was beyond my expectations, even though I had to put this on the back burner for now, much to my disappointment due to critical health matters, I will soon once again be ringing at your door for my purchase, and thank you for your well wishes for our health issues, talk to you soon, Bob Spin, Long Island, PS Tell George and Bruce, thanks you also for a service well done

  • Gary Paul says:

    What can I say about such a professional dealership with highly trained staff? They are marvelous!! Thanks Harry!!

  • Charles Phelps says:

    Want to give a BIG thanks to David Brown. His assistance and guidance was invaluable. I was able to fly up to Philly last Wed. morning and meet up with my sons’ family as they were finishing up a vacation to PA. They drove me over to Kerbecks where my new Monterrey Red/Cashmere m/trans conv’t. was in the shop being prepped as we arrived. Paperwork went quickly, and while David showed me the features of the car, my son made a ‘bra’ of blue painters tape on the front end and mirrors. We enjoyed lunch at the Wonder Bar (recommended by David) and it was very good. Then off to Tampa, FL. Got lots of looks on the way home. Trip was great, and the tape came off easily once we got back here and the front end and mirrors are flawless. Selection, assistance, and product knowledge are superb. Was a great experience. Again, thank you David Brown. It was great to meet you and do business with you and the people of Kerbecks.

  • Andrew J ConleyIII says:

    I think you have the world’s best selection.

  • Paul J Valentine says:

    I have a 98 c5 and i need oem seat covers is this something i can get from You dealership

  • Carl Hindle says:

    I saw your site on Barrett-Jackson- I have an 82 Silver green- Love my VETTE-

  • Al Danielson says:

    Have a C-5 now and plan on a C-6 but want to wait until I’ve seen one before ordering plus I’m not sure about a first year edition

  • Bob McNamara says:

    Purchased my first Corvette on Saturday, the 18th. I bought a 08 coupe and the experience was fantastic. I pick the car up tomorrow and needless to say, I’m having problems sleeping! Kerbeck has Corvettes of every description and the saleslady was very professional. Thanks to all!!!!

  • Clarence J. Williams Jr. says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

  • Steve Emerson [Hills Ia.] says:

    Saw your web site today,WOW what alot of GM. power in one location. Bought my firsy vet last fall cant wait til i can make my next purchase. I think i will visit Kerbecks.

  • JILL says:


  • erica says:

    i love Corvettes!

  • Burt Jordan says:

    Very cool site!!!!

  • Zsa Zsa says:

    Corvette lovers email me at zsazsaslap@gmail.com

  • Pamela Kelley says:

    Enjoyed it. What an inventory.

  • JOE COLEMAN says:


  • Robin Datta says:

    Need a keyboard cover to keep the drool off! 🙂

  • Jim Mercer says:

    I really hope you can sell me a corvette coupe at a great price! My precious 2002 Firehawk was hit and totaled by a lady in a Camry who ran a red light. And now, the insurance company is screwing me over. I really want another GM sports car, but this is my only choice. I have owned many vettes, but it is difficult to justify one now that I am disabled and my wife works as a teacher. But, heck you only live once!JC

  • Bob Cooper says:

    Saw your ad on Barret-Jackson…unreal. Now you have my attention. I have an 86 coupe with lots of miles, still looks and runs good. What could I expect as a trade in if I made the trip from Michigan this Spring?

  • DRMWEVR says:

    After following your site for years now, and reading everything proud and satisfied owners of corvettes bought at kerbeck’s had to write..I’m sure this is where I’ll be contacting, when I’m ready to buy a Z06 C6 in 2006…keep my e-mail fellas …I’m coming home to Kerbecks! Do you think they’ll come back with the torch red ?

  • Judith says:

    Hello, I`m Judith from Germany and I want you to ask if you or your relatives once lived in Germany because I know, that this name ‘Kerbeck’ comes only from germany. It would be a pleasure for me, if you could write me back. Judith

  • Richard W. Orth Jr. says:

    Interested in purchasing a 2005 Corvette convertable. How little over Kerbeck’s cost do you deal?

  • Kirke Seals says:

    I your ad in autoweek a friend of mine wants a vette so I told him I would check it out. I’m also interested.

  • Bob Norton says:

    Well, it’s been two months since my purchase of my convert from Kerbeck. The car is great, and thanks to Harry, my buying experience was a pleasure. No pressure and respectfull. Also, although this was my first Corvette, I was not treated as though this was my first new car purchase. Thanks Harry,Bob

  • Karan says:

    Uncle Frank,I really want the Pink Corvette!!!By the way, how come you didn’t race yesterday???!! Afraid?Love you,Mrs. Oliver

  • Dave Wegner says:

    I will buy my 3rd Corvette in the next month or so. It must be a 2003 Yellow Z-06.. Any help on finding one would be nice. Wonderful Web Page

  • Bob Stamm says:

    I have a C1 and a C2. Have had C3’s and C4’s. Skipped the C5’s altogether. The C6 convertible looks great and like a corvette again.

  • charlie russo says:

    I was recently advised to check out your web site and was pleasantly surprised. Your prices are really more than fair. Most dealers in Orlando, Fl won’t discount at all but I did manage to buy an 07 coupe for a fair price. Fair, but not as inexpensive as your prices. I’ll definitely check out your dealership on my next visit up north and probably will buy my next vette at your dealership. Keep up the great job that you are doing on the web site. It’s fantastic.

  • Dot Bailey says:

    Please send me a 2008 brochure. I want to sell my 2005 Daytona Sunset Orange Coupe and want to replace it with a 2008

  • Scott Hack says:

    Nice site! I’m looking to find a 1999-2000 Convertable – 6 Speed Manual. Please let me know when a nice one rolls in. I have a really nice 87 4+3 trans. with 50k on it that I am looking to sell or trade.

  • DEAN says:


  • Vincent Calosso says:

    Can’t wait to get into the c6 convertible

  • JANIE says:

    Just purchased my first corvette, she’s a 1987 red coupe, her name is ‘BIG RED’ and she is in beautiful shape-garage kept never seen rain/snow! I love visiting Kerbecks showroom site! Corvette is in my blood!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy 50th Anniversary!!!!!!

  • cliff mcghee says:

    Do you know of anyone who wnats to buy a candy apple red 1981 corvette in extremely good condition? 99,000miles…. Once i get rid of it I want to get a convertible c6!!!!

  • Richard says:

    Saw your add on speed. I must say this is the most impressive Corvette dealer I have seen. I have been looking on line for quite a while and have not seen a better collection. Keep up the good work.

  • Gregg says:

    Ever since the NYC Auto Show I had the itch for a new convertible 6 spd. The itch comes and goes. 2 things holding me back: 1) Too many kids toys/bikes/stuff on ‘my side’ of the garage 2) My 99 silverado pickup is slowly falling apart and is approaching P.O.S. status, which in turn question my views of GM quality. We’ll see.

  • mike oconner says:

    you people are nuts for discounting vetts 5000 dollars !!!!!

  • jeremy says:

    this website is the best

  • Alan Kartsounes says:

    Someday, I hope to own a Corvette! My son has had three so far, I need to catch up.

  • Mike Dean says:

    As my brother is now the proud owner of a 2001 corvette coupe magnetic red. I am looking for a key ring to suit this as he appears to be unable to find one as I am in the UK I ended up at your website keep up the good work.

  • Paul & Dee Albert says:

    Thanks to Dave Brown and the other employee’s at Kerbec for making our Corvette purchase such a memorable experience. Order on time, delivery on time, treated as a cherished customer. At a price unheard of in New Mexico. Drove back to Albuquerque, in 30 hours 27.4 MPG.Wanted to go to the pacific, a new definition of FUN. ‘Car buying made fun again’. The most fun I could have had with my cloths on.Thanks Again! Paul & Dee.(2007 6Spd, White).

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks to everyone at Kerbeck for a great buying experience-2005 C6.

  • Bill Giaccio says:

    May be looking to trade my 1966 2 top427 Roadster for an 06 ZO6


    looking at your prices, nice… I’m looking for 1 around May or June.Nice specials….maybe get my 1’s VETTE there.

  • Jeff Barnett says:

    Just a 50’s guy looking for a nice 2005 Corvette and I saw your web site and it’s great, Thanks.

  • Al Armstead says:

    Nice Site. Looking for a C6 conv.

  • ZARIS says:


  • GARY GIUBILO says:

    have 02 corvette convertible black on black 26k mile may trade soon allso have 95 fleetwood white on white blue int 31k mile mint never seen the rain. maybe zo6 make for book ends.

  • Ernest says:

    Im 14 years old my dad has owned a 1974,1985,and now a 1992 which al of them he bought used which really upsets me I was wondering if you had a way for him to get to a new 2007 corvette Z06 for a low price plesae respond thank you

  • UCHE MUMU says:


  • driver mumu says:

    I saw your display of C6s at Carlisle. I am ready to trade my 2001 C5 for a Daytona Sunset Orange C6. Contact me when one becomes available.——————————————————————————–

  • Mikey B says:

    I still don’t understand how in ’04 a 5.7L was offered with 405 hp and a 6L today only puts out 400hp. Not that there’s much different, but Chrysler makes a 6L 8 cylinder with 425 hp. Any anticipation for an upgrade for 2007 ya think?

  • J.R.GARVEY says:


  • Ken Rosen says:

    Thank you for a great Toys for Tots run and your fine hospitality. I hope to be there next year.

  • James Clarke says:

    a friend turned me on to your site. I have a Black 1980 L82 and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have spent the last hour getting lost in your site. When i am ready to buy my new vette next year, I will be coming to see you. This is the most complete corvette dealer I have seen. Your site would make antbody want to drive a new vette.

  • Dan Schmidt says:

    Just surfing, and got roped in by the collection. WOW. Had a 04, traded for 07. Love the C6 comfort and control, but miss the growl of the C5.

  • Kenneth J. Renda says:

    Hello, As the owner of two beautiful Corvettes in the Fort Lauderdale,Florida area, I can appreciate your type of quality dealership. As I do travel to Atlantic City at times. please advise me of any events or Corvette shows you may have in the future. Thank you.

  • Gary Ennis says:

    I Have owned a 1974 Viper red convertible for 5 yrs. Would love a C-5, But can’t part with the ’74’.

  • Mark S. Lovelace says:

    My first Corvette was a 1995. I traded it for a 2000. I traded the 2000 Corvette for a 2004 Z71 Suburban. Would you consider taking the Suburban as a trade-in or do you only offer straight sales without a trade-in? I realize you would have to see the Suburban. Its in excellent condition with 18500 miles. I live in Tennessee but I am retired so a drive up would be possible. As you can probably tell I miss owning a Corvette!! Thanks!!

  • Kevin Reynolds says:

    Harry Boyer is the greatest car salesman on earth since the rock cooled. My 2005 vette is so sweet I can’t pull myself out of the car. The best part is, with six kids, this makes so much sense.

  • John cullen says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks, got a great deal on a C5-04 on sept.7.Salesman Gary Beatty was the best. John cullen

  • Regis Sellier says:

    Great website. I have wanted to get a Corvette since the age of 14. Looks like the 2005 models are the best ever. I hope to be in a postion to acquire one soon. God Bless you.

  • A.L. TURPIN SR. says:


  • Eugene O'Dunne says:

    Trying to decide between Z06 or convertible in 08. Any sugestions?

  • Stephen Churchill says:

    I bought a better than new 99 torch red with everything on it from Kerbeck a little over 2years ago and it is perfect with only 17,ooo miles on it.

  • leonard lehner sr says:

    do you have any info on 09 zo6 yet i will be in the market late spring or mid summer i just sold my 06 c6 i am areturn customer

  • zachary says:

    I have a 2001 plymouth proler.And i have a 32 chevy alos. I am thinking of buying viper or corvette wich one do you think i should get.

  • Ron&Nancy Chewning says:

    Just purchased a 2001 Convertible Corvette. Took the Amtrak to Philly then the NJ Transit to Atlantic City, Dave Brown Picked us up, booked our room at The Resort, took us there and picked us up next day, can’t beat that., and also there is nothing like a 71/2 hour drive back to Virginia in a Corvette….See ya.

  • barry volin says:

    i have a 2001 pewter coupe

  • GIP says:

    Looking to purchase a 2003 burgundy C5 convertible with oak interior. Mileage must be less than 20000 with automatic transmission. Thank you.

  • kyle littleton says:

    i wish i wouldnt have sold my corvette. i have a 1985 white corvette know. let me tell you it has awesome handling. i love it . i wont even let my wife drive it. i dont let anyone wash it but me. so remember dont let anyone mess with your baby.

  • Tim Beckwith says:

    I’m want to come and get this within the next two weeks. Question? I’m in Maryland, how would repairs be handled? Heaven forbid I won’t need any, but would I have to come to NJ or would I be referred to dealer in MD?

  • Nathan Yarbrough says:

    Thourghly enjoyed your web site. Very professionly done and it certainly builds the American Dream to someday own a new Corvette.

  • Anthony DePalma says:

    Have a 94 looking to trade for up grade 01-03

  • Soula O'Bannon-Bennis says:

    Added notes: I have had a ‘love affair with sports cars all

  • curtis says:

    this is a great website for corvette lovers like myself, but they dont have a picture that i saw of my dream car which is a 1966 corvette stingray.

  • Larry says:

    I just noticed your ad in Autoweek, checked out your web site – WOW.I am looking for a ZO6 and have a 1995LT-1 coupe black on black w/ both topsand factory chrome ZR-1 wheels. Vehicleis loaded with ever option w/20k miles.

  • Rube G,in houston says:

    Ihad 1980 medium blue with blue interior, had it stolen it hurt like crazy like losing your bestfriend TWICE!!! thats ok getting ready to buy another one!!

  • mike and pei says:

    see kerbeck every year at corvettes at carlise, best inventory in the country! See you soon for a purchase!!

  • Christopher P. Gilbert says:

    Saw the new corvette magazine Arcticle on your ‘World’s Oldest Corvette’. AWESOME!!! Way to go! Note: looking for info on Corvette Vin #2. Anyone?Thanks for the memories.

  • David L. Coyne says:

    I have had a 79 and 92 and now a 2000 Vette. I think they are the best cars ever made. Looking for a newer one in a year or so. I would like the new Z06.

  • Soula O'Bannon-Bennis says:

    I have had 3 corvettes. I am in my twilight years and hope

  • allen says:

    I am looking for a low mileage ultra clean 05 automatic coup at a great price………

  • RON CAPO says:

    Hello everyone at Kerbeck, it has been 14 months since my purchase of my mag.red 2001 c5 conv.i want to tell you i love this car.i have driven this beauty approx.7000 mi. since new…it has never seen rain or any inclement weather and never will..i want to add that the fellow who delivered my vette to me was DAVE BROWN ..nice job DAVE..RAPID DELIVERY, GRACIOUS AND INFORMATIVE..the car has been trouble free since new, and i am sure it will remain that way.well built vehicle’i am sure it came off the assembly on a friday’ ha,ha. thanx again,and good luck to all at KERBECK. THE ONLY DEALERSHIP TO BUY A VETTE.. RON CAPO US HOBBY inc.

  • Tom Spencer says:

    Just a belated note, that last Oct 31stI picked up my 2003 mil yellow coupe. Drove it to Ft Lauderdale on vacation for 3 weeks and haven’t stopped smiling sense. Excellent service and care on the part of Mike Bellini and others. Mike made it effortless. Kerbecks’ is a first class operation. Even in a place like Lauderdale, my ‘vette turned heads. Made it home (lauderdale to Princeton) in just under 16 hours. Great speed, comfort, gas mileage, a beautiful lady and ‘IICOOL’ plates. Somebody stop me!!! Thanks Mike.Tom

  • Tom Nolan says:

    Kudos to George and his staff for the most colorful and entertaining display at the 2005 Corvettes at Carlisle Show!! A special ‘thanks’ for the opportunity of meeting Miss America 2005 and to have my picture seated beside her (while Kathy sang the Miss America Song!! ). The Miss America Car brought back memories of the Vette 50 years ago — what a surprise to see that color shining in the sun in Carlisle! Again, thank you George and your hard working staff for giving us memories to last a lifetime — we’ll stop in to visit you on our way home from AC on our 35th Anniversary (9/19/05) — if Kathy wins big in AC, we’ll put our order in for that ZO-6!!

  • Glenn Cohen says:

    Very nice site.



  • Frank Korom says:

    One more note: I made my purchase from out-of-state, sight unseen. There are no smoke and mirrors at this dealership. Price was right , Just do it!

  • Joe says:

    Hi to Vicki from Joe at Frank Parra Chevy….Dallas

  • Mike says:

    Grerat site! i am looking for a new vette but i want a 3lt without onstar— can you post pictures of that new orange color? i havent’ seen it yet online

  • Steve & Pat Kalimnios says:

    My thanks to the gang at Kerbeck!Wow!! a dealership that says what it means and means what it says. The price, equipment, and cars were exactly what Kristen had explained on the phone. We showed up took a test drive (or two)and Michael said shell be ready shortly, and it was. the whole process took about four and a half hours and we drove our new 03 spiral gray convertible home.The lengthiest part of the process was my wifes decision on the triple black or the Spiral gray.Once again thanks for all your help, definatly our best new car buying experiance. If thinking about purchasing a car from Kerbeck, I highly recomend them!!!Steve & Pat

  • christian gach says:

    hi i live in France i come in february to buy vette C5. this site is super and clean. friendly. christian

  • Guy Johansson says:

    Hallo there!I am from Sweden and love Corvettes. I have an 94. I visit Florida once or twice a year and like to look on vettes. How far is it by car from e.g Orlando to your nice store. Regards GUY.

  • Benny Holden, Jr. says:

    I have wanted a vette ever since the C5 came out. Now that the used C5’s are getting affortable for me to purchase BAAM! here comes the C6. I started one up in the show room here in Greenville, SC and now I’m trying ti figure out how to afford the new C6. I have never wanted a car this bad!!. I will contact Kerbeck for my purchase either way!! Love this site. Kerbeck, if your listening please help me get one. Lease, then buy it out or something. Help I’m in LOVE.Benny Holden, Jr.

  • Tony Cirlin says:

    I bought my 71’Conv. new and am proud to say I still love it as the first day I bought her, maybe more. Live right here in central Jersey and had no idea your dealership was like this ‘fairy tale come true’ for Vette. owners. Hope to come down and visit some day. Love the new Vettes, but probably will never afford one. I paid $6200.00 for mine of the lot.

  • Bill Likely says:

    Hi Guys….

  • Frank Korom says:

    Thank you, Mr. Harry Boyer, on my recent purchase of the 2003 anniv. Corvette.It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Kerbeck not only has fine vehicles, but also fine personnel.Thank you again,stay well.PS The vehicle rides great, plus 29.3 MPG

  • mark says:

    i have always wated a corvette and i have started saving money to buy one in the future corvettes are so nice.

  • Dan Terpak says:

    Just browsing, currently driving a 1976 White Stingray.

  • Ryan Bond says:

    This is Mr. Ryan And Audra Bond we bought our first vette from Harry in March 2002. We got a black on black coupe it is such a sexy car. It get looks every where we go. My wife and I flew up from Norfolk VA. to pick her up. We named our vette Layla she is part of our family. I have told every person I know about our experience with Harry and Kerbeck. I hope I have sent you all some business. I still look at the site often to see all the cars from time to time. I don╞t care If a chevy dealership opened next door to my house. I would not even talk to them about a vette. Kerbeck and Harry are the only people who will ever get my business on my next Corvette purchase you guys are total PERFECTION just like my Vette!!!! very truly yours Ryan and Audra Bond Suffolk ,VA. ashal1@homail.com

  • Kristal Cabello says:

    Dear Mr. Charles Kerbeck,

  • Tom & Kathy Nolan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS for the BEST Toys For Tots Corvette Run!! George, you and your hard working staff, certainly made the day for all Corvette owners — from the organization at the Farley Rest Stop — to the ride on the Expressway — to the exit into the stadium — PERFECT — PERFECT — PERFECT — what a display — what a day!! Seemed like heaven on earth riding on the AC Expressway with nothing on each lane but Vettes — then having the Captain of Police in a C6 — hahaha — great idea!! A special thank you from me, Kathy, always dreamed of singing the Miss America Song to a Miss America — because you had Miss America 2007 for the day, my DREAM came true — I got the chance to sing her that infamous song from the ‘Old Miss America Atlantic City days’ she really enjoyed it, George, THANK YOU THANK YOU for that!! What better hands to accept our gifts for the children then that of a United States Marine himself — just a finishing touch to the purpose of the event. So to you George, your family and your wonderful, hard working staff — thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The children are certainly blessed to have your generosity and support, as well as the entire Corvette Community.

  • zachary cicchet says:

    did kerbeck auction off any of their cars at the 2006 or 2005 barett jackson auction ?

  • gregory m hubert / tiny says:

    I will see you very soon to buy my new Bentley GT.

  • K. Muenter says:

    Thank you Kerbeck and Dave Brown for the value in dealing with you. Your pricing crushes the dealers here in the Seattle area. I saved thousands shipping the car from New Jersey to Seattle instead of buying it locally. Also I must say your web site gives me a chubby that no internet porn site could ever provide. Thanks again!!

  • Stacey says:

    Loved your site, the best I’ve seen so far. Love the audio and graghics!!!

  • Bob Yaeger says:

    George,been a long time since we cruised around in the 64 SS Chevelle! Im down in florida now but was talking to Vince last week and he said he saw you at the car show in AC. Just wanted to say great site & really nice collection,love the yellow 57 ragtop. What ever happened to the 56 with the 430 in the front seat? Will stop in next time Im in Jersey. Later Bob

  • Tim Burton says:

    I really enjoy the thrill of driving my 99 Coupe, and am looking forward to purchasing a new C-6 convertible! Remember the wave!!!

  • Frankie D. says:

    Searching for a good buy on a 1988 coupe, Thank You

  • Frankie D. says:

    Searching for a good buy on a 1988 coupe,trans.,mileage

  • Bob O'Dell says:

    Solid tops meaning the color of the vehicle…not the glass option. It’s easy to get the glass top later…not so easy to get the solid fiberglass top. Plus the solid fiberglass top looks much better.

  • Bob Cooper says:

    I just visited the Corvette factory and museum in Bowling Green. I’m still drooling. Now I will be doing the next best thing and visit Kerbek in July. Can’t wait to talk to you guys.

  • mark b says:

    love to get new vett…just a little out of my league…maybe a used 1…or base 2008…someday!!!

  • JR says:

    Thank you Michael Bellino

  • Glade Kemper says:

    My neighbor Roger has been walking past my 1994 black rose Corvette every day for at least 6 years and is now loosing sleep for want of a C6. When I send him this internet sight he’ll explode. My job is done!!! P.S. He also saw my brother Karl’s 1966 mid year Corvette and about fainted.

  • Bob O'Dell says:

    Please order more vettes with solid tops and the Z51 Pkg.

  • Liliana Dolan says:

    I am in the market for a great deal of course – 2004 or 2005 convertible, red, daytona orange, yellow, or silver automatic corvette. Used or trade is o.k. If you have any good deals at all please please let me know.

  • RandyR56 says:

    Best C6 site on the web!

  • D. Merion says:

    I purchased a 2007 Yellow Corvette convertible from Harry Boyer the first part of November, we did the deal by phone and Harry was very nice, it makes it nice to be able to trust someone over the phone on such a puchase. Thanks Harry

  • Kate says:

    The EX-122 Prototype was my grandfather Jack Ingles car…i grew up with that car and love it…It was in the family for many many years and i def. miss it…that car was great…and i like that i can say my grandfather owns the first corvette ever made..that was the greatest…

  • Chuck Comito says:

    When can we expect photos of 2010 C7

  • Robert Barboza says:

    Great site, I’m searching for a 2003 50th anniversary triple black.

  • Stan Nowak says:

    Great Website!! Hope to visit you some day.

  • David Donald says:

    Amazing,unbelievable collection……Dave & Trish in Canada

  • Grant Oberdorf says:

    I thought I would drop a line to Mr.Kerbeck to let you know my lawyer is Neal McClelland of Canandaigua, NY. I have had many Corvettes and in his office was a Kerbeck poster. One in pArcticular, the EX122 Corvette. Which was his Father in laws! I did not know this important part of history started here in this area. One thing that was very intersting was the story of the car that Neil had told me as well as what you have done with the car to preserve its very important history. I would like to thank you Mr. Kerbeck for your efforts and in making this car available for all to see and for keeping Neils dreams and past memories in tact.

  • Glenn says:

    Man this Z-06 is a rocket I’m gonna hafta git me one a dezz things rite quick. One o yall boys give me a email so I can makes a cash deal. I live west of ya on a Pa farm. I could use it to get around the farm rite quick..

  • Bill Scoltock says:

    I am in the process of looking for a 2007. Have been told about your dealership all the way down here in Florida. Look forward to working with you soon.

  • Helmut Netuschil says:

    Kerbeck is a corvette dream world where dreams come true. I purchased my C-6 Corvette CVB mon.red-CAS over the phone- it was a fast, friendly, speedy buying experience. Thanks Sam Kelly, it was a pleasure doing business with a mature, professional, knowledgable guy like you. I picked up my corvette on Saturday 10/29/05- wow what dealership (an adult toy store). I asked if Vicki was there, I’ve been watching her picture for many years in Auto Week, was informed that she still looks hot. Cartek-Performance in Garwood,NJ installed some Kooks headers and Corsa exhaust etc., then I drove the car to visit my son in Long Island, NY and on to Reno, NV (3,800 miles) the car performed flawlessly. Thanks again Sam Kelly at Kerbeck.

  • SAM HOUGH says:


  • Kathy Nolan says:

    To George and all the Kerbeck Employees:Thanks for putting back in me ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ — it certainly was heart warming to see many of the people Tom and I travel throughout the country with on our Corvette outings — but to see them ‘giving the toys for the tots — it’s got to be one of the best memories I’ll ever have!! For all who gave of themselves yesterday — may God give back to you a hundredfold!!

  • Shaun Casey says:

    Message for David Brown: Hi Dave I got my 2004 Z06 Comemerative back to the UK in time for the Nationals this year great weekend. Thanks for making the original purchase an easy transition. I will be in the marlet for the new Z06 in April. Drop me a line so we can start to talk.

  • Ken & Ardis says:

    After much frustration with dealerships through the Northwest last October, we talked with Kristen and Harry Boyer at Kerbeck’s. What a new experience! They made it so easy to purchase our new Corvette, and have it shipped to the west coast. It had everything we wanted. This June we visited Alantic City and Kerbeck’s. What a showroom! They made us feel very special long after the sale. Again Harry, thanks for the tour, the booklets & posters, and the great conversation. Hope to see you and the C-6’s in the future! Ken & Ardis

  • Juan says:

    fantastic pricing and financing rates going on right now. dont wait or it may cost you thousands!!!!! see Ivey a true gentleman.knows his stuff. completely thrilled with my new vette, got jetstream blue, but wow the cyrstal red is awesome.go for the 6 speed !!!!!!! thanks Ivey

  • Jack Keefe says:

    I currently have a 93 Black Rose coupe. I love the car, but have the itch for the 08 Z06. I will be in the market in the Spring and hope to find what I’m looking for at your dealership.

  • Robert N. says:

    Looking all over the country for a nice used Corvette. Prefer an 03 (Yellow). If the price is right, may hold out and just get a new one! Love the picture of the showroom! Vette Lovers Dream! Thanks!

  • Kenneth Grayson says:

    Just a lover of corvettes,currently have a 1984 model,my wife finaaly gave me permission to start looking for a newer model 2005 to 2008. Most definitely take will take up on that offer.

  • marvin bradley says:

    I enjoyed your web page so much I’ll be looking at it many times from here on. You left no room for doubt that the Chevy Corvette is thee car. Thank you very much and I hope we can do business since we’re looking for one now. By for the moment. Sincerely Marvin Bradley

  • Paul Morelewicz says:

    Someday will visit the Dealership, very nice inventory.

  • Brad says:

    Just browsing for info on the C6, and found this site to be a wealth of Corvette info and history. Great Job guys.

  • Jim Dittman says:

    Excellent web site. My first visit. I currently own a 1997 White Coupe, and would like to sell, and purchase a new or 2004 with low miles. Keep up the good work.

  • Al Bianchi says:

    Nice site sooner or later I will be there getting a new vette

  • Brian Jarrard says:

    Kerbeck Corvette:

  • Bill Scoltock says:

    looking for a 2007 Montery red with cashmere interior and 3LT package, paddle shift, chrome wheels and naigation system I see you have 3 at 58680 will there be a discount offered on one of those 3 ( GO 916/917/941) or the red at 57930 (GO972)

  • Justin says:

    I’m in love with the 57 vette… In my mind, no other car can compare to it. Is Kerbeck Corvette willing to part with theirs?

  • Richard Dunn says:

    I have previously inquired about the 2006 Z06, any further news about when it will be available. I am ready to place a down payment to purchase.

  • Don Hall says:

    I posted your ‘game’ on the Corvette Forum, and over 2000 members played the game. Your game is a great attraction to your site. When will there be new questions? The members are anxious.


    This website is so cool. I’m a huge corvette. They are the best sports car ever. I love your site. Keep it going

  • don elliott says:

    can you still order a 2006 z06. thank you don from port charolette,fl

  • Rich Pawlak says:


  • chuck leutner says:

    Can’t wait for the new ZO6

  • bruno bruneau says:

    corvettes are awsome an di love your site. get some more stingrays in there thiough! that is the nicest colection! anyways bye!

  • Tim Boudreau says:

    I have ALWAYS loved corvettes. I have had 8 now that I’ve restored. I DEFINATELY need to come see your place!

  • Harvey Hoffman says:

    I want to say hello to Gary. I love my 2003 Corvette convertible. Gary was teriffic.

  • Shelena Ricketts says:

    I love these corvettes but what I really wanted to see a Maybach!!!!!!

  • Dr. Alexander Leipold says:

    hello friends,now the first in German Language.Hallo liebe Chefs & Angestellte der Firma Kerbeck in Atlantic City!!Herzliche Gr??e aus Deutschland euch allen. Ich habe eure Firma schon 6 oder 7 mal besucht und bin immer wieder ?berw?ltigt, welche Auswahl ihr auf dem Hof stehen habt. Auch euer Service ist super. Da es in Deutschland wenig brauchbare H?ndler f?r Chevys gibt, haben wir unsere eigene Firma er≈ffnet. Der Dienst am Kunden ist das wichtigste. Heute ?rgere ich mich, das ich meine letzte Corvette C5 nicht bei euch gekauft habe. Ich hatte sehr viele Schwierigkeiten mit dem Fahrzeug. Meine n?chstes Fahrzeug kaufe ich bei euch. Da ich nun einen kleinen Sohn habe ( 3 Jahre alt ) der auch bereits ein Chevy Fan ist, und schon jetzt fast jedes Fahrzeug kennt, werde ich euch sicher bald mit meiner Familie aufsuchen. Es w?re sch≈n, wenn ich auch eure Oldtimer ansehen k≈nnte. Daf?r bringe ich auch ein Present aus Deutschland f?r euch mit. Ich w?nsche eurer Firma noch sehr viel Erfolg und gute Gesch?fte, und ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen. Herzlichste Gr??e aus Deutschland euer Alex. Leipold

  • Harry Engstrom says:

    When will we see a 2008 color selector?

  • Lou Greenzweig says:

    Walked into the showroom at 11:00am on Wednesday, April 23rd and drove away with my 50th Anniversary Edition Coupe at 3:15pm. Thanx Kristin for responding to my e-mail, thanx Sam Kelley for a professional non-pressured open and honest sales approach and thanx Richard for the fast and efficient paperwork. The car is amazing, a lifetime dream fulfilled.Sincerely,Lou Greenzweig

  • michael pulitano says:

    former customer

  • Bob Spinicchia says:

    The men and woman of Kerbeck, once again,did a fine and outstanding job at Carlisle Corvettes this past weekend. Provoding info on the new C6s, giving out posters, and talking to everyone. It was Kerbeck at its best once again. Thanks for the great display, posters, info, and being a great part of our Corvette Community..Thanks Bob Spinicchia. VP LICOA ( Long Island Corvette Owners Assn)

  • Andy Sobon says:

    Great site and I’m looking to buy my first Vette,I’m looking for a c4,I’ll keep checking the site,and will take a trip from LI,NY, to see the dealership this month. Andy

  • Edward T Cross says:

    about 18 months ago I started checking out your website all most weekly.This april I’ll be 60 my plan was to buy my first vette then,but I made a big mistake my wife and I drove to your dealership on sat.I am now the owner of a to die for loaded red crystal met. coupe thanks to David Brown a terrific and incredbly professional corvette specialist. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

  • Albert says:

    Hello Sam,Thank you very much for your help and your expertise in explaining all the features of my new vette. Your knowledge and understanding of the vehicle was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed doing business with a dealership like Kerbeck as you treat the customer like a friend. It was also great to meet Mr. Kerbeck. I’m really thrilled with my new convertible corvette purchase as this is my first vette. It is an awsome ride. The antique cars in the showroom is an added bonus visiting Kerbeck.

  • NORM HOCKETT says:

    The Cyclone Corvette Club sent me a note about your site, I’m Qatar dreaming of the day when I return to the USA and see the new Corvettes driving around instead of Hummers, tanks and trucks. A great looking car, but it has to be a convertible!

  • Larry P. Dougherty Sr says:

    I have purchased a new corvette from you in the past and I am interested in a 2008 model. Can you send me a corvette brochure. My address is 283 Hamilton Ave, in Pennsville, N.J. 08070 Thanks

  • Tony Jannetta says:

    Kerbecks claim to being No 1 dealer is well deserved. Saleman David Brown was impecable, walked me thru the differant specs, took the time to show me the differance on various test drives, never for one minute putting any pressure on me, and within 2 hrs I had choose the exact new 05 Vette Coupe I wanted from there impressive inventory at a price no other dealer could match,I pick the car up on Saturday one very happy customer!!

  • Phil Gonzalez says:

    Currently a 2004 Lemans Commemorative ZO6 pilot.

  • Mike L says:

    Great car’s saw your 53 Corvette at NCRS National Convection,PA.2003, You have the more inventory I’ve ever seen, keep up the good work.

  • BBK says:

    I have a 1990 coupe and would love to get a new one. Unfortunately with 2 kids still in college and one finished, the funds are extremely low. Will have to take a ride down with my wife and try to bribe her!!

  • Joe says:

    Visited there on a business trip about a month ago.Nice collection of Vettes and muscle cars!

  • Bill Heyden says:

    Enjoyed your web site very much, it lights the fire. Anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the 2003. Hope to share the anniversary with a new Vette. Sounds like Kerbecks is the place to shop!!

  • Steve Olness says:

    Looking for information on the C-6. You guys are a great help. Thanks

  • Perry Berger says:

    Great website showing current inventory. I have my ’62 Vette for sale on 2 web pages. If that sells I want to purchase an ’04 zo6 Comm. Edition with under 6,000 miles.

  • Steve Utley says:

    I’ve had 14 Corvettes. I have to say that the 2005 Convertible is the Best of the Best.

  • Jason Smith says:

    God, I wish I could afford one of these suckers. Your site makes me drool!

  • victor pettett says:

    saw add in autoweek mag. looks good vp

  • George N. says:

    Mr. George Kerbeck……Just purchased a 2007 ZO6 from you. VERY satisfied!! You and your staff are to be commended for the way you treat your customers. You are a role model for other dealers in the industry…….Keep up the good work!

  • mugu says:

    am here please keep off oooo

  • Tricia says:

    Wow the hottest cars for the hottest sight.. I am glad I visited this sight. It was great!!!!!!!!

  • DAVE BOFFEY says:


  • Aaron Gordon says:

    Just was told about your site and I find it enjouable and will visit often to find the car I want.

  • Glenn Krell says:

    Buying a Corvette from Kerbeck was probably the most amazing car experience of my life. Drove in from Virginia with my son and was met by Harry at the rental car drop off. Spent less than an hour in the dealership (mostly listening to how the car worked!) and drove off. Car was exactly what was advertised. Dealership was friendly and helpful. Salesman (Harry) even came in on his day off to deliver the car. Best of all, my son and I hit the casino for a couple grand to pay for the trip! Wonderful car. Great dealer. Great salesman. Excellent experience. Worth every penny!!!

  • Helen Adams says:

    Just got my new C6 – first one on the road in San Diego! Love your website, though I purchased mine from my local dealer – my third Corvette! Love it – handles like a dream!!!!

  • John Elegant says:

    Can’t say enough positive things about Mike Bellino, my salesman on my new Z06. He consistently went out of his way every step of the way. No games, just quick and honest answers. Even after delivery, when for example I had a question unrelated to sales, such as needing alignment specs, he went out of his way and promptly got me the information I requested. He is a great representative of a superb dealer, KERBECK!!!!

  • RAY YONCO says:

    I own a 1996 collector edition convertable with 12,000 miles and will be considering moving to a C6 early 2005.The C6 has very thing I need including a truck!

  • brent says:

    I just drove my red snake threw seattle stopped in pikes place market well worth the call to Kerbeck even after shipping I saved money

  • Andrew J Conley III says:

    I think your inventory is awsome!

  • Max Danziger says:

    great site. When is the car available?

  • Ralph says:

    How are trade in’s handeled. I have a 06 Dodge Charger, gomango in color. I’ts the limited edition NO# 3456 out of 4k made. It’s the Daytona with all the goodies. 8k miles

  • Greg Carter says:

    I saw your ad on speed channel while watching the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. Just want to say what a great site you have and you showroom is astonshing. I have loved Corvett’s since I was a kid and I just got my Dream Corvette, a 2003 black coupe and what a dream it is. Now I have an excuse to drive my Vette to N.J. to see you showroom in person! Keep up the fine tradition of America’s true sports car CORVETTE!

  • g. urcuioli says:

    have 04 commemorative convertible auto,magnetic ride controll, 1300 miles. interested in fairly loaded z51 coupe,would like some idea of best way,and best time to make deal as far as least loss,———THANKS, GENE U.

  • Clifford M Barickman says:

    Just wasting time and desided to take a lqqk. It’s sad GM exposed the headlights on the new Corvettes.Headlights should be had and not seen. I have three Vettes,(81,91,& 93)all with hidden lights that lqqk like Corvettes,not some foreign junk.Anyway,you’ve got a great site. Time well spent and I will check back again.

  • dave boffey says:


  • Russell Long says:

    I have recently purchased a 2006 Corvette from Kerbeck and wanted to thank Dave Salvatore and crew for all the help and great attitudes. This is my first Corvette purchase and Dave couldn’t have made it any easier or exciting. I curently live in Orlando, Florida and I picked up the car in person just to meet Dave and check out the great collection and wide selection of inventory. Kerbeck’s dealership is top notch and a great place to visit if your ever in the area.

  • mandy says:

    loved ur sits really cool cars i love corvettes they r my fav car in the world.

  • ron conley says:

    i have a vet it great people love it it blue 2002



  • Jeff Largen says:

    Great Site, love the photo’s.

  • Brian Haack says:

    I am in need of (2) good MPG jeeps for kids. Have a great 86 Corvette to trade. Advertised in http://www.wheelerdeeler.com w/pics Hello kids, goodby toys!

  • Kaila says:

    I love these corvettes!I want one so bad.

  • John Noble says:

    Want to hear anything about the new Z06,when will we be able to order?

  • Robert McIntire says:

    I am going to be down there wed morning of next week and i want to know if i can get my motor home in your parking lot

  • Gus Richter says:

    Machine Silver-Grey/Machine Silver-Black

  • guelah papyrus says:

    very nice indeed

  • Gino Marchetti says:

    Have a C5 with only 25K miles on it, but saw the C6 at the DC auto show last night……pretty awesome. I wonder what the early date and opinions are on the new 400hp engine?

  • Mark says:

    I am on my way to Kerbeck Corvette to experience the dealership personally. My wife is excited to view all the Corvettes with me and we are hoping that the one we want is available. See you in a few days.

  • brent says:

    115 in third gear it really hasn`t the horsepower to go any faster in 4th unless you bought one of these zrone crate motors

  • George76s-ray02-Z06 says:

    I love my Z06, with slp headers and exhaust, cold air induction, I race the car at Atco raceway in the 1/4. Looking into turbochargers. I love eating mustangs, lookong foward to dining on a viper.

  • George76s-ray02-Z06 says:

    I love my Z06, with slp headers and exhaust, cold air induction, I race the car at Atco raceway in the 1/4. Looking into turbochargers. I love eating mustangs, lookong foward to dining on a viper.

  • MIKE NAVS says:

    I owned all the hot Chebby’s in the sixties Camaro SS,Chevelle SS,and a GTO (Judge)but never owned a Vette. I am looking for a clean low miles 03 Z06 for now, until I can own a 06/07 Z06 But I am baffled they don’t offer a White Z06 At all.

  • Jay Marshall says:

    Looking to sell my 2001 Z06 1800 miles, thats right 1800 miles. Car is brand new, I am selling so I can get an 06 Z06. Asking 32K. Red ext, black on Red int. Show room cond.

  • Paul Smith says:

    Neat website / dream world

  • Peter Lehner says:

    Thank you for your nice showing t´he cars to us. evreybody is nice at you.

  • Gary Peccarelli says:

    It is a pleasure to see a dealer that is willing to work with a customer to give them a good deal when they want to purchase a new Corvette, most dealers snub there nose at you when you ask them about the possibility of getting a new Z06, and then they tell you it’s going to cost you $10,000 over window to get one, and they proably won’t be able to deliver one anyway. (LOL) I have had a few new Corvettes but when I get ready to buy my next new one, I will definetly check your dealership out. Thanks, Gary Peccarelli

  • jim says:

    There is nothing like owning a vett. At age 59 I just got my first one a triple black conv.1998.

  • Kelly Waeckerle says:

    I love the corvettes. My father-in-law and my husband own a 1966 Stingray and it is their baby. I would like to find a 1972 corvette that needs some TLC and is at a decent price. If anyone hears anything or knows about one please email me. Also Corvette needs to get rid of the 2005 headlight design!! Go back to the original headlight design!!!

  • John J. Reba says:

    I am interested in purchasing a 2006, 1SA Group, Corvette Machine Grey w/std wheels. Will there be any distinct differences vs 2005? I’ve heard rumors of a smaller steering wheel and some tweaking in the wheels maybe? Thank you!

  • DANA &HOLLY COOK says:

    We bought our first ‘vette an ’05 coupe in California,sorry we didn’t know about Kerbeck.The next one will be purchased from them,nice web site.

  • Maurice says:

    Hello: Harry What can 30,000 get me in the c5 series? Any color except white

  • Chuck says:

    Enjoy your site. Look often. Do side-curtain air bags come standard ? I cannot find them in any package.

  • mike carlson says:

    I’m looking to buy a new corvette in the very near future. This will be my first vette. I’m 53 years young and think it’s about time for a new toy.

  • brm says:

    how about those giants?

  • Antonio Prince says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to look at your inventory. I will be buying soon. So please keep your inventory up to date.

  • Laurie says:

    I have a 1981 Corvette that I purchased new with 74,000 original km for sale, all original, never winter driven, charcoal grey, glass roofs, every available factory option.

  • myranda says:

    hi you guys are awsome!! hey Jennie

  • Randy Sunovabich says:

    I wish I had a garage with EVERY SINGLE ONE in it!

  • Steven j Wuesthoff says:

    You Guys are great, bought my 2004 Z06 from you and it has been great, time for a 2008 coupe with 436 hp , paddle shift, z51 sus and nav system, unless I hit the lottery then it an 505HP Z06 for me 🙂

  • Bill Maher says:

    Just purchased a ’78 Anniversary issue L-82, black w/ black int. Runs great, body is a 20 footer (needs new paint job), but needs interior work. Both door panels, dash, and carpet need to be replaced. Maybe the seats too. The guy who had it before the guy I bought it from should have been taken behind the wood shed and beaten senseless for treating it like an ’82 Olds or worse.

  • a.r.15 says:

    file this under ms. brent rolla missouri

  • Bob Manocchio says:

    HI! I purchased my 2003 Z06 on October 23 2002.I road the Shortline bus FOUR torturous hours ( THE RIDE HOME WAS A LOT FASTERRRRRR )to get to your dealership. DAVE BROWN made the experience worth every minute of it, it was such a pleasure that I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to recomend him and your dealership to any of my friends.DAVE THANKS AGAIN Bob

  • Paul DiQuinzio says:

    I’ve been looking eveywhere for an ’05 triple black conv.

  • matt barbato says:

    Looking for 98——–2002 corvette , conv. auto….

  • ron geswaldo says:


  • Robert Duffy says:

    Saw your ad in auto week, I have a c4, looking around for a c5 in the near future. I had a 67 funny car, not street legal, it was a 7.8 second 175 mph, car at one time, it is collecting dust without engine or trans at this time, it may get revived. RD

  • Fred Maples says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody.(And To my Z06 too).

  • Kenny says:

    Kerbecks and Sam Kelley………..When buying a Corvette, I have 2 very important names to recommend…Kerbecks and Sam Kelley.I first learned about Kerbecks through the CorvetteForum.com………..(Thank you Troy Roberts for the CorvetteForum)Then I called Kerbecks and a man named Bruce Newstat answered several questions I had and I asked his position with Kerbecks and he told me he was the sales manager and I thanked him for his time and asked him to connect me with a salesman…… thats how I came into contact with Sam Kelley…It was my lucky day…. I must have grilled that poor guy for what seemed like eternity…I had a ton of questions….he never once lost his patience with me….I can’t imagine what he was thinking with the amount of questions I threw at him….I then decided that he was the salesman that I needed…From then on Sam and I communicated on a regular basis…very very regular basis!…I can assure anyone that he has never been communicated with as much as I did with him…and this was a good thing for both of us because with that much communication there was never a misunderstanding…I am sure it was as tedious for him as it was for me…I was really nervous about letting go with that amount of money without even seeing the vehicle..and it wasn’t even in stock yet…but he still gave me the awesome discount others wouldn’t give me on an ‘ INBOUND’ Vette…I’m sweating right now just thinking about it…haha.After many phone conversations ironing out details and faxes and Fed Ex’s…I sent a deposit and then a check for the balance…Sam did everything he said he was going to do…that is really a comfortable feeling for a person like myself who was spending twice as much as I paid for my first home decades ago….on one car!….I’m going to end this story because I’m not sure if there is much more room for any more details of my experience here…Lastly, all I can say is that I feel very fortunate that I found Kerbecks and Sam Kelley…..I would like to meet Sam Kelley on one of my trips up North and would like very much for Sam to take my wife and me for a tour of Kerbecks….If he gives all of his customers as much of his time as he gave me, I don’t know if he will have time to see us…but I doubt that…I’d bet anything Sam will make time for us…thats the kind of guy I envisioned him to be….and now I can see I was correct….Take care Sam and see you sometime in the future..and again…thank you very much for everything.Your Friend in Virginia…..Kenny………………….P.S…….I bought a 2004 Torch Red Convertible, Black top, Black interior, , 1SB, MXO, QF5, G92, V49…MSRP…$54,540.

  • Brent says:

    is that really a 3 year old leftover if it is I`ll buy it brand new is still brand new

  • ROBERT COWAN says:

    Just looking, I currently have a 2000 dark navy blue conv.

  • Denis says:

    I have wanted a vette since i was 14 yrs. old.Today i am 51.It shows that it is never too late to buy your first and

  • Sherry A. Hollis says:

    Happy Customer!

  • Cindy S says:

    I love your web site, I currently own a 74 Sting-ray and a 84 coup and I really want a C5 triple black so everyday I look at your web site to look at the price, and not realy sure if I can swing the payment, I’m the only Woman In town to own a vette but indeed I own 2 so they are my pleasure, so if you have a really good deal on a C5 on a triple black let me know. thanks CIndy

  • RPOZ51 says:

    Just wanted to say, ‘Thanks’ again for your hospitality and everything you did to make my delivery experience so much fun. The dash plaques were a nice surprise.

  • mickey teddder says:

    I have not been without a Corvette for the past 25yr. The vettes in my garage are 93 40th conv. six speed, 69 conv., 71 LT1 conv. I’m looking for a 02-03 Z06.

  • BOB FRANKLIN says:


  • Wade Owen says:

    Looking for C6 or z06 checking your prices, car would need to be sent to Lingenfelter.

  • Robert Lacroix says:

    Great showroom,great collection and great cars.I was supposed to go and see you this spring but when I was in atlantic City thoe couple days we wera very cold we even had snow so I’ll go back again this year and visit you.Jus a simple question it was written in a Montreal newspaper this moroniing tha we can buy a new car in the states is-it true?Thaanks Robert

  • Ken Maturo says:

    I’m driving a 98 pewter roadster, automatic,black interior,added zo6rear functional brake scoops, zo6 wheels, stinger exhaust, zo6 screening on lights,front brake scoopsand rear end panel. awesome sports car. I’m also restoring an 87 targa coupe complete, restoring to original color flame red metallic, (acrillic laquer paint) and brand new saddle interior, original engine bored out and balanced, plus some ‘other goodies’. LOVE THOSE VETS!!! give me the best deal in the country on a new sunset daytona to my specs, and i’ll trade the c5 in. ken

  • jerry kosier says:

    Just browsing, I own a 1998 White Convertible, nice website.

  • GERONIMO says:

    This for Mike who wanted to know where he could get a

  • Alex says:

    The site looks great and I have to admit, you all have the most Vette’s to offer than I’ve ever seen. Have owned a ’72 Conv. Big Block and ’79. Note the past tense of the word ‘owned.’ Will be getting a 50th Anniversary model to fill my Corvette void and hope Kerbecks can help. Nice site and comments.

  • Norberto Lasanta says:

    first time to access this weg page is fabulos,im a owner vet automatic color black beauty 1984.

  • tom milligan says:

    First time at your site. I have owned 2 X 63s splits and a 73. Still own a 63. Seriously thinking about the 2008 Coupe.

  • Ray McManus says:

    Great Corvette site.

  • BABA KINGO says:

    Ilove this site

  • Don Thomas Jr. says:

    I just wanted to thank Sam Kelley for all the time he spent with my family and I on our visit back on 8/19. The tour of the facility and car display was informative and fun. He went way beyond the call of duty to dig a Monterey Red C6 out of the showroom for a test drive, just because that is my favorite color. When I am ready to get that new ride Sam at Kerbeck will get the call. Thank you again.

  • Earl Frederick says:

    I saw your add on Barett-Jackson last night and I am blown away by your collection. I have a 1967 coupe and a 1962 roadster. Since we live in maryland I am going to make run up there in the 1967 when spring hits. Fantastic collection and web site.

  • William Blank, M.D. says:

    I live in East Brunswick, NJ and I am sincerely interested in purchasing a 2006 Z06. I have been by to see your showroom and I am truly impressed. I would like to order the car for the end of the year (after the frenzy is over!). Please advise when I can actually order a car. Thank you!

  • dale spemcer says:

    Sir First time on site really liked it.Nice pictures but like to look at older corvettes. Could not find that site do you have one. As Im looking for a older corvette. Thanks Dale

  • Heywood Jablowme says:

    Love your site – can’t wait to see the Z06 in person –

  • J-R says:

    Nice site. After 20+ yrs I finally got DA-Vette. 86 blk cpe. Much happiness has taken place. Keep Kool.

  • Jack Looney says:

    Superior customer service – before, during and after the sale. I’m thoroughly impressed and satisfied. Gary and Vance are excellent assets to the Kerbeck organization. Thanks for everything.

  • fred from denver says:


  • John Mazurick says:

    When are the New C 6’s coming in? Want to try one on for size.Any incentitives out there to buy one? I’m ready if you got the deal?

  • Bob Hopkins says:

    Love your site, Do you ship, and also honor GM discounts?

  • RIck'Taxwizkid' Lange says:

    HI from sunny Brooklyn, next week apr 20-22 im planning on visiting your dealership, staying at the Borgata for a few nights , Tax season is my game and its finally over so im ready to get my groove on partying like a rock star and hoping to get a killer deal on a shiney new Corvette

  • r morine says:

    great source

  • Doug Morgan says:

    Just purchased 2008 Crystal Red Coupe from Dave Salvatore and Nancy Messinger. The car will be ordered on 4-8-08 and will take dekivery at the National Corvette Museum the first part of May. Kerbeck has the best prices out there, stop searching and buy from them! The experience with them has been incredible! Very nice, friendly and helpful people!

  • ANDREW says:


  • Tom and Kathy Nolan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Toys For Tots Corvette Run!!!

  • Lee Mack says:

    I love Corvettes they are hot cars! You have a extreamly nice site!

  • Jeff Rutter says:

    Great web site. I have a 97 coupe and love the looks of the C6 in Daytona Orange. Next time I come up from VA to visit the family outside Philly, I need to come to your showroom and see if one is in my immediate future.

  • matt rutland, concord, nc age36 says:


  • Zach R says:

    To zachary go with the corvette iam not just saying that beacuse iam in love with them but the corvette has 505 hp and the viper has 510 but the covette always has a least a 1 sec faster speed time then the viper. and also handels alot better around couners. now the vette is also lighter then the viper at 2839lbs thats nice. if i was you i would go and test drive the corvette and the viper on the same do so you have the feel plus do some reseach

  • John says:

    Enjoying driving my New 2004 commeratitive edition Lemans Blue corvette coupe recently purchased at Kerbeck’s No.1 dealership.It my dream car and is much more than i expected in an automobile especially all the beautiful women who wnat a ride in it.Thanks! Sam and the guys and gals down at Kerbeck’s for selling me my dream car! sincerely,John

  • ron taylor says:

    I have photo’s of EX122 I took in Horseheads,NY at the Arnot mall. At that time the car was red exterior. What was the first correct color???

  • Sandy Hall says:

    I am looking for a 2007 Corvette and looks like you definitely are the place to go. I would like to see you offer some vehicles with magnetic selective ride instead of the Z51 package. Talk with you soon.

  • Joseph Grado says:

    Own a 1969 Stingray that I restored love the new ones. If I were going to buy a new one Kerbeck is where I’m going!

  • john says:

    I will be ready at the first of the year to purchase an 06 velocity yellow, w/an automatic with no other options, my question is the slap stick the only way to go with an automatic, so if so that means you would have to be paying to have an automatic in the car?

  • Roger Luczak says:

    I visited the dealership in April while in A.C. on business. Very nice experience. I currently own a ’65 coupe and love Vettes.

  • Zach Riddle says:

    my dad has a 1976 corvette restord and orignal i dont know what he has it her but she is fast and he is selling it i guess his love for the corvette just ran out. but he toll me he has to sell it because he needs the money for a game farm he is starting in texas and we live in wisconsin but anywayz if anyone likes it let me know!!

  • Zach j says:

    I am 15, and ever since my grandpa bought a 1976 and a 1974 corvettes i was hooked, the 1974 454 bigblock, is white with orginal int. the car basicly came in boxes, i was with him when we went to go pick it up, we drove it home with no breaks no paint and no licesin plate, when we got in she started right up, still does, now it is Beautiful.That car my grandpa and i put so much time into i had lots of fun rebuilding her. now I can’t take my eyes off of it, she runs like a dream. My grandpa let me drive it once. i didn’t want to break it or crash so i keeped it slow but i knew if i hit that gas peetle she would be gone. ever since then i have been crasy about corvette i done my reseach and i hope i don’t have to wait until iam 50 to own my very own vette but anywayz great site i like it alot and i hope every one else does to and i hope people will still tell there storys of there vette because i always read thanks alot and did you know in 1997 there was only 3 gold vettes made. i got to go because iam in school and i dont want to get in troble later

  • Stuart Wilson says:

    You guys have a great website. I plan to visit your showroom after the Thanksgiving Holiday. ‘I would rather have a Corvette than a nagging woman’

  • Gersh Lundberg says:


  • Aleshia Giangiulio says:

    Hey everyone! I used to work with all of you down in A.C. as your receptionist. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! The website is great, hopefully I will be down to visit soon! I want a new Chevy! haha

  • Katie says:

    This is the best wedsite for all of the corvetes. I am planning on making a trip to come here. i love your site! I love Corvetes too, especially the new C6! That is going to become very popullar!!!

  • Steve Pletcher says:

    I am a life long Corvette guy. My first was a brand new 1962, 360 HP Fulie. My current is a 2002 Z06, Lingenfelter Stage 1 with 7 other Vettes in between . How have I missed you guys all these years?????? Thanks to my friend Paul Franklin in Northern CA for introducing me to you. I will see you next year for a new Z06.

  • MR.JOHN SIMON says:


  • garrett potter says:

    PROBLEM WITH CORVETTE 2002 ZO6 Electrical system……..new battery, new alternator, new computer….battery charge still fluctuating ???????? Anyone with knowledge or experience with this problem….please e mail me.thanks, gw potter garrettp2@earthlink.net

  • Zach Riddle says:

    hell yeah i love the new corvette z06 with 505 horsepower damn i love it, and i found this site on a magizine and iam really liking this site it is all about corvettes. i have myself a corvette 454 bigblock 1974 white corvette restored and original.

  • Jeremy McVicar says:

    Well, maby one day I can have a Vette which I’ve always dreamed of owning. Anyway, I probally couldn’t afford payments of anything more than 400 a month anyway. I like your site, you can be sure I’ll come back to visit and look at your used vetts. – Jeremy McVicar

  • Al Logue says:

    Great site!

  • Jackie Rush says:

    I love my ZO6

  • John Quinn says:

    Just a quick thank you to Kerbeck and most importantly to Dave Salvatore. Dave sold my father and myself new 06 C6 and his help and professionalism is second to none.

  • JOHN PALMERI says:


  • robert manning says:

    i have wanted a corvette since i was 5. the time is drawing near, i will be buying a 2006 z06. can’t wait.

  • don elliott says:

    any info on the 2006 zo6 yet thank you from apopka fl.

  • Vince Boswell says:

    Love corvettes have owned 16 in my lifeand would like to own a 2003 aniv.modelcan you give any info on this model?


    I have called serveral times in regards to placing an order for a new ZO6, and I keep getting the run around. I relize that there is limited supply and the allocation letters have not been received. I was told that you were going to take care of current customers first. My question is how can I became a customer if you will not take my first order or even talk to me about an order. David Hill told me to go to the largest Corvette dealer to place my order so that is what I have been trying to do without any satisfaction.

  • Duane Kennison says:

    I currently drive a 1995 C4 coupe and will be looking to trade up to a C5 when I retire. Do you take trades??

  • PAUL BROWN says:


  • mel jackson says:

    need a price on a 2002 conv

  • Michael J. Flavin Jr says:

    LUV, LUV, LUV our 04 yellow coupe. It was pleasure and fun experience dealing with Mike Bellino. Thanks for letting us take out the EX122 on the GSP. Sorry about the chip in the windshield Mr Kerbeck.

  • cory says:

    I need a corvette

  • L Roy says:

    How do i even start to explain my outstanding Kerbeck experience?? Ill try. On Saturday i took delivery of my 2007 Ron Fellows Z06. The transaction was smoother than silk, if you can believe that. The entire staff at Kerbeck Corvette’s goes way out of their way to help you, make you feel comfortable, and to make things go as easy as possible. Two people in pArcticular stick out in my mind, the first being Harry. He spent extra time with me explaining the workings of the car, i had questions, and he had ALL the answers. He has immence knowledge of corvettes. He knew every facette of the car. I cant thank you enough, but THANK YOU Harry! The second person who i was amazed with was a gentleman named Bruce Newstat. Bruce is the man! I met him for the second time on saturday, and he is a super nice guy and twice as accomidating. I had a very unusual request of Bruce, which i thought would never happen, but to my amazement when i asked, bruce said, ‘sure no problem Larry!’ He then had several staff members running around like crazy to have this unusual request fullfilled. I couldnt believe it. Bruce goes the extra mile and then some! I take my hat off to you Bruce!! Thank you very much again to everyone at Kerbecks! In ending, ill say that Kerbecks Corvett is very very fortunate to have two amazing people working for them like Harry and Bruce! Thanks again guys! -Larry


    me and my brother would like to order 2 zr 1 corvettes please contact us when you can order zr1 corvettes

  • Walter Jackson says:

    come get me!

  • Carl Guthrie says:

    I’m a Z06 owner, and would love to visit your showroom. VERY NICE!

  • john rechis says:


  • D Masukewicz says:

    March 13, 2004. It was a gorgeous day for March to drive a gorgeous Z06 from AC to Morristown, NJ. The experience was great and was just as I expected! Thx to Mike Bellino and Mr. Simon for explaining it all! And Mike B for providing all the details of what I needed to know. A sweet car and a fine establishment!

  • JJD says:

    Wow! Great Corvette site!

  • David Lewis says:

    What are you supposed to do when you hit a Jackpot in Las Vegas? I found your site,called Dave Brown, and bought the car. I have never bought a car on line before but you made it all so easy for me.If anyone has any question about this salesman or dealer just give them a call and they will take good care of you,they are the best !!

  • martin says:

    i looking for a white on red coupe 97-04

  • bob says:

    i love your dealer keep up the good work!!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I guess I’m not alone here. I’ve loved corvettes since I was a kid, which is not that long ago. I drove a black C4 on my 16th birthday and I’m looking forward to getting my first vette in a few years (when I save up some $$$).

  • ANDREW says:

    I was watching the Barrett-Jackson auction on 1/17/06, when your promo came up. Then I looked you up on line. What an unbelievable selection! Here in the Los Angeles area some of the dealers carry one or two cars, and prices are marked up. Too bad I’m so far from Atlanta. I will be giving you a call in the spring.

  • Don McBurney says:

    I absolutely love my 2004 Torch Red C5! Five months and 8000 miles of pure driving satisfaction! I highly recommend this dealership (and Samuel Kelly) to anyone considering the purchase of a new Corvette! Thanks!

  • David says:

    I love your site!!! I’m looking for 97,98,99 I feel these years would fit my buget. I love the C4 models but I’m a little to tall.

  • John Jablonski says:

    Purchased a 2007 2LT Red Coupe Vette on 9/07. Just having so much fun with it. Plenty of power,and was a dream car to have since I was 19. Now at 57 years old, just can’t believe I finally have one now. 4VRVette.

  • Ryan says:

    When will you get the new Z06’s in the showroom? August? I’m waiting to drive that baby.

  • Reuben Mikul says:

    When did the Vette become available in Montery Red? The Chevrolet website doesn’t list it as an available color but I like it. I also noticed the change from Millennium Yellow to Velocity Yellow.

  • Doc Eades says:

    Don’t we all wish we had kept our first new car, well, i did. in december of 1966 i bought a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray-427CID/390HP with no power options, and radio delete. The car is polar white with a red stinger, and red interior. although the car is not in mint condition, it is in nice condition, and has been kept as original as possible. currently it is being refurbished with a frame-off restoration as it has sat for quite a while. i drive a 2004 Caddy XLR, but had intended to trade it in on a new XLR-V, but since that car is listed at $100,000, it has opened up alot of other possibilities in that price range. the LS8 corvette is one of those possibilities.

  • Sarah Dicken says:

    hi my name is sarah and im 16 and i would just like to say WOW this site is the best!!! ive been to many sites to look at corvettes and this one just blows me away….ya see if you havent already been able to tell i LOVE corvettes and when i found out about this site i went online and looked through it probably a dozen times and it never ceases to amaze me the picture of your showroom is AMAZING. well i just thought i would tell you.

  • Corey Ritcey says:

    nice site

  • lee trader says:

    I brought in a friend,Dr, John Rocco. He signed a lease agreement based on my opinion of Kerbeck and its fine staff. Keep up the good work and loyality.

  • John Mazurick says:

    Hey Sam, Ready to buy! Give me your best deal on an 04 commerative!Give me a call and Let’s deal $$$ ! John

  • peter bersamin says:

    Dear Sam,My wife Auxie and I were at your dealership in late Feb.. You were very gracious in showing us what we were interested in as well as your awesome collection of cars. I spoke highly of your professionalism and mannerly salesmanship as we drove home to NYC. With a good price I told my wife I’d look for Sam to make a purchase. I did say I’d like to see the C6 at the autoshow then decide between a c5or c6 & perhaps call on you after. Then last week I saw your ad (ended 3/20) on a C5 black coupe for $35K, I wondered if there was one in red. Just the same thanks for seeing us last month.Peter

  • Andrew J Conley says:

    I love your selection

  • Rick Gondeck says:

    Thanks for the great deal. It was such a pleasure to talk to the guys on the sales floor. They know Corvettes and the understand how the owners feel. They love the cars as much as we do.

  • Dave Tilton says:

    I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ Kerbeck Corvette. I just purchased my new 2005 Corvette on Mar 26, and I could not have had a better experience. I was treated like a king from the moment I walked in. The dealership, sales people, and all of the employee’s were friendly, and extremely helpful. I flew from Virginia, after shopping all over the East Coast, to pick up my Corvette. It was definitely worth it!!! Again, thanks.

  • Jeff Kimbrough says:

    I have never owned a Corvette. I’ve always been a Porsche person but the new Vette really has my attention. I enjoyed surfing your site and will check in when I am ready for my next car.

  • jack McCormick says:

    looking for a06 monterey red conv, Must have cashmere int and top ,6-speed,heads up,tilt and tele

  • Rick and Carolyn McClure says:

    Purchased 2007 LT2 on May 31, 2007. Great vehicle. Great price. Kerbeck beat local dealers in the Va. Beach area by

  • steve a. stojanovic says:

    please send me a 2008 corvette brochurse or book about it

  • Tim Walsh says:

    My new vette is great but I could live without the skip shift 1-4 Cags. Is there a good way to get around this?

  • William Waltemath says:

    Will be interested in a 07 when available.Please contact at this time. Thanks Bill

  • hal ginsberg says:

    never had a corvette before and wanted one since I was 10. can’t decide between convertible OR Z. Does Z come with a removable top. How bad is a vette with maintenance? Are most people geting the auto trans? You can still shift correct?

  • Gary Elliott says:

    Really enjoyed the section about the World’s Oldest Corvette! Very well done with good pictures to along with it. Great web site for any Corvette lover to enjoy! Thanks. ’06 Owner

  • Chuck Gillam says:

    Thank you for having the best dealer web site I have seen.

  • Glenn C. Wilson, Sr. & Jr. says:

    My Son and I both own vintage Corvettes. We both totally enjoy visiting the Kerbeck Corvette showroom and the other showroom with the other collector cars every time we visit Atlantic City. The Kerbeck sales staff is always very courteous and willing to talk with us to answer questions about the vintage Corvettes as well as the new Corvettes for sale. We appreciate the generousity of the Kerbeck Family in sharing their collection with us and the public.

  • Howard York says:

    Wow what a Dealership. It is everything and more then what I could ever dream for. I want to say that your staff and especially Dave Brown are true professionals. Dave made my dream of owning a Corvette a reality. He made the purchase of my 2004 Z06 so easy. The price of the car was incredable. I challenge any body to find a dealer that can beat these prices. My hats off to Dave and the whole Kerbeck family.Thanks

  • James Lawrence says:

    I have to say,..I have waited over thirty years to buy my first Corvette…A dream for me since 1973. I have looked all over the country at just about every WEB-SITE out there…But it was Kerbeck’s that finally made my dream come true! Dealing with everyone from the General Manager -Bruce, to the Finance officer – Jim, Sales Manager – Dave to Ivey Barnes my Salesman…these men were,’THE BEST!’…I truly love my 2007 C6-3LT-Coupe in Victory Red..It was worth the wait! I still can’t believe it!!! Thanks guys! james

  • Charles Stacy says:

    I’m interested in the featured car. Please e-mail me with details. Is this a weekly special?

  • Craig Rodgers says:

    Picked up my 2007 Coupe from Dave Salvatore and Dave Brown at Kerbecks on SuperBowl weekend. Delivery was smooth and a pleasure. My son and I drove it back to Katy Texas in time for the last 3 quarters of the SuperBowl. Documented the trip at http://web.mac.com/crodge/iWeb/Site/JerseyGirl.html Kerbeck is the real deal.

  • Leonard Santos says:


  • whitec6 says:

    I have the only white c6 coupe I’ve seen in Ct . .the rest are all convertables. Had to order mine as well. White is by far the best . . .time will tell . . C4 look like door stops, but the white ones still look ok.

  • Doug says:

    great inventory and very helpful sales people

  • Jim Graham says:

    Am buying new vet. I live in Fla. What would be my sales tax and license tag situation if I bought a car in NJ?

  • Mike Vonada says:

    I am close to ordering a new C6 (my first one and it is over due!) and your website has been the best site for finding out everything I need to know before ordering. Know doubt you have the best prices as well. Who do I contact when I am ready to order?

  • Stephen Olson says:

    How can one dealer have such a wide selection so early in the 2003 season?

  • Tommy Loftus says:

    Great site thinking of visiting your dealership to shop for new Vette

  • Daniel Cedrone says:

    I picked up my Z06 on Feb. 13,2004. Awesome car. Kristen is as nice as I thought she would be and Gary is a great salesperson. Looking forward to dealing with Kerbeck Chevrolet in the future.

  • Steve Nikazy says:

    …Dazzling website for a dazzling car!There is abounding useful information and the trivia game was fun to play. (you might correct the use of the word ‘your’ with ‘you’re’ in the intro to the DIRECTIONS file.)Can’t wait to visit your store!

  • bob rostan says:

    I just felt compelled to express my enthusiasm with my new C6, but even more thrilled with my experience at Kerbeck.This was the most professional,friendly,speedy and pleasant car buying experience at a great price.My thanks to Sam for his attention, and to Nick and the rest of the team that make you the dealership that warrants me writing a thank you!

  • Charles Sparks says:

    I saw your display of C6s at Carlisle. I am ready to trade my 2001 C5 for a Daytona Sunset Orange C6. Contact me when one becomes available.

  • Tom Tracy says:

    I’ve dreamed of owning a Covette since I was 15 yrs. old. Finally, at the age of 50 the dream has come true! 3 yrs. ago I needed to get a car. I had priced out a new Mustang GT, loaded. When I saw what I would have to pay for it I decided right there to wait until I could get a Vette. 3 yrs. later, after saving every dollar I could out of every paycheck I was still $5k short of my goal. I had gone over to Kerbeck’s the day after Thanksgiving (2005) to pick out the color scheme I planned to get when April or May (2006)rolled around. As my daughter and I walked into the showroom (that alone had been a dream of 3 yrs.) we were met by Sam Kelley, a salesman/Corvette specialist. Right away I’m thinking..here goes the pressure to buy a car. I could not have been more wrong. I told Sam why I was there and that I had no intention of buying a Vette until April or May or 2006 so he should not feel obligated to spend his time with me when there might be people there to buy that day. Sam stayed with me for the entire hour and a half I was there. He answered questions, showed me how various things worked on the cars, shared his insights with me that he has learned over the years. But you know what he never did? He never put one bit of pressure on me to buy. Never did he bring up buying that day or anytime after that day or in anyway made me feel pressured or awkward at any time. It was like he was my personal Vette expert there at my disposal, and the truth is that’s exactly what he was. I left there that day feeling pretty good, and loved the posters he gave me which I shared with friends that are Vette enthusiasts. Anyway, one night in January 2006, I was bored and decided to look at the Kerbeck website again (for about the 300th time). Low and behold they were having a sale. Chevy had lowered the base price of the car by $500 and Kerbeck was offering $4,000 off on the Coupes. Being the financial wiz I am, I immediately told myself $4,500 is very close to the $5k I had figured on saving by April (April is when I had originally intended to get the car). After thinking it over for about 30 seconds, I decided to get the car that week. Next day I tried calling Sam but we were unable to hook up. So, not wanting to delay because the sale would be over on Saturday, I ended up talking to a lady named Kristen. She helped me with a variety of questions and also went through the available inventory they had until we found the car I wanted. Yes, we did this on the phone. Anyway, Kristen if you ever read this, you won’t remember me and we never met, but I want to thank you for the help and kindness you gave me. I was anxious to get this done and had several things to do in a short time, like moving invested money around, etc. Kristen helped take some of that pressure off just by being patient and answering my questions. Next day I hook up with Sam and the ball got rolling full speed. Incredible how easy they make all this stuff, and right on the phone too. I went in to pick the car up on that Saturday. It was good to see Sam. He had everything ready and he made it such an enjoyable couple of hours (thats about how long it takes to deliver the car). I have to tell you, these people, Sam especially, are not the typical car selling people. I think they don’t pressure a person for a number of reasons but mostly because they don’t need to. Most of us that want a Vette have already decided to buy it before we walk into the dealership. Sorry to have been so long but I thought it might be helpful to someone else that is thinking about buying a Vette to hear how it went for me. You will really enjoy your buying experience with these people. But if you don’t buy, you’ll still enjoy your experience with them. If you go to Kerbecks I’d suggest you ask for Sam, and get him to to show you the incredible display of muscle cars from the early 50’s and 60’s they have. This has been fun, my dream has come true and I’m a happy guy. That’s the beinning of my story. Good luck to all of you.

  • Don Blais says:

    The last Corvette I have owned was a 67 350-350 purchased new. I now have an Original 69 Z-28 Camaro show car, Garnet Red w/Black Stripes. I have plans to Buy a new Vette as soon as My Fifth Year NC State Daughter Graduates. I tell her I buy a new Corvette every year with the Tuition I send her

  • Harry & Kelly says:

    Picked up our 02 MY coupe in June from Kerbeck. Best car buying experience we have ever had. Kristen and Harry were very helpful in making the entire process a smooth one. Our next Vette will come from these guys.

  • Richard Dunn says:

    I’m wanting to purchase a 2006 Z06. Do you have them in stock, or do you take orders/deposits? Please advise.



  • Carl (Cape May) says:

    I saw your link on wdox.fm, great website!, Looks like Im getting a Corvette

  • Jeff Scott says:

    I am interested in a 2006 Zo6 Corvette. Could you please let me know when delivery will be available on this model.

  • GERONIMO says:

    My adventure began in Sept.’05. That’s when I decided to give myself a new vette for my b-day.Let me tell you that I

  • Jack Fulmer says:

    I own a 1991 Camaro RS, a 1968 Camaro RS/SS, and a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 pickup truck. I think I most likely qualify as a devoted Chevrolet enthusiast. I have always wanted, however, to own a Corvette, so maybe now is the time to graduate to the ultimate driving machine.

  • debi samuels says:

    I can’t wait to get the new 2005 Z06 convertible!

  • Josh says:

    you should let people, like me see all of the cars as pictures.

  • Rich Mickol says:


  • Matt Dammann says:

    Emailed you last week. Trying to get things lined up for my 2006 order. Please read contact info. Thanks Matt Dammann

  • Jack Conley IIIrd says:

    I find your dealership awsome!I wish I could visit you.

  • John Rosen says:

    Saw your tv special on the Speed Channel ‘The Last Sting Ray’

  • BILL MULLER says:

    I wanted a Vette for 40+ years and yesterday I drove my shiny blue C6 convertible home from KERBECK. After waiting all that time it took less than five weeks from the order to having my car home in my garage. Thank you Mike Bellino and Kerbeck for making my dream come true.

  • Tom and Kathy Nolan says:

    Tom and I want to congratulate George Kerbeck on achieving his dream of having the first Corvette Car Show in Atlantic City — we were honored to be part of such a fete — those who came out to pArcticipate truly enjoyed the day. When Tom and I are in Atlantic City, we always stop in to visit the Kerbeck Showroom. George is such a humble person and he is never too busy to stop and take the time to talk to us. His sales team always smile and say hi — it’s good to see the strong support he receives from his sales team — Congratulations to you all and looking forward to many more Atlantic City Car Shows!!

  • Erick Webb - Apalachin, NY says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for a great purchasing experience. My 2008 Convertable is more than what I expected. Great site, fantastic staff, and professional delivery. Happy New Year … and safe travels.

  • Tom Samartino says:

    Saw your commerical on Speed/Jackson-Barrett action……checked out your site……it’s great & what a collection of cars…….passing on your web site to my other Buckeye Corvette club members……next time I’m back home in Jersey, will stop in.

  • Jim Totcke says:

    I am interested in trading my 2005 C6 Coupe for a 2006 ZO6,

  • Bob Spinicchia says:

    Dave Salvatore, thanks for the package, greatly appreciated, Bob LICOA, LI,NY

  • Robert Thompson says:

    I want to thank Sam for helping to make my dream purchase of my first Corvette a pleasurable experience. He was thoughtful, insightful and made me feel like I was dealing with an old friend. Sam you’re always welcome at our table.

  • Dave Thompson says:

    What a fantastic web site! Want another Vette. Wish I had never sold my ’63 Conv. years ago. Your seem to have a great selection.

  • Ron Tautic says:

    Kerbeck is ‘second to none’ when it comes to Corvette’s. I am currently looking to purchase my 1st awesome 2005 convertible. A 4-1/2Hr drive to Kerbeck will be well worth the trip



  • MIKE ROSS says:


  • Ed Ehmer says:

    Great site and I just placed my deposit yesterday can’t wait to get it!!!!

  • BOB T{PPINS says:

    I own a 1976 stingray 350/auto in very good condition new paint 5years ago 94000mi. runs excellent.could you give me ball park figure of trade in say on a 1980s ilive in ottawa ontario canada thanks your web site is GREAT

  • Frank Romero says:

    Looks like you add at B-J is getting alot of attention. I’m one of those dreamers who will own another corvette soon Looking for a 63 or 67

  • John Mazurick says:

    Enjoying my first week of ownership driving my New 2004 commeratitive Lemans blue metallic coupe.There is one thing the guys down at Kerbeck’s don’t tell you about owning a corvette.How many beautiful women will want a ride in it! Thanks guys! Enjoying the ride in my New C5 and the the ladies. Thanks again! John Mazurick

  • Wayne Turk says:

    Very impressed with your collection, saw you on Barret-Jackson,via SpeedTV. I am thinking about purchasing a 2003 or 2004 Corvette this summer hopefully. Might take a trip out your way.

  • rich harwood says:

    WOW,,, what a great website, i was wondering, if i could any info. on the new ($1,000,000.00) ZR-1 haha, thanx jay leno. rich harwood, 3371 cranberry dr, north street, mich.48049

  • Gary Boykin says:

    Proud owner of the 04 C-5.

  • Larry Hoover says:

    It was certainly great to have met Charlie Kerbeck at Corvettes 2005 Carlisle Show (Karen from GM was also very informative on the Z06)I was glad to get your sales crew directions to Visaggio’s Restuarant. When I told Charlie I had bid on the painting for Chip Miller’s Charitable Auction he was dissapointed that I did not get it and offered to send me a copy, for that I say Thank You Charlie. What a Company, what a display and what service. Larry Hoover

  • Thomas Petillo says:

    I have shopped for the past year and a half for a corvette. I can honestly say i visited every Chevy dealer worth mentioning in new jersey. For me there is only one place to buy a corvette and that’s at kerbecks!!The Best selection of corvettes you will find anywhere. All the staff and deals are the best.Thank you George, Sam and Nick for the best car buying experience I’ve ever had…..Tom Petillo Lead Singer Of the Duprees.

  • Richard K. Nevels says:

    This is a Great site! I”l be contacting you when I

  • Fred and Mary Occhiuto says:

    Toys for Tots, was an event that we will never forger. It was well organized. I want to thank Kerbeck for an outstanding event for a great cause. Just seeing so many corvette’s in one place was a rush. The parkway run was the best, and I am looking forward to doing this again.

  • Howard Straley says:

    Very nice 1953 and 2005! Can’t wait to drive a 2005!

  • Tom Petillo says:

    I really love my red 05 corvette coupe and enjoy the attention it get’s on the road. I agree with all the people in your guest book your show room and staff are a model for other dealers to follow. However I was not happy, to say the least, when the hardtop roof panel completely blew off driving down the highway. Your service department told me the car is not listed in the GM recall. Now I have a dealer that is three hour’s closer to me doing a repair to the roof instead of replacing with a new roof. My point is this car should be added to the GM recall of some 60,000 corvette cars from 05 and 06. What can I expect in help with regards to this situation now. A Happy Customer, Well lets see.

  • barry volin says:

    i bought a lemans blue c6 coupe from harry in january. there is nothing as exhilirating and mental health producing as an end of the work week, friday afternoon, 75 degree, top down drive home!

  • Bob says:

    Nice Corvettes !!

  • Bob Hess says:

    I am getting ready to purchase my first Vette & I am very interested in an ’02 Z06 in yellow. The only reason I can’t fully decide is because the roof doesn’t come off of a Z06 so I may consider an ’02 yellow convertible. I am in the process of selling my ’72 numbers matching big block Chevelle SS (if you know anyone interested). Once that happens I will be ready. I have been told you guys are the ones to see. I am constantly checking your used inventory!

  • Dennis says:

    Had a 67 327/350 hp used to race it at Raceway park Englishtown NJ. High 13s low14s What a Ride!!

  • steve says:

    still suffering with my 01 zo6 oil burner/thinking of a 08

  • BRIAN says:


  • Ron Egelund says:

    WOW!!! I had no idea that a corvette dealership like yours existed. You have a wonderful dealership and collection of all years of collector cars. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • Tom Matthys Elk Point,SD says:

    Good morning I am looking for a 2003 50th anniversery edition corvette coupe or convertible. Ann. red with 2-tone shale leather or titaniam color interier. 6-speed manual transmission and the gold wheels. Their is a picture of the coupe on P. 470&471 in the crvette book by Andrew Montgomery. Shows it agian on P. 508. I don’t know if there are any new ones avialable, low mil. used would be ok also. Would like info on availability, pictures if possible, and pricing (on both the LS1 350 V8 and the optional Z06 engines. I currently own a 1978 silver ann. 25th year addition that is just beautiful. We drive it almost as much as we look at it!! It would be nice to get his big brother in the garage so the 78 is not so lonely anymore and they can play together.

  • kevin d frazier says:

    i would like to congratulate george on his frist corvette show me and my wife had a dam good time all the cars look good the show was real good and the vending was right on time i looking forward to next years.we had a nice time

  • Denis M. Lucia says:

    Waiting for the 2003 to be unveiled.

  • Jack Ruscansky says:

    Bought my first vette last year, at Carlisle a 96 Collector Edition. I love it . Found out it was originally purchased at Kerbeck. Enjoy your site and hope to visit your dealership in the near future.

  • Gary Parker says:

    Bought my 03 Coupe at Kerbeck at their 0% finance at that time. Great experience. If GM has another 0%, I will be there in a minute for my 08. Gary

  • Lou says:

    Stopped by the showroom on Saturday (2/9), amazed by number of Vettes in stock. Have to say Ivey did a great job in explaining vehicle (08 Coupe), hoping to be in one soon, or at the very least a late model used 05+.

  • John Hay says:

    Toys For Tots Run–My day started by driving 3 hours only to park in a service plaza for two more hours with hundreds of Corvette owners. A Rush one can only experience for their selfs. Seeing familiar faces from other clubs and states. Having complete stranger striking up conversation like they were your friend for ever or just asking ‘Is This Your First Time’


    WOW!!!only way i can describe your dealership and the astounding array of my faves CORVETTE and collectables.IN my time i have owned a 61-76-80.would like to purchase my retirement ride from your vast selection .What restrictions if any might encounter?Should i be able to be a Kerbeck customer please advise and perhaps we could talk !!! thx GARY(BOUDY)BOUDREAU

  • mugu says:

    i don land here

  • Chris Interlante says:

    I want to thank both Sam Kelley and Mike Arrante for a great buying experience. I took delivery of my 2004 Magnetic Red 6-Speed Coupe yesterday and I dont think I have stopped smiling yet. Sam and Mike are definitely professionals and know their product inside and out. There are no hidden costs or rebates that once you get to the dealership you don’t qualify for. The price was exactly as advertised. The hardest part was choosing which color I wanted from the dozens of Corvettes on the lot. What a pleasurable experience! Kerbeck is definitely the place to go if you are in the market for a Corvette. Thanks again guys!!

  • Ron Small says:

    Looking for a C6

  • Hal Ginsberg says:

    getting close to buying my first corvette at 56. always wanted one. have not yet decided to buy a 07 or 08 coupe. Price difference? What is new on 08 vets. Specs available? any deals on 07 vettes toward end of model year. I think I am looking for a machine silver 3LT WITH A DUAL ROOF PACKAGE. MANUAL DIFF BETWEEN 07/08. WHEN WILL 08’S BE AVAILABLE? THANKS.

  • TR ROGERS says:


  • Roger says:

    Great site. Looking for a 2003 Z06. Will visit soon.

  • Doran Dreibelbis says:

    I saw your ads on Barrett-Jackson. I was surprised to see the Barrett-Jackson prices for the Black over red C6 with it’s matching black over red ’58 convertible, the price for the ’07 White Brickyard 400 pace car, and WOW!, the price for the ’09 ZR1.

  • Tony Mordino says:

    Do you take GMS on a NEW 2008 Corvette ZO6?

  • jim c. says:

    If you guys had a dealership in my area, I’d be down there today.

  • DR MUGUNWA says:


  • Burt Kennedy says:

    Very nice web site. Will be placing an order later today for a 2003 A.E. then flying in from Orlando to pick it up.

  • Hal Ginsberg says:

    when can orders be put in for 2008’s

  • Ed Kelly says:

    Great toy run, I even won a door prize. Thanks to all the staff at Kerbeck for a fun day.

  • James Paetsch says:

    The best corvette site there is ,I will drop by and have a good look someday.(Calgary Alberta Canada)

  • Martin Ruzinsky says:

    Can you please de-mystify 2006 Z06 availability?

  • michael d. wood says:

    i like the web site.

  • nshu578 says:

    I just want to thank Kerbeck for sponsoring the Toys For Tots drive on 12/11. That was a very generous thing to do. We had a great turnout considering the weather. Look forward to doing it again next year!

  • David Cohen says:

    What a car. A blast to drive.The 2007 Corvette is the best yet. I picked up my monterey red Corvette 2/12, David Brown was a pleasure. I feel sorry for people who mistakenly buy their Corvette elsewhere. Thanks for the experience.

  • Carl Orletti says:

    Are the 2006 ZO6’s available and how much?

  • JM E says:

    Just this week drove to AC , to pickup my new C6 , from Kerbeck. Why buy anywhere else?

  • John Bauerle says:

    2005 0r 2006 Lemans Blue conv. with beige top and cashmere interior fully equipped. Do you expect any models as described or do I have to special order. How long will it take?

  • Chris & Bernice Belt says:

    My wife and I drove from Maryland to purchase a corvette. We ended up with a beautiful machine silver Z-51 coupe. I just wanted to take a minute to say how wonderful our salesman (Ivey Barnes) and the rest of the Kerbeck team are. Ivey was very knowlegeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Ivey and Kerbeck for a great experience.

  • Michael says:


  • Larry Broden says:

    I have a 1964 convertable and 1980 coupe at home, and I was talking to a coworker who just ordered a new Z06 from you so I thought I would check out your website. Very nice inventory.

  • Chad Steffens says:

    Tell me more about the 1986 Red coupewith no miles in your personal collection. I have a 1986 Red Coupe withred leather int. It has chrome ZR-1 wheels on it and 72.045 miles on the car. Also how many miles are on that carI live in Omaha Ne. hope to get out there soon.

  • Robbie Gossard says:

    I have a Comp Yellow 1993 coupe and I would like to add another late model Z06 to my stables….Velocity Yellow.

  • SKY*TIM RAMBIE says:


  • Dan Herman says:

    I saw your ad during Barrett-Jackson, so wanted to check out your site. What a collection! I’ve got a ’73 after owing a ’69. Next time I’m out East I’ll make the trip to see your showroom. Thanks. Dan

  • Sola Thomas says:

    I am about to buy my 1st corvette. This site is so awesome.

  • John Mazurick says:

    Thank you!,Samuel Kelly for selling me my New 2004 Commeratitive Corvette Coupe this saturday down at Kerbeck’s Corvette dealership.You’s guys down at Kerbeck’s are No.1.I enjoyed the buying experience and driving my New Vette home the same day.You are all professionals and treat your customers with respect and go over every detail about the car before you drive it off the showroom floor. I am driving my dream and enjoying the ride seeing the U.S.A in my New Chevrolet Corvette.Thanks again Guys for a great buying experience and helping me with the purchase of my dream. The Heart beat of America Kerbeck’s Corvette! Thank you! John Michael Mazurick

  • Tom & Kathy Nolan says:

    Hi George: Just wanted to thank a BIG thank you for donating refreshments to the C5/C6 Registry Tent at Carlisle this year — that ice cold water was truly refreshing after the miles we walked in the heat. We missed seeing your smiling face — but your staff were as warm and caring as always and greeted us with the Kerbeck ‘charm’ — they truly are an asset to you and the Corvette name. Hope to see you soon, Tom & Kathy Nolan

  • jack gray says:

    Have had my AE now for 4 years and 20K miles, my advice to all corvette buyers is to get the F55 suspention. It can not even be Arcticulated how this option performs. There is nothing out their, domestic or imported that compares. Funny, all I wanted was 50th anniversary ed., what I got was the best road car to to date. (its amazing how many corvette owners I ask about, F55 or F51, they don’t know!!!)

  • Paul Morani says:

    HOLY!…………WOW!…A mans dream site. I truly enjoyed visiting your site and hopefully will make it to your dealership someday. I would love to be able to say I can afford even a 2006 (yellow) but at the current moment I am driving a Windstar! Hey, a man could dream can’t he?

  • Kurt says:

    Hi,i would like to buy a Corvette in US, make holidays there and then take the car to Germany. Does anybody know how much the transfer costs from US to Munich? Also the price for changing the cat to germany law standard? Maybe anybody know a link where I could inform myself. Thanks a lot. Kurt

  • Paul says:

    Corvette is the best sports car in the world, no exotic can come close for the price or value, take a Z06 and add the money to it that would be the total for an exotic car and guarenteed it will beat it, well when they can come out with a car that beats the Z06 that is. Kerbeck is the place to be when it comes to Corvettes.

  • Rickey Wilbourn says:

    I enjoyed looking at your selection of corvettes and your cash back bonus. I am currently in Iraq and will return for R & R in April. It is my intentions to purchase a Corvette Coupe, since the wait for the Z06 is just too long. If you are able to assist me in purchasing my corvette it will be greatly appreciated. I live in WA state, but there selection is no way as complete as yours. I look forward to reading your email and will try to contact you by phone. Hats off to your website publisher, he or she is very knowledgeable. Thanks again for the website.

  • Anthony Previte says:

    Great web sight, very informative. I have owned 8 Corvettes over the years and the C6 clearly tops them all. Can we expect many changes for the C7

  • Gene Allen says:

    Where can I get all corvette parts for 1984? I currently own and need parts for front end work at a resonable price.

  • Gary P. Jaeckel says:

    Thanks for the early delivery on my YELLOW Z06, any more coming in.I found out that there only making 400Thanks for getting my 2002 in AUGUST of2001

  • allen russell says:

    i have 2000 vette and love it just looking . if i want a new one i will look u up you have graet prices.

  • Todd Kelman says:

    Toys for Tots Kerbeck corvette run was a great event. This was my first. I am still thinking about the wonderful time meeting a lot of new people and how those toys will cheer up a lot of children. The run on the AC expressway was a great adult gift. Can not wait until next year. I know others have said it but ‘what a rush’

  • kevin says:

    would you be able to help ,I’m in the middle of a buy back on my ssr.I trying to get a replacement or a credit on it toward a2007 coupe or convertible.can you help when I’m get this problem resolved.My guestion is do Ihave to use the credit at the dealerI bought it from or can I use at your dealership.And do you arrange shipping with Idon’t want to drive it .Any help on this matter I would appreciate it .P.S you got a great site keep up the good work.If you would post some of your replies from comment.thank Kevin

  • Paul Glenn says:

    Ready to sell my rust free AZ 1968 RS/SS 396-375 hp camaro to get the ZO6.Never thought a new car could get sooo much attention from me.Real thing here with dealer A/C #s correct….let me know

  • Joe V says:

    Just want to say hello.

  • Mark Glynn says:

    Just picked up my new Jetstream Blue convertible from the National Corvette Museum on Monday. FANTASTIC!! Thanks to Dave Salvatore and Dave Brown, ordering a new Vette from Kerbeck over the phone was surprisingly pleasant and easy. Thanks for a great price as well!

  • Paul Brown says:

    Excellent site! I owned a 89 Callaway Twin Turbo with 6 Spd. Do you have any Callaways for sale?

  • Jay Kohler says:

    I just took delivery from Kerbeck’s on my new Z51 Convertable yesterday. My friend and I drove down from Connecticut to pick it up. The 200 mile journey home was, to say the keast exhilirating. The Team at Kerbeck’s, Dave Brown and Sam made the purchase on my first vette memorable. This is professional team, yuo can certianly understand why Kerbeck is the number one dealer in the country. My friend will be picking his new Z51 coupe in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to get the last few weeks of good driving weather in before the winter. I’d like to thank my friend for comming with me and sharing the experience and big thank you to Kerbeck. Nice job gentlemen!



  • Craig Rodgers says:

    I picked up my new 2007 on Superbowl weekend and drove her home to Texas before the game got started… Great experience. I would like to know what wax/polish is used by the Kerbeck staff in ‘make ready’. That was good stuff!

  • D. Jey says:

    Great website, great inventory. Any base LT1’s with automatic for around $ 41,000?

  • omomaga says:

    i love this site guysssssssss

  • Nettesheim says:


  • Reto says:

    I’m looking for a 06 convertible, manual, low mileage, great price.

  • Ava Rice says:

    hey, how do i get one?

  • Max says:

    like the site, i’ve never owned a vette

  • John says:

    gotta love vettes…….

  • FRANK LEGER says:


  • ALAN RAND says:

    Sad to have traded in my 05 Silver Slingshot SSR, but happy to have found this 07 Vette with 96 Grand Sport color combo, with striping kit, it should be an interesting conversation piece and maybe be a good selling point if and when that happens. Always though a C-6 Convertible was my ticket, but I like the sweeping retro look of the HT more than having a Blue c-6 to compliment my collection of 63 Riverside Red Rag, 86 White Rag, 98 Dark Carmine Metallic Rag. I was waiting to find a Precision Red 05 C-6 Ragtop but maybe in time I will find that also. Was the 05 the Official Pace Car for INDY 500? I never was aware of that if that is true and what was the official color? Was it a Red? Not Monterey? whats the other reds name? I think there were 3 in 2005. Someone clue me in….thanks!

  • jason v says:

    i scored 18,150is that good?i own 4 1972 Vets.anyone want one. CHEAPemail memint cond.

  • Frank says:


  • Mohammed Al-Muttawa says:

    The web site is also very impressive and will also be useful

  • Jimbo says:

    Awesome Corvette website. Enjoyed my visit~!http://community-1.webtv.net/BEACHBOY99.JIMBOSCORVETTEHOME/

  • Paul Kinghan says:

    I just got back from a 323 mile ride with my friend to buy his new corvette. I fell in love with it and am also getting one! Any deals?

  • Al Gates says:

    My 1998 Fairway Green Coupe W 85000 miles is just broken in . I love the it drives.

  • Julian Nelson says:

    Hello there,I live in the Bay Area in Northern California and I love your website.Your inventory and selections got my attention and you have the color and options of the ‘vette I’m loking for.My question is, if I buy my ‘vette from you would you be able to ship it to my local GM dealership without a cost to me or do I pay for shipping?

  • ken button says:

    i own a completley original 1973 with everything still like it rolled out of showroom in ohio.. i am the second owner i love the car but might trade for new one..nothing has been restored on mine and everything works and it has won two trophies out of two times out everyone likes the bluevelvette

  • Alexa says:

    Hello together,

  • ginadys santos says:

    corvettes have always been my favorite cars. i’ll be 17 on the 22 of july and my dad is taking me to a corvette museum.

  • Susan L. Knight says:

    Just for kicks .. who’s got a 53′? To match the 50th!Can’t wait to see those two together. S.L. Knight 🙂

  • Tim&Nancy Sharkey says:

    We took delivery of or 2002 coupe last week and We must say that Harry Boyer and the kerbeck staff ARE FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY I could not have asked for a more profesional buy experience THANKS AGAIN

  • Susan L. Knight says:

    2003 50TH!! What else can I ask for :)Don’t even know what it looks like, but I KNOW I’LL LOVE IT!!! Sell me one ,, ‘pretty pretty please??’:) 🙂 :)S.L. Knight

  • Werner van Wyk says:

    I want a c6 z06 ,but cannot find a dealer in south africa that stocks or import them

  • Scott J. Lapin says:

    I really want to let you that the Kerbeck Family all did a

  • Rich says:

    Nice Job! I not only love the the Corvettes you have displayed but the rest of the GM muscle gang looks great as well. I’ll be making a trip down.

  • Matt says:

    I check your site out frequently–you are a good barometer on what is going on in the vette market. I am the original owner of a 64 Stingray coupe. White with red leather, body off still original paint 59,800 original miles, 9,000 miles on original rebuilt 327/300

  • T. Jefferson Filip says:

    What a great website! Much class and it shows!

  • Matt says:

    I check your site out frequently–you are a good barometer on what is going on in the vette market. I am the original owner of a 64 Stingray coupe. Whit with red leather, body off still original paint 59,800 original miles, 9,000 on oringinal rebuilt 327/300

  • Gary Marsiglia says:

    Does anyone out there have any experience with turbo charging a Z06 yet? If so, let me know the type that you used, approximate installation time and results.

  • Jack Tyler says:

    I’d love to see more pics of ‘under the hood’ for cars for sale. 1 pic of 8 isn’t enough for a 2004 Commerative Metallic Blue ‘Vette!

  • Al Simmons (Top Flight Corvett Club - DC/MD/VA) says:

    Thank you Thank You, the Toys for Tots event you guys put together was out of this world. Was my first event and boy what a rush. It should last for a few months. To have the ability to run my toy is one I will never forget. Thank You. A big thumbs up to all that put it together and those that took part.

  • Matt says:

    I really enjoy your web site. I have 64 coupe white (original paint) w red interior, body off, powdercoated frame etc. I am the original owner and we do drive the car some but it only has 59,000 miles on the clock.

  • John Morini says:

    looking to get new vette and sell my 97 with 30,000.

  • Gregory Nachor says:

    Last payment on Van. Looking to purchase a 2004 C5, 2005 C6, or 2006 C6.

  • Larry says:

    I want a new Z06!

  • joe s says:

    Congrats on your sixth or seventh award from chevy!!

  • richard sheler says:

    Hello Dave,

  • Dave says:

    Corvettes are awesome. I’ve only got a 72 Impala. Well, I have 3 of them so that’s almost as cool as one nice Vette. Check out my Impalas at http://www.StillRuns.com

  • Mario says:

    Can anyone tell me when I can place an order on a 06 z06? I ready, but I guess a whole bunch of other people are too. Awaiting a reply and your assitance, thanks.

  • Carlos Soto Jr. says:

    I purchased a 2006 convertible machine silver/ titanium/ gray top on 03-25-06 . I love it, but its missing one option. Is it possible to upgrade to the dvd/navigation or is it to late? Thanks

  • Lindsay says:

    I recently sold my 1989 red Corvette coupe and am looking at purchasing a 1988 anniversary coupe with 34,000 miles on the clock.Your site is the best i have seen.I will come over to the States one day and my first stop will be your dealership…hi from Australia…

  • Mark Plansky says:

    Kristen, please call me regarding 2003 spiral gray convert. 6 spd. I have spoken with you before and I need an update. Thanks, Mark (cell phone 914 489-4103) is the best way.

  • curtis says:


  • R.J. Squillari says:

    Great website, very impressive pix, as well as the EX122 piece was awesome, as a Corvette owner(64 coupe), I really appreciated the Arcticle. Good work.Goodfellas car club (N.Y.).

  • Richard Dunn says:

    Once again, I am inquiring about the 2006 Z06 corvette. Do you have a time line for delivery? I am anxious to place a deposit.

  • Jason A. says:

    After crashing my brand new C6 (a gut-wrenching experience)I needed a replacement. I found Kerbeck on the internet and called. I spoke to Harry who gave me the straight 411 with no BS and a decent price. The order is being processed and I’m waiting for deliver. The communication so far has been excellent – I’ll keep you posted.

  • john says:

    When are you going to update your 2002 price and specs page to 2003??

  • Digger says:

    NEED C6 Z06Price avail yet?

  • Steve Bolt says:

    The Chevy Corvette is one proud American tradition, and Kerbeck makes it possible for us Americans to buy at a great price. I am in California currently and am contemplating flying to Kerbeck Chevy and driving home a new Z51. God Bless America!

  • Bill Gutowski says:

    Once again you have done a great job at Carlise showcasing the new model year Corvette.Vicki’s pink Corvette was a shop stopper. I have been to your AC dealership several times with a friend who was looking for a used Corvette and Gary was the salesperson who approached us at our first visit and still remembered us when we came back looking a few times after that. He was very courteous , helpful and extremely well informed. My 1992 Corvette I sold in 1997 and now I have Corvette Fever once again after seeing the 2005, all I know is Gary will definitely be helping me. I look forward to seeing you guys and the test driving the 2005.

  • Rich Hibbs & Joan Pleasant says:

    Excellent site. We’re the proud owners of an ’84 Corvette that is SWEET!! We lucked upon ours at just the right moment. Now we’re addicted. An expensive habit, but wouldn’t trade it for the world! Anyway, one day we hope to come buy a brand new one. Until then…

  • Robin Siva says:

    I will Own the c-6 corvette!!! Great Web Site Thanks Robin

  • Mike says:

    I came across this site while browsing through the ‘Corvette And ??? Trader’ magazine at the grocery store. The Corvette has always been my favorite car and I have never seen any thing like this site. I hope to make it to U’re show room in the next year or two.

  • Donny Hurley says:

    Cool site!!!


    DAVE BROWN I HOPE THAT YOU ARE AT CARLISLE THIS YEAR. I MISS TALKING TO YOU SINCE YOU SOLD ME THE C6. I have never met anyone that does just a great job following up with your customers. That will definately keep us coming back for more. Can’t wait for the show.

  • John M Elzey says:

    I’ll be 53 in MAY, and still love to look and dream of the day I will own my first corvette. My goal is to own a new one when I turn ’55’., probably a base coupe! Thanks for a great site.

  • guy says:

    what a good wonderful site,visit it

  • Tony Cory says:

    Visited your showroom on 9-18. It was great. Gary Beatty was an excellent, courteous and well informed host. It was nice to see Jack’s 52′ again. You have done an excellent job with it. I am happy to see it in a great location, with nice people and where the public will see and enjoy it. I will be back to see you again when it’s time for a new Vette. Still enjoying my 2002 conv. Thanks again to Gary for a great experience. Tony/Rochester,N.Y.

  • Marko Barbaric says:

    Owned a C4, Owned a C5, Looking foward to buying a C6, Must get the O.K. from the Little Women. Chevrolet is the only way to go..

  • Leland Tilghman Sr. says:

    I just love what i have seen so far,and thank you for it.



  • Mickey says:

    Hi. Have a 1972 LT1 4-speed. Garaged for the last 25 years, but driven once a week. My son doesn’t want it. (What a shock.) Do you have any interest in it? I have no idea of its value. Thanks. P.S. I purchased it new.

  • Noel Del Rosario says:

    Just drove 350 miles to buy my 2004 Commemorative Coupe at Kerbeck.Well worth the trip.Best buying experience in my 34 years of car ownership.The employees are superb especially Sam Kelley.In spite of the busy day he was patient and understanding of my desires.Mr. Kerbeck,thanks for ensuring that I was totally happy with the detailing of my Vette.You truly have a first-class operation and I will recommend Kerbeck to all my friends.

  • K. Anderson says:

    Can’t wait to see the 2005 vette- when will we be able to place orders and do we know the approx. price of a coupe yet. What kinda of financing do you think will be avialable through GMAC?

  • Bob Slattery says:

    Kristen,What type of discount can I get off a loaded 2002 rag top pewter w/blk topBob

  • Charles Benedict says:

    I bought my 1954 Corvette in 1970 for $1000. It was all yellow with a close-ratio Muncie four speed attached to a 350hp 327, with the fibreglass aftermarket top. It had off-road exhaust, traction bars, and could corner like you would not believe! It was #001254, so it was the 554th Vette! I lost it in a fire and cried for two days. I have never been able to think about having one since, and they are out of my league now. I do enjoy looking though and like your site. Thanks for the pictures and best wishes, CB

  • Jim Magro says:

    Cool site.

  • sy west berlin, NJ says:

    I did not intend to buy a new Corvette,only to look as I was on my way to the casinos.I was 77 years old when I entered the showroom but as I drove out in my new Vette I was 27 years old.I made a deal with my wife to let her keep this car and for me buy ZO6.I can’t repeat her response 1

  • Sharon Farmington, MO says:

    I am interested in getting a printed catalog of your products.

  • Ibrahim Florida, NY says:

    Do you need any type of loan? if yes contact us now for more information waheedibrahimfinance@gmail.com try this company and see the good result

  • Steve Martinsville, IN says:

    Looking to trade 01 Z06 for 2015 Z51 Coupe. Need brochure. Thanks

  • B. Frederica, DE says:

    Looking to sell or trade 08 C6 for 2015 coupe, waiting for broucher to select options.

  • JD ANGLETON, TX says:


  • Ronald Telford, PA says:

    Thanks to everyone at Kerbeck for hosting another great event for a great cause.

  • George Somers Point, NJ says:

    Congratulations on another successful ‘TOYS FOR TOTS!’ Food and hospitality outstanding! As always the display of new corvettes was outstanding, as only a Kerbeck event would be! Glad to have been a part of it. Here’s to the Kerbecks and the entire staff! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  • don Naples, FL says:

    want a 2015 06 White -red interior- best chrome wheels automatic trans- mirrors and spoiler black — red calipers.- black see thru top coupe 2lt

  • Dennis Elka Park , NY says:

    Interested in the new Corvette Stingray z06.

  • Nick Massapequa, NY says:

    Interested in the Z06!

  • Lawrence Alexandria, VA says:

    Would like to Order a Z06 Please contact me

  • Jay Deltona, FL says:

    Thinking about a 2015 orange coupe. Have to sell my 2008 before I can move forward with it. I will let you know when it happens.

  • Rickey Houston, TX says:

    I would like to place an order for the 2015 ZO6 ASAP.

  • Bruce Richmond, VA says:

    Interested in 2015 Z06, please add to me to the waiting list.

  • bob FORT MILL, SC says:


  • Kevin Sinking Spring, PA says:

    I just purchased a 2014 Torch Red Corvette Stingray Convertible from Kerbeck. It was by far the most pleasurable car buying experience that I ever had. Everybody was great and made my wife and I feel comfortable. Joe Zulli was the best salesman I ever had. He called us on our way to the showroom to make sure we would have no problems finding it, greeted us at the door when we pulled into the parking lot, knew everything about the Corvettes, and I felt no pressure to buy one. Great experience.

  • pat fairfield, NJ says:

    And, by the way, Joe Zulli was the best high end car salesman/professional I have ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with literally 50 or 60 over the last 30 years or so. No bull, entirely for real and treated me and my wife with the utmost respect. They should all be like him. The only person who knows more about Vettes in this world than me is Joe. Charlie Kerbeck, listen to me on this one…..don’t lose that guy.

  • pat fairfield, NJ says:

    I’ve owned 11 Corvettes since I have been 24 years old, I’m 53 now, and the C7 convertible Z51 is the all around sickest car I ever drove. Beats my previously owned Ferrari 360 Modena and Lamborghini Gallardo on several fronts and, for the money, the best car I’ve ever had. And the gents at Kerbeck are the best, hands down.

  • mark hamilton, NJ says:

    Looking to sell my 03 zo6 to buy a new stingray !

  • Lisa Statesville, NC says:

    Looking for a 2001-2002, not convertible,

  • steven manalapan, NJ says:

    Just bought my first brand new corvette from your dealership. Kerbeck salesmen were all gentleman, extremely informative and friendly. Joe Zulli was incredible and very patient, he made our experience outstanding.

  • glenn Dix Hills, NY says:

    I was in the Hamtons over the Memorial weekend having lunch with my wife and very close friends .As we waited for a table at ‘Oakland’s’, we walked to the dock and were all drooling over all the 40′ & 50+’ boats. One boat had printed on the stern ‘Dead is a very long time’ Yes I will get a 15 C7 !

  • Kenneth Park Ridge, NJ says:

    I just picked up my 2014 Convertible Stingray and I could not have had a better experience. If you buy a corvette from Kerbeck make sure you buy it from Sam Kelley. This guy is awesome, from start to finish he did everything right. Thanks Sam, love the new ride.

  • William Sacramento, CA says:

    Great website…keep up the good work.

  • Charles,AKA,Chuck Indianapolis, IN says:

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • gary sterling, OK says:

    watched your add on mecum .and i own a 94 corvette and in a couple of months hope to purchase newer model

  • gary sterling, OK says:

    watched your add on mecum .and i own a 94 corvette and in a couple of months hope to purchase newer model



  • Mike Torrance, CA says:

    Would like more Infor on 2015 Z06 in Auto Tran

  • Charles Parkland, FL says:

    looking for new vette lease

  • Fred Davie, FL says:

    Bought a 13 427 Conv.and love it, from Dave Brown. A fantastic experience. Museum Pick and that was fantastic. Looking to add a 2015 Z06 Conv. to the stable next year.

  • Mike Doylestown, PA says:

    I picked up my C7, Laguna Blue, Black Convertible Top two weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I had a 2004 Convertible and enjoyed that car but this new C7 is far superior in every way. The technology in this car is unbelievable. It is a rocket ship on wheels!! The car gets a ton of looks and I took it to a car show last week and the car was a hit. Anyway – enough about the car – I want to thank Dave Brown from Kerbeck for his knowledge on the product and his professionalism. He made the purchase enjoyable from start to finish!! Thanks Dave!!

  • pete albany, NY says:

    Just bought 2014 corvette. I like everything about it. Get alot of comments.The lime rock green what a color.I can’t say enough about the car.

  • Lou Gilbert, AZ says:

    To the previous commentor, I have had nothing but compliments on my chrome wheels on my Torch Red 3LT. Almost everyone who sees my car says ‘I love the wheels and color.’ So if you don’t like chrome wheels then don’t order them. PS…If you go to the Corvette Museum site you will see that the majority of wheels ordered are the black chrome z51 wheels. I ordered chrome wheels because of that. To each his own is what I say. Respect others opinions.

  • John Vienna, VA says:

    I want to know why 95^of your corvette stock and incoming have the chrome aluminium wheels???? They are grotesque and cheap looking. Whomever orders these units needs a lesson in variety.

  • frank lynn, MA says:

    I just checked out your web site. Sweet collection you have there. I currently own a C6 Coupe (05). Wish I could afford The C7. Frank

  • Dennis Syracuse, IN says:

    When will you begin to take orders for the 2015 Z06? Any idea what the price range will be??

  • larry danville, CA says:

    Now 600 miles into my new 3LT Stingray. The cyber gray/adrenaline red coloring is stunning and the performance exhaust, rev-matching manual trans and red calipers complete the package. Joe Zulli did a great job putting things together and the car, purchased unseen, arrived as represented.

  • Richard Chesterfield, VA says:

    Currently have a 1999 C5 Corvette FRC Coupe, EXC – getting ready to prep for sale, will be in contact for future discussions on C7.

  • Lou Gilbert, AZ says:

    I’ve had my Torch Red/Adrenaline Red 3LT C7 for 2 weeks now and after 400 miles I have to say it’s by far the best Corvette ever. My 69 and 07 Vettes were awesome cars but the C7 is truly amazing. Everywhere I go I people stop me to ask about it and admire it. A guy in a Ferrari F430 gave me a thumbs up yesterday when he drove past me. And I get thumbs up from all sorts of car owners…love my C7!!!

  • Barbara Egg Harbor Township , NJ says:

    Thanks to Sam Kelley once again!!! I took delivery of my gorgeous Arctic White, but switched to, jet black interior, carbon flash painted hood stinger stripe & spoiler, manual, red calipers, chrome 5 spoke. OMG what a gorgeous car. I had a courteous professional experience. They worked with me while I changed my mind twice, just could not commit to Kalahari interior. I highly recommend buying your Stingray from Sam Kelley at Kerbeck in AC, NJ! I’d like to suggest a cancer benefit ride/drive, a rally, or even like they do on Harley’s…a poker run. How much fun woukd that be?

  • Lou Gilbert, AZ says:

    My Torch Red/Adrenaline Red 3LT arrived safe and sound yesterday. Everything worked out as planned, despite the bad weather across the country. I immediately took the top off and went for a drive. This car, in a word, is ASTONISHING!!!! Night and day difference between this car and my previous C6. Thank you Amoni for a job well done.

  • Richard Justin, TX says:

    Please let me know when it’s time to talk about trading in my Cherry,Original One Owner,2011 Torch Red ZO6,8,000 mi Black Interior,Navigation,Full Leather Rap Interior,61 year old Non Smoker,2 Fobs,Cargo Net,Rear Window Shade,All Original Paperwork Including Window Sticker,Professional Tinted Windows,Clean Car Fax,Garage Kept,for the 2015 Z06 with Z07 PKG.Thanks!Rick

  • Barbara Egg Harbor Township , NJ says:

    Thanks to Sam Kelley, I am anxiously awaiting my 2014 Stingray, Arctic White, 2LT, Manual, Kalahari, performance exhaust, exposed carbon fiber roof panel, chrome, & Nav. To the last commenter, CONGRATS!!!….I hope mine is already built and in transit too!!! There is no status listed for mine on the site. I will be at ease once I have an order # or VIN. I agree, they should update the website more often, especially for those of us anxiously waiting our new arrivals!

  • Lou Gilbert, AZ says:

    Purchased my 2014 3LT Torch Red/Adrenaline Red Stingray in late January. The entire process went very well thanks to Amoni. I expect to receive the car on Tuesday, February 18th at my home in Arizona. Kerbeck did a great job. I’m curious however, as to why my car still shows up on their inventory as ‘built and in transit’. I think Kerbeck needs to update their online inventory more frequently.

  • Karl mystic Island, NJ says:

    Looking at the 79 corvette you have for sale…

  • william punta gorda, FL says:

    would like to see visit when I come up in march to check out new corvettes and prices.

  • Ermanno San Francisco, CA says:

    hi, I am interested in the 2015 ZO6 and would like to get on a waiting list when its available. Purchased a C5 from you back in 1997.

  • Michael El Paso, TX says:

    Moving to Ft. Lee, VA in the summer. Will be purchasing a 2015 Z51 configured to my liking this September. What a great birthday present to me (August). Excited!!!

  • Steve Louisville, KY says:

    Looking to trade my 69 Z28 on new stingray.

  • Wayne Huntington Beach, CA says:

    I’m interested in purchasing the 2015 Z06 8 speed automatic when it becomes available.

  • Daniel Henderson, NV says:

    I own a 2001 Lamans Blue 2LT overall condition is great. Mileage is mid 40k. If you are interested in buying this car, give me an interesting price. Have an awsome very day.

  • David bellefonte, PA says:

    looking for a 1969 blue corvette with blue interior. I have a 1978 chevy el camino 350 motor with a four speed very rare.have owned it for 16 years.please let me know.

  • Michael Perrineville, NJ says:

    I am looking to pre-order the new 2015 Corvette ZO6 with the ZO7 Performance package.

  • James T livonia, MI says:

    Looking for 2008. Conv 6 speed manual. Red blue

  • Chris Enterprise, AL says:

    Looking to sell/trade my 2012 base coupe (immaculate) to upgrade for a C7.

  • Bob Ilion, NY says:

    Looking to trade my clean 2006 3LT Corvette Convertible with 27k on a 2014 2LT Z51 coupe. Have options selected for new order.

  • Allan Boynton Beach, FL says:

    When can I get this car. 2014 Conv. 3LT w/ Z51 Midnight Race Blue, Blue top, Kalahari Napa Leather seating, Chrome wheels, Auto trans, Magnetic sel ride, Preformance exhust, Red calipers, Museum Del.$75,720

  • Bob Massapequa, NY says:

    Dave Brown, Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, enjoying the 2013 G/S Coupe , just wish we had better weather to enjoy it more, Hope to see you soon, setting up a friend to buy a 2014 from you, hes very anxious, has a 65 and a 62, lost a 64 and 2005 in Hurricane Sandy, Say hello to all, Thanks for the professional sale and salesmanship everyone showed throughout my purchasing the 2013 last 12/14/12

  • Ed Port Ewen, NY says:

    Looking for 2014 corvette Preferably crystal Red but would take white coupe 2 LT , Navigation, HUD, Manual. can take delivery or wait up till 90 days

  • kirk marmora, NJ says:

    I just wanna thank george kerbeck dave brown rich and bill for makking my 2014 stingray happen kerbeck is the best.

  • Rick Bradenton, FL says:

    Looking for a C-5.

  • donald Lawtell, LA says:

    need to find a good shiping company to ship my corvette to Louisiana ??????

  • Charles Florence, SC says:

    Show more Pic’s of new inventory. Thanks CJ

  • Hank Nepean, NY says:

    Have a 2008 ZHZ that I have owned since July 2009, love the car. Really like the new C7, they did an awesome job!!

  • Alan Brick, NJ says:

    Besides the 3LT Lemans Blue Coupe with Red factory overide interior (1 of 17) which I would entertain offers on (PRNDL321@aol.com)in addition for sale for best offer all low or no mileage vehicles—–

  • Alan Brick, NJ says:

    Purchased 2007 Lemans Blue LT-3 Coope which Kerbeck had ordered specially for display at Corvetes at Carlisle. Only only 850 mi!! 6spd nav chrome wheels heads up etc… flawless

  • Doug Westhampton, NY says:

    Porsche guy for the past 40 years .Maybe time to check out something else

  • Anthony Glen Gardner, NJ says:

    Why are thre no used Vette’s on the website? Thinking about upgrading my C5 to a C6

  • Joe Shoreham, NY says:

    I was watching the Velocity channel last night 10/09, a special about Corvettes, and they had a commercial for you guys…They said you have the largest allocation of any dealer in the U.S……507, coups and converts. So…..drivers…start you checkbooks and,head to Kerbecks…..see you in a few months….

  • Ronald Jenison, MI says:

    We now have a 2003 black convertible that we enjoy very much, But I love what I see in the new C-7 and would love to think one is my future.

  • glenn DIX hills, NY says:

    Where ARE THE NEW C7S . . . . is there a factory problem? There are none here on LI & if Kerbeck has none on the ground I doubt if any dealer has any ? Is there a production delay??

  • Roger Pesotum, IL says:

    Looking to buy my first Corvette.

  • Sandra Millsboro, DE says:

    I bought a C6 convertible from you.I would like info on the 2014

  • Keith Camden, SC says:

    Just wanted to let you know I saw your display at Carlisle this year and was quite impressed with your organization. I will definately be purchasing a new C7 but not until the 2015 model year (I have a 2012 coupe now with very little mileage). I will definately consider your Chevy store when I make my purchase…

  • Kathy Wrightstown, NJ says:

    Just wanted to thank Kerbeck for supplying the car for Wil Cooksey to do his burnout at Carlisle. What a uniquely designed ‘Cooksey Car’. CooksHe really did ‘his painted face’ justice because he kept the paint in tact! You should give him the car as a reward for a perfect 3-minute burnout!

  • CHARLIE chesapeake beach, MD says:

    Don’t you have any more 2013 in stock?

  • william aaaathomasville, GA says:

    irecently sold my 1965 stingray coupr with every option available327/300hp pg, pa,pw knock offs sidepipes,customsony stereo purchased from Tony inNJ

  • Donald Aberdeen, NJ says:

    please let me know when the C7 is in stock on the ground, had a 65 corvette when i was 21 now 69 and want another one.

  • daniel drummond ville, -Sélectionnez- says:

    bonjours je vais a atlantic cite au mois de aout je veux aller vous vesite je suis du quebec merci de me reponde bonne semaine daniel janine

  • Joe new york, NY says:

    I may like to purchase the new vette (2014)

  • James Alamo, CA says:

    Nothing at this time. Have a wonderful C5 Bowling Green. Waiting for the new dark green with gold trim

  • Lon Monroe, CT says:

    The 2014 corvette will be the first one I’ve ever owned. Not a car guy but saw it at the NY car show and now I’m sending you a email. Please let me know when they arrive. Thanks for your time

  • John Inverness, FL says:

    I am going to be interested in the 2014 Stingray Convertible pretty well loaded.

  • William Castleton, NY says:

    I’m looking for a deal on a 2013 corvette convertible ,blue with cashmere interior LT3 manual transmission and all the fixings ,can you find this dream car for me for !!!!! For a great price ,,!!!!

  • allen owings mills , MD says:

    I am 73 years young – and since I was 18 I have had many many cars however, from day one there has been only one car that has been a dream I could NEVER make happen the 1958 corvette now with/out a doubt EVERY corvette ever made has been AWSOM and as theLORD keeps me stil kicken there will ALWAYS be hope/ I have known about KERBEC CORVETTES for a long,long time and mayby JUST mayby

  • Larry sewell, NJ says:

    Sam Kelly I need to buy my third corvette from you. when can I place my order for the c 7 ?

  • Lewis Holly Springs, NC says:

    I’m a 65 year old with my second childhood in full bloom. When do you expect to have the C7’s on the ground? My trade (if we work a deal for me to trade it in) is a 1 owner, 2008 C6, all black, covertable, 6-speed with the Gumby polished wheels. It has 15,400 miles. Garaged with no door dings and original tires. Rears have 80% of the original rubber.

  • Dwight Victor, MT says:

    Info on 14 and prices.

  • Richard Tracy, CA says:

    Please send in mail any info on the 2014 when available. Thank you for your time. Rick

  • charles&paula pasadena, MD says:

    i have a 2001 vette but needs some work and honestly can’t afford to fixup yet times are tuff..will not sell.this is our fifth corvette and love it thanks fo listening

  • Robert Fredericksburg, VA says:

    Recently retired from the military and looking forward to visit Kerbeck when the C7 finally hits the showroom. The drive back to Virginia ought to be spectacular. Robert C. Fredericksburg, VA

  • Matthew Wilmington, DE says:

    When will you start taking orders on 2014 Corvettes?

  • JD Aurora, CO says:

    Great site! But, do you back it up with $$$ value?

  • Ed Doylestown, PA says:

    I had been researching a 2013 Corvette in Night Race Blue with cashmere interior and 2LT trim level for several months. I drove to Kerbeck on March 23, 2013 to buy this car. Glad I did for I fulfilled a dream of 50 years! The car is awsome!



  • Ron Telford, PA says:

    When will the ‘THE OFFICIAL Kerbeck 2012 TOYS FOR TOTS CORVETTE CRUISE VIDEO’ be posted – It’s been 5 months already?????

  • Matthew Cedar Grove, NJ says:

    I bought my black 2013 GS coupe last week from Kerbeck. The salesman I worked with was Sam Kelley. Sam and the rest of the team made buying my first Corvette a great experience. Their service and pricing can not be beat. Please see Sam to buy your Corvette and tell him Matt said hello.

  • Jeff Elmore, AL says:

    I have owned 44 corvettes and have never had an easier purchasing process than with Kerbeck Corvettes. The price was fantastic. It was so easy that I called my son and he bought one a week later. And then a friend of mine bought one a week or so after that!

  • Deron manahawkin, NJ says:

    I would like to say a sincere Thank You to your salesman Ronald Michael! Ronald was a remarkable person and a pleasure to work with. Ronald recently worked with a friend of mine. His knowledge of the cars and great personality really impressed me. I look forward to doing business with Ronald and Kerbeck in the future for my next corvette! Can’t wait too see the c7!!!!

  • linda houston, TX says:

    This is such a great blog post! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site. It’s awesome blog.

  • james syracuse, NY says:

    great site can,t believe the great deals you have.

  • Marshal Bowling Green, KY , KY says:

    Very excited about the new ’14 model!

  • Dale Fort Irwin, CA says:

    Own a 2009 Z06 Atomic Orange. Must say, I have viewed the NEW STINGRAY, and it is bad ass! As soon as I get back from Afghanistan, I will be entertaining either an upgrade or simply buying this NEW C7 version. Z51 is more my taste with performance. WELL DONE GM! WELL DONE. Most Soldiers over here are going completely crazy at the new design. They don’t know what it is until they see the logo?!

  • Nick Dunmore, PA says:

    We purchased our 2013 2LT grand sport coupe just before Christmas. We live over 3 hrs away from Kerbeck. To all of the people who said these deals were to good to be true, and it would be ‘bait and switch’ when we got there…they probably paid to much!!!! Our salesman’s name was Amoni Ahmed, and he is the best

  • Anthony Brooklyn, NY says:

    Hi,this is Anthony from Brooklyn,I picked up my 2013 blade silver Grand Sport on the day hurricane Sandy hit. I just wanted to wish the whole Kerbeck crew, and especially Dave Brown, a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I want you to know that your professionalism and warmth left a lasting impression on both my wife and I. Best of luck in the new year.

  • bob massapequa, NY says:

    Purchased a 2013 G/S torch red auto coupe, 2/14/12, salesman was Dave Brown, the whole process was painless and quick, rented an enterprise car in Long Island and dropped it off at enterprise on Black Horse Pike, about two miles away with no drop off charges, The sale went very well, quick and to the point, Dave came in on his day off to accomodate me. Kerbeck had the exact car I wanted plus the red calipers which are great. Their price was thousands less than the cheapest price here on Long Island.Paperwork we effortless. We were told by LI dealers about car service, one telling me go back to Jersey if you need anything, I challange them on this issue, I thought we bailed out GM and they are still working against the people who bailed them out. Time will tell, Thanks Dave Brown and Kerbeck Chevrolet for giving me the opportunity of owning a new Corvette. PS: I owned a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette that I bought brand new in 1971 ,had it for 41 yrs, it was totalled in Hurricane Sane in over 4 feet of salt water, I wasnt confident in fixing it, was insured well with a classic car insurance company Will and have recommended Kerbeck to many Corvette people here on Long Island, many have gone there to purchase their cars. Thanks Kerbeck and Dave Brown

  • Tim Louisville, OH says:

    I been Looking for a Used Vet .I will keep looking ever week.Has to be RED will make amove in six or less months to buy!!

  • Howard coconut Creek , FL says:

    Waiting to see the C-7 and pricing.

  • Bill Clermont, FL says:

    I ordered a 2013 G/S with the assistance of Sam Kelley in early September. All correspondence was handled via email and Fed Ex. My vehicle arrived at Kerbeck in early November. I had it transported to Florida and I received it 11-12-12. Sam Kelley is a tenured salesman and is well versed professional who is very knowledgeable about Corvettes. My purchase was the most positive experience I have ever had with a dealership. Their pricing is so attractive there is no need to pursue/wheel and deal with other dealerships. With Kerbeck you know what you are getting and what it is going to cost up front. I just sold my 2007 coupe. Lord willing in approx. 4 years I will be calling Sam Kelley to order my next. Thank you to all involved in my transaction. May God bless the Kerbeck family and Staff and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year.

  • ben Santa Cruz, CA says:

    Every time I flipped through the channels and saw that huge storm take over the headlines on CNN I thought about all those Corvettes. Hey Kerbeck, had enough snow, flooding, and winds? Maybe considering a move to another part of the country would be wise…I wound suggest moving west….Santa Cruz California has perfect sunny weather almost all year long. Hell…There is even a boardwalk with a roller coaster and you can actually walk down it without wondering if your going to get mugged! Plus out here Chevy dealerships sell BASIC Grand Sport Corvettes for 75000+ all day long! Should you remain in New Jersey just let me know if

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    I want you all to know that I ‘ve been watching the news and I am keeping you all in prayer. We got hit by Sandy also in N.C. but not like you all, keep the Faith.

  • Amanda Mobile, AL says:

    Praying that you and your families are ok. God Bless!

  • Craig Mason City, IA says:

    I wanted to let everyone know our prayers go out to you, your families, and communities. I hope the recovery goes well and everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.

  • Steven Elkins Park, PA says:

    Looking for used Vet, but your used inventory doesn’t show on web-site… unless you’re all sold out:)


    Great weather. Great event. Great cause. And a great big THANK YOU to all the Kerbeck people for hosting this great run. All Corvette owners really showed their pride for the special detailing they did on all their cars – wasn’t a bug on a license plate!

  • Louis A. Branchburg, NJ says:

    The TFT event is a very generous gesture by Kerbeck and it will be remembered when I’m in the market for a new Corvette (C7). Thanks for putting the event together

  • Kathy & Tom Wrightstown, NJ says:

    Toys for Tots #9 — oh my, where have the years gone? Once again, Tom and I want to thank you, George, for the truly ‘Corvette Lover’ experience you provided yesterday at the 9th Annual Toys for Tots. We arrived early this year due to the fact we had to leave early to celebrate a 70th Birthday Party for one of our long-time Corvette traveling buddies! Seeing how many people it takes to just set up for the event — behind the scenes, one realizes the massive amount of planning and time you take to make all us Corvette participants feel truly ‘special’ as we join in ‘giving’ to the kids at Christmas time. The Kerbeck girls looked truly beautiful in their Santa outfits. We’re sorry we didn’t get to see you to thank you personally and the ‘new food’ was truly a welcomed surprise — THANK YOU for that great tasting Pizza treat! Seeing all the Corvette Racing Cars and watching them going through the cones was another great treat. We walked over to see the ‘new showroom’ — truly a magnificent display of the ‘old’ and ‘new’, plus the staff, as always, were the most amicable employees we’ve ever met! THANK YOU, Mr. Kerbeck for a WONDERFUL day!

  • Tim Munster, IN says:

    Looking to buy 2013 corvette maybe move up to grand sport. Shopped at Phillips chevy, can you beat their price on any corvette, whether basic coupe or grand sport

  • Edward Charlotte Amalie, CA says:

    Proud American Engineering

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    Well time is getting close to seeing and ordering the 2014 C-7, Corvette so if Kerbeck is still offering the sticker price discounts as they have been offering I want a phone call from Kerbeck and the ordering info ASAP.I want to order what I want in a Corvette coupe. It looks like I will be trading my 2009, no leans on it.

  • Mark Ruther Glen, VA says:

    I am interested in ordering 2013 Corvette this coming Jan. Kerbeck has the best discounts and rebates I have seen. What discounts or rebates are available on special order cars? I am looking for a 1LT car, manual, black/black chrome wheels and the museum delivery. thanks

  • Howard Brooklyn, NY says:

    Advise when the C-7’s arrive, along with pricing. Thanks

  • Terry Richfield Springs, NY says:

    Some time ago Mr. Kerbeck mailed me a book that he had written about many of his car experiences and asked me for one of mine in exchange. I mailed him a copy of my true car theft story ‘Corvette Odyssey.’ He also suggested that we create a link but at the time I had little computer savy and no website. After several attempts I finally have my website up and running and I am still adding to it. So, after this long delay, if Mr Kerbeck still would like to link up my website is TerryBerkson.com

  • Linneer hyattsville, MD says:

    will be at kerbeck 9/28/2012.Looking to trade in my 350z touring roadster with 5800 miles on it. interlago fire color power top.looking for a black grand sport chrome wheels navigation and manual trans.

  • Glen Toronto, NY says:

    Looking to buy a 2103 Corvette 60th anniversary 427 convertible and to sell or trade a 1971 Pontiac Trans Am 455HO Lucerne Blue (rotisserie restoration).



  • Keith Little river, SC says:

    Looking to buy a 2012 or 2013 in late September. Will the color selections And interiors be updated soon? Where are the used vettes? Will a sales-person contact me. Especially like the midnight blue with b/grey interior.

  • John E Westport, MA says:

    Interested in older Corvette, low mileage,prefer auto, don’t see anything on your web site. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    I have seen the antimatic views of the 2014 Vette on the web @ Corvette C7 Speculatively Animated . It looks good, but the tail lightes look like a Camaro. Now I hope the interior is good.

  • Don toms River, NJ says:

    Looking to trade my 1970 Chevelle SS 396 big block Chevy toward a new Vette. Do you take classic trade ins. Email me if you take classic car trades.

  • Chad Normal, IL says:

    Looking to buy 2013 corvette (G13317) please call or email

  • Rudy Manchester, NJ says:


  • SGT MAJOR Larry E. Monteagle, , TN says:

    I am interested in the purchase of a 2012 or 2013 Corvette Coupe in either Velocity Yellow OR Inferno Orange Metallic. I am not interested in the Neg system, and since we are retired, and on a budget

  • David Walton Hills, OH says:

    How many month lease can you do on 2013 Grand Sport – Stock# G13158 & G13065?

  • JD Aurora, CO says:

    I like what I see (G13234 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible Arctic White/Blue Dark Blue Wrap Manual 4LT, PYE, Z25 60th Anniversary Pkg, Z30, NPP $77,535 $9,866 $67,669 $3,500 ). What is the possible $3500 discount? JD

  • Denny Wesley Chapel, FL says:

    Want to buy a base 2013 Corvette convertible Red with Black interior.

  • Jeff Iowa Park, TX says:

    I am considering a 2013 427 convertible Or a 13 GS anniversary vert. Your web offers expired. Please send a message when new offers are advertised. Thanks so much.

  • Ken Houston, TX says:
  • Tom Springfield, MO says:

    Great selection and even better prices.

  • Christopher Lincoln, NE says:

    You guys have the best discounts I’ve seen for any Corvette vehicle out of every dealership I’ve looked at. I live in Lincoln Ne & I’m flying to New Jersey in January next year to purchase one…do I need to make an appointment?

  • Alan Sherwood Park, MT says:

    I am from Western Canada,(I had to enter the closest State to me) and would like to know if I could buy my first Corvette at your dealership?

  • Neil Topsfield, MA says:

    Looking to purchase a Corvette within the next 6 months. Your discounts are the best I’ve seen so far so please keep me updated with your newsletter.

  • David roswell, GA says:

    Please add me to you mailing list for all Corvetter sales and promotions. Z06, 427 and ZR1, new or 2011’s. Include promotions as well, thanks.

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    I would like to receive the Kerbeck Corvette’s eNewsletter,and time is getting closer to C-7 time baby. I have checked around and Kerbeck Corvette has the best discount sale prices. That is why when ordering time comes next year I will be ready so I need to be keep in the loop when that time comes next year.

  • mark ruther glen, VA says:

    I’m headed to Afghanistan and plan to visit your dealership when I return in February. So far your prices are the best I have found and think it will be well worth the trip

  • mike boca raton, FL says:

    I want to be on the list for a c7 corvette as soon as possible. Contact me with details.

  • Benjamin Kingston, NY says:

    Checking out your 2012 and 2013 inventory and prices

  • Jeffrey Wilmington, DE says:

    Returned to Kerbeck for my 1st oil change on my 2012 Corvette GS that I purchased in September 2011. Turned into the parking lot and the 1st person I saw was George Kerbeck who remembered me and my corvette! Thank you George for the VIP treatment! My entire service experience was outstanding!

  • Robert Port St Lucie, FL says:

    Checking out your stock and prices. Found one I like. (G121117) Cheaper to buy from you and have it shipped to Fla than buying local. (figuring $1000-$1500 shipping) I’ll call soon.

  • Paul Brick, NJ says:

    interested in one of your cars please call

  • Andy Stevens, PA says:

    Bought my first vette from Kerbeck. 2000 C5 convertible metallic blue rare color. salesmen was great but the whole purchase was exciting. Thinking about trading car in for grand sport but I keep car in mint condition and am afraid of not getting the value I feel I should. Not a knock against Kerbeck just the economy. I would never purchase a vette anywhere else. Even if you are not in the market for a vette you have to check out the dealership and the museum.

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    Great for Bill who got the deal on his Corvette GS that he wanted at the price he wanted from Sam Kelly. I need Sam Kelly to call me to help me with questions I have and to get what I want at the price I want.Well he now has my numbers and EMail address

  • Bill white lake, MI says:

    The transport truck just dropped off my 2012 GS convert Centennial Edition. Sam Kelley made it a easy purchase. Got a much better deal than here in Michigan. Was nice to get the car delivered here in Michigan with no miles or bugs on it lol. Will be in market when the new C-7 comes out.

  • gary bayboro, AR says:

    I just bought a 2009 corvette zr1.This is so fast i was racing a lambo and i won

  • Bill Lavallette, NJ says:

    Why are the Corvettes so low . Expect to replace the front spoiler and bumper yearly un less they correct it. We do have the autobahn here?

  • Paul Madisonville, LA says:

    Bought a 2012 GS from Kerbeck, Dave Brown. He is extremely professional and personable. There were a total of about 16 available 2012 GS’s in the entire New Orleans area. The dealers here are all in cahoots with each other as the discount they offered was almost identical about -10% off MSRP. Kerbeck’s advertised discount was substantially more than that. Plus I qualified for another $3000 GM retention discount. Bought a 2LT. No need for heated seats down here. If its that cold out it stays in the garage. Homelink? The button I have works great? Bolsters would be nice, not for that much more in cost. Memory, not. I’m the only driver. Bottom line $13,700 off a $62,100 or $49K plus T,T, and L. Want some icing on that cake. How about 60 months at 0% through Ally.

  • Paul Madisonville, LA says:

    Bought a 2012 GS from Kerbeck, Dave Brown. He is extremely professional and personable. There were a total of about 16 available 2012 GS’s in the entire New Orleans area. The dealers here are all in cahoots with each other as the discount they offered was almost identical about -10% off MSRP. Kerbeck’s advertised discount was substantially more than that. Plus I qualified for another $3000 GM retention discount. Bought a 2LT. No need for heated seats down here. If its that cold out it stays in the garage. Homelink? The button I have works great? Bolsters would be nice, not for that much more in cost. Memory, not. I’m the only driver. Bottom line $13,700 off a $62,100 or $49K plus T,T, and L. Want some icing on that cake. How about 60 months at 0% through Ally.

  • john crownsville, MD says:

    looking at leasing a corvette z06 427

  • Roger miami, FL says:

    just bought my first vette from Dave Brown. he got me a great deal she is beautiful thanks Dave

  • Raymond Lavallette, NJ says:

    Corvette one of 4 vehicles I will be looking to purchase in August 2012. Doing my homework.

  • Dave Valencia, CA says:

    Looking for the best price on a 2 or 3LT 2010 yellow convertible/ low milage/ manual transmission



  • William Aulander, NC says:

    Since you have my information call me if you want to buy a 2009 Atomic Orange Corvette 13600 miles

  • Bob Springfield, PA says:

    Just leased a 2012 Corvette Convertable (salesmen Pete Bidic)

  • Sam Port Saint Lucie, FL says:

    I’m waiting for the 2013 Grand Sport with the 3LT package. Black exterior and red/black interior,manual tranny,convertible.

  • More Grass valley, CA says:

    I looking to buy a new grand sport l3 or l4 packages auto navigation Crome wheels dual exhaust mode heads up display Boise sterio Cyber gray. Can I get Calif. smog on it if I buy it from you.

  • Walt Tacoma, WA says:

    Great deals, beautiful Corvette’s!!!

  • ichard newark, NJ says:

    I test drove a 2011 gs convertable at your dealarship in the summer of 2011,awsome

  • Richard Q. Gardnerville, NV says:

    Such Awesome Deals. Corvette’s have been my ultimate fantasy vehicle, will be working towards my third Corvette soon. So much fun to drive, I love my Corvette Roadster. Thinking of taking a Route 66 tour in the near future.

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    Keep me up dated on the C-7 so I’ll know how soon to sell my 2009 Vette the Atomic Orange one with 13000 miles black interior LT2. will be buying from Kerbeck as long I get a good price.

  • Michael Bloomingdale, IL says:

    I have a loaded 2002 coupe, color torch red exterior and all torch red. Do you how know many red on red had been in 2002. Really like to know

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    I have a 2009 Atomic Orange Vette black interior chrome wheels, 3LT looking to sale it a little before the C-7 comes out, only 13000 miles. Brought it new, rather sell than trade, call me.

  • DOUG Eagle, ID says:

    Here’s my email address for the entry below. Thanks/DOUG

  • Doug Eagle, ID says:

    Hi-Looking for 58-67 Corvette in excellant condition w/Automatic Transmission. Any color other than white is OK. Numbers matching etc not important but outside appearance must be 98% correct. Thanks.

  • Mike Naples, FL says:

    Interested in a 2012 model. Thanks, Mike

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    I am waiting for the Corvette C-7, I thought it would have been the 2013, but that did not happen. I am waiting for the arrival of the 2014 C7 Corvette and it is worth waiting for

  • charlie huntington, IN says:

    I’m looking for an older vette,at a good price.don’t want to spent alot for my first one.great selection.charlie

  • charlie huntington, IN says:

    I’m looking for an older vette,at a good price.don’t want to spent alot for my first one.great selection.charlie

  • Steve South Plainfield, NJ says:

    I recently purchased my second corvette from Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City and was every bit as pleased as the last time in 2008! Rob Frankel, my salesman could not have been more pleasant, knowledgeable and accommodating!

  • John Kings Park, NY says:

    Looking to trade a mint 2008 Carrera for 3LT GSC, with auto tran. Must have Magnetic Select Ride as option.

  • Giangaetano Torino, IA says:

    I live in Torino Italy and i am a Wil Cooksey Z06 owner.

  • David horsham, PA says:

    Once you get over the guilt its all downhill.Just love my white & black 08 Z51.Chris & Rob are the best.Tell George I’m working on my people skills.

  • Anthony Deptford, NJ says:

    I have owned 11 Corvettes in my lifetime. I recently purchased a 2012 Grand Sport from Kerbeck. This was the very first time I purchased from this Dealership. The inventory was the best I ever seen, the salesman was wonderful and the sale price was very competitive. I have also attened the last 3 Toys For tots held by Kerbeck. It’s great helping children and I would recomend Kerbeck to all

  • Mike Waterville, OH says:

    I own a 1981 two-tone coupe,, and a 2001 Z06, I’m hoping on being out to Kerbeck’s in October to join the fun, and help out the kids.

  • Juana Barcelona, VA says:

    I love Corvettes!

  • Tom Princeton, NJ says:

    Happy New Year to George and all the great people @ Kerbeck. I am in the process of selling my third Corvette in

  • beuadry drummond ville, CA says:

    beautiful memoirie forme thanks the partage daniel beaudry

  • Jim Delmar, NY says:

    Does anyone know how to install a gearshift knob on a 2011 grandsport automatic? My wife bought me a custom one and I want to make sure I know how to install it before I try it myself…………thanks.

  • Jim Middle River, MD says:

    To Whom it May Concern, If you are looking for a New Corvette. The service is just as good as the prices and available inventory! They have another lifetime customer.

  • Mike Waterville, OH says:

    I am very interested in coming to Kerbeck’s next October. Please keep me informed of any times, or changes. Thanks!

  • Tim Oswego, NY says:

    Looking for a 2007 or 2008 ZO6 low miles high auto check

  • Karvellis Huntsville, AL says:

    This is an outstanding dealership to purchase your new corvette. They are the largest Corvette dealership in the USA. Their immediate discounts on Corvette or headshaking….Corvettes are afforable and retain great value…..

  • robert livingston , NJ says:

    Jan or feb looking to trade in my 1990 corvette for a new one.

  • Ron Logan, UT says:

    I’ve had three Vette: 1960, 2001 & 2002, want to buy another in the future. I will definitely consider next corvette purchase from your dealership, pick it up and go through Graceland.

  • Robert Okalhoma City, OK says:

    Born in 1953, Vette born in ’53, been partial to them since I was around 7. Owned a 1995 and now a 2011. Quality is the most obvious feature of the new C6, my ’95 was nothing compared to my new Vette. Look forward to stopping by next time I am up in that direction. Don’t plan on coming when it’s cold up there, I am south and want to stay around here during the winter…

  • Stephen Shreveport, LA says:

    I’ve been a long time corvette owner and fan. I really love the corvette tradition. I am hoping the love will continue with all corvette as it has from my observing the Shelby Ford folks. I understand they coming out in 2013 with a 650 hp super charged production. I want to see GM continue the push also.

  • rodney goodland, KS says:

    great place to buy a corvette very freindly folks had a great time there

  • neil haverstraw, NY says:

    I am retiring in about two years but looking forward to owning a newer vette maybe a 05 or newer i want to do route 66 with a new vette and see the USA. i have been in love with vettes since high school i own a 1980 vette and to me its a true american icon along with harley davidson which i also own looking forward to seeing your showroom soon.

  • Joseph Milford, CT says:

    I have a few more years until I retire, and when I retire I am going to traet myself and purchase a Vette. I fell inlove with vettes in 1978 when my buddy purchased a 1978 Silver Aniversary Edtion and ever sice then it has been a love affair with the true American sports car.

  • Tom & Kathy Wrightstown, NJ says:

    Well Mr. Kerbeck: I do believe you have turned into ‘Cecil B.’ because the Corvette racing outfits on your Corvette Girls would look perfect in a Corvette Movie — all the girls wore them well — you can be proud of your eye-catching fashion creation! I do believe this year’s event was full of those Corvette owners who came because they wanted to be there for the KIDS and the enormous amount of toys was a signt to be seen. For the past 7 years, I’ve often thought about who received those toys and last week I was checking out of ShopRite in the Hamilton Marketplace near Trenton, NJ and talking about our 8th year for the Kerbeck’s Toys for Tots’s and the woman checking me out said, ‘Oh my goodness, are you one of those Corvette people who bring those Toys for the Marines? I lived in AC until this year. Do you know how happy you made my son on Christmas morning?’ Wow, it truly is in ‘giving’ that we receive’ because her words touched my heart and I thought about all the other kids’ who share in those toys all because of what you started 8 years ago. It’s always a pleasure to be greeted personally by Dave S., Dave B., Sam and Harry, you couldn’t have a more dedicated staff. They are the BEST wherever and whatever they are doing for Kerbeck! As for Jamie, I have so many people who ask me, ‘Is she really that beautiful?’ She’s not only beautiful but intelligent and charming. There’s one thing she is missing and that is her ‘own’ Corvette. I remember when you made a special ‘pink’ Corvette. Jamie needs her own ‘color’ — maybe the color of her eyes! She represents Corvette so well and it would be nice to see her picture driving a Jamie ‘Kerbeck Special’ one Day! Once again, Mr. Kerbeck, this Mrs. Nolan thanks you from the bottom of her heart for allowing Tom and I to continue to be able to put smiles on the faces of children we might never meet on a Christmas morning in Atlantic City, New Jersey. God bless you, your staff, and the United States Marines!

  • SD Neeses, SC says:

    If I didn’t love my Camaro so much, I would trade it for a Corvette right now!! My next car will be a Corvette!! I’ve visited your website several times.

  • Jeffrey Wilmington, DE says:

    Purchased 2012 Grand Sport friday evening. Love the car. Great dealing with Robert. Nice to chat with George Kerbeck about this particular corvette. Everything was smooth and easy. Chris in finance was also very nice. I even got to watch the filming of the Kerbeck TV promotion. Would strongly recommend Kerbeck dealership to anyone looking to purchase a car!

  • William Aulander, NC says:

    Well I have a 2009 Vette with 10,000 miles and I want a 2013 Corvette which I have seen on line that they will be out in April 2013 with a new body style inside and outside. Stay in touch ok.

  • Marcus Loudon, TN says:

    I want a ZR1 PERIOD have to save down payment

  • John Fort Myers, FL says:

    Great Selection!

  • John Hamilton, NJ says:

    Just took delivery of a 2012 GS vert. Sam and Dave were the best. Very professional and easy to work with. Car was perfect. I would buy from Kerbeck again.

  • Juana Gibraltar, NY says:

    Corvettes are a worl apart from other cars. I loved the site!

  • Robert Lebanon, PA says:

    Just bought a 2011 Grand Sport Convertible. Sam & Rich were super to work with. The ultimate professionals, no pressure, straight forward, and honest. Kerbeck is the best place to buy your Vette, period !

  • Elizabeth Carlisle, PA says:

    Just bought 2005 corvette convertible. Great place to buy a vette. Sam you were great. Love (Kevin) he was a great help. He needs a raise. Car was everything you said it was. See you at the Carlisle Corvette Show. All our Love

  • Jim New London , CT says:

    i have a 2007 red coupe just love it and it has 13,000 miles on it.Went to a chev dealer the other day ,he had a 2011 identical to mine …side by side you couldn,t tell them apart,,,really like it previously owned 9 others but this handles the best

  • PERRY Eden Prairie, MN says:

    I sold my 2007 Victory Red Coupe with 9,000 miles. I’m going to order a 2012 Grand Sport Convertible and have it delivered to Tucson were we have our winter home. We’ll be leaving Minnesota for Tucson around Sept 1st.

  • Thomas Ft.Myers, FL says:

    Looking for 2007 C-6, Lemanns Blue Coupe, (removable top)

  • robert livingston , NJ says:

    next year i would like to purchase either a new or used corvette and trade in my 1990 c4 corvette.

  • William Lancaster, PA says:

    I would like to place an order for a C7. Just stick ths in a file and give me a call whenever you are able to order. I understand it may be two years. I drive a C5 now and do not like C6’s. I have owned Corvettes since 1966.

  • Terje 6020 aalesund, IN says:

    im hava a c3 from 1978 silver


    Kerbeck Corvette’s You’re the BEST OF BEST!!!…

  • Marc staten island, NY says:

    I am interested in purchasing my first Corvette. Looking for an 05 or 06. KERBECK CORVETTE is highly recommend because of it staff and selection. I hope to do business in the future

  • Gene Pleasant View, TN says:

    Greetings I will be retiring in June this year. I have never owned a Corvette. This is my dream car. Kerbeck is resonabled priced and will be looking for a good used one. Please send me a newsletter. Thanks, Gene

  • *BOB* MONTGOMERY, AL says:

    Will be retiring in 9 months.This will be my second one.Looking at purchasing 2010,2011 Grandsport.Black exterior,Ebony interior.Not sure about year end or 2012

  • Larry Lewes, DE says:

    I was looking for a newer corvette with automatic for my wife. I have a 1991 ZR1 that I hate to part with but she wants an automatic. Kerbeck looks like you have about the best deals around, low miles and prices. Soon as the ZR1 goes I will see you. Thanks



  • Joe Haslet , TX says:

    Great site. I’m waiting for the C7

  • stan riverhead, NY says:

    bought my 2011 ciber grey zr1 from kerbeck in feb. 2011. dave brown and the crew at zerbeck was awsome, we were treated like kings. thanks for a great buying experience.

  • Jeff Waipahu, HI says:

    To bad kerbeck is so far away from Hawaii The Dealers here charge up to 10grand over msrp on any vette. I told one local dealer about how much is discounted and they just laughed at me and said ya right

  • Tom Downingtown, PA says:

    Bought my Grand Sport last week. Dave Brown and Dave Salvatore were awesome. Thanks for everything guys. I’ll be back for another one!



  • Nicholas Lake Elsinore, CA says:

    will consider next corvette purchase from your dealership !

  • Eddie Virginia Beach, VA says:

    I have a Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic C6 coupe and he needs a brother :-). I like the new orange and am considering buying either a Z06 or Grand Sport 6spd within a year.

  • Charlie Orinda, CA says:

    I have a 1962 340 HP White Corvette with black interior and a black top that has been in the family since new.

  • Mark Lake Hopatcong, NJ says:

    I currently have a beutiful black ’86 vette coupe with the 4+3 doug nash trans z51 susp. and I triple chromed the stock wheels and added a Borla exhaust I know the prices are still low for that year but I really love my car and would not want to part with it. Thinkin about picking up one of your deals you have, but most likely need a good talk about your pricing.

  • gerald m. campbell, CA says:

    some one at curtsy Chevy told me about you iam very impurest with your web page and inventory when i game back from viet nam i got a yellow 65 coupe it was one of the best cars i ever had i have regraded not haveing it. so l have all ways been looking at corvettes scen 67 your dealership looks very nice and happy looking g.m.c.

  • donnie hephzbah, GA says:

    i have a 2010 coupe black 5100 miles alrady in the shop two times. first time gas petal seniors bad 2200 miles. secound times transfer fuel pump went bad.had to take back next day techniction pentch o ring when installing new pump. love the car not to happy wright now got for my 50th birthay

  • John portage, MI says:

    nice site im a c5 junkie, love it

  • Steven Navarre, FL says:

    Great website. I’m looking to purchase my first Corvette, and value is my primary concern.

  • Kevin Boaz, KY says:

    Great looking VETTE’s. My dream car…

  • Tony Houston, TX says:

    great site some amazing stuff available great going

  • Michael Prestonsburg, KY says:

    In my social studies class, my teacher has given us a project for us to learn how to manage money well. We were given a yearly income based upon our current GPA, and have to choose a car, house, and food that we can afford monthly after taxes have been taken out.

  • Vince Albany, NY says:

    First Class Organization! Have Dealt with Dave Brown in the past. Always a gentlemen. Helps us with our Vettes in Perfection (Albany, NY) Corvette Cruise-Ins for critically ill children at the local charity the Double H Ranch founded by Paul Newman and Chalie Wood. Keep up the great work!

  • Jason New York, NY says:

    great site

  • Tom & Kathy Wrightstown, NJ says:

    To George and your ‘people friendly’ staff: THANK YOU once again for bringing the Corvette Community together. We have to say the ‘new location’ was very scenic and having the Corvettes parked all around the tent enabled all of us to make new friends. I think with the attendance this year, we know for sure the people who were there for the kids and not ‘themselves’. A special thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet Johnny O’Connell (and give him my special song), also glad to have met the Mayor of Atlantic City — he’s a truly charismatic man. We enjoyed having the time to walk over to the showroom to see your outstanding collection of cars. Oh, and a special thanks to Jamie for giving up a wedding in the Bahamas in order to be there for this very special event. She is more beautiful in person and a real asset to the Kerbeck name! So once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the special Corvette memories you have given us these past

  • Tom & Kathy Wrightstown, NJ says:

    Dear George: We just wanted to THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to participate in your ‘Corvette Dream’ in bringing joy to the faces of kids on Christmas Morning. We’ve shared this special event since its inception in 2004 and watched with amazement as the total amount of Corvettes grew from 70 to over 800. It’s understandable that the massive amount of Corvettes riding solo on the AC Expressway couldn’t possibly continue.. true many people will miss seeing such a sight, but after all your dream has always been about ‘giving to the kids’ and now we should all focus on just that. Again, thank you for all you do for the Corvette Community.

  • Roy Bayville, NJ says:

    To lose the drive into the city from Farley Plaza is losing a big part of the Toys 4 Tots event. It is what set this event apart from all others. No more pace car, no more drive in a group of Corvettes. Sad to see it go, but I’ll be there for the Marines & the Toys 4 Tots. Roy

  • Edgar Hagerstown, MD says:

    My wife, Kim, and I visited for the first time on Saturday 09/11 as we were on our way to Atlantic City. From the moment we arrived the folks at the dealership were friendly and enjoyable to talk to. We really enjoyed the personal attention, especially when we were shown the EX122 and provided with reading materal on it as well as posters of Kerbeck Corvettes. I plan to attend the Toys for Tots event in a few weeks with my 2008 Coupe and am really excited to be going (again for the first time.) Thanks for taking the time with some out of town folks. I will certainly be coming up to Kerbeck for my future Corvette purchases.

  • luis phila, PA says:

    will buy my next vette from kerbeck

  • charles mechanicsburg, PA says:

    I have talked to your sales persons over the years and have found them to be very professional at the Corvettes at Carlisle events. This year I spoke to a man and told him I would finally attempt a go at your dealership. He was not a salesman but was very nice. I am interested in the Convertible Inferno Orange with cahmeire/black seats with Cashmire top or a newer version of a Corvette than I have which is the the 2004 Le Mans Blue. It has 13,000 miles on it and I think I will keep it. Please send me information of what may be occurring in the future. Thank you.

  • Joe Mount Olive, NJ says:

    Hoping..praying to fulfil a child hood dream with my first purchase of a Corvette next year (summer 2011). Had my first ride at around age 11 in a 1960 – 62 convertable, i’ve had the fever ever since! Now approaching age 50 and the dream is within reach. And Kerback looks like the place i will be looking to buy from. Great web site!

  • michael wayne, NJ says:

    Last week today I picked up my new Grand Sport. The car is outstanding and so is Robert Frankel. Rob spent many hours with me on Monday and again on Wednesday (his day off). Rob really knows everything about Corvettes! His kindness and interaction skills are fantastic. He treated me and my family with true regards. Eveyone we came in contact with was superb! Thanks again Rob, this was a great pleasure dealing with you.

  • Pete Oceanside, 11572, NY says:

    I love corvettes, have owned 13, and talking to people. Any openings in your showroom for a dedicated, motovated and team player??

  • dave ay, PA says:

    i tried calling several times through the week and only ever get recording, not good for buisness

  • Edward Philadelphia, PA says:

    Love corvettes and was told if i was looking for one to check out your site. You have alot of corvettes.I will check your dealer ship first.I love that orange color one 2005 or newer.

  • Scott Clinton, MS says:

    Still early in the process, but want to keep in touch via your newsletter.

  • andy denville, NJ says:

    Picked up my 2010 Grandsport from Kerbeck – drove over 100 miles to deal with the best !!


    Phenominal Dealership!! WoW

  • Michael Sydney, ME says:

    I love your website and I hope I get get to visit the dealership someday! 🙂

  • Scott brigantine, NJ says:

    i keep missin the new kerbeck commercial on channel 19…did anyone upload it on the internet somewhere..im dyin to see myself on TV..haha

  • DON LACENTER, WA says:

    Well Im thinking its time to get my Grand Sport ordered. My 1995 Admiral blue C4 has given me many great years. Im just not sure about the colors offered on the 2010 Grand Sport. I hate the Jet blue color, 2011 may be the year for a great BLUE thanks Don

  • Fanny Perth, AK says:

    You’ve inspired me!

  • John Pacifica, CA says:

    Wow..I figured that after all the numerous times that I have stopped by this site, that it was time to stop and say hello and have a cyber hand shake. I also wanted to let you know that you are definitely on my list when it comes time for me to buy a Vett…. hoping for a ZO6 or a ZR1. The new Vett seems to grabs me like no other sports car..and believe me I’ve owned a few. I also want to buy American and help those folks in Bowling Green keep their jobs. I know without question that your dealer have the best prices…and I might add without having to sit down and haggle for hours in a hot sweaty cubical trying to get the best price. I live in Calif. and know even after having the extra expense of having it shipped out here that you still are hard to beat! I hope to contact you within the summer. Best regards

  • Dave Marseilles, IL says:

    just climbed out of my monterey red 06, the magnetic ride suspension is remarkable.. my happy place

  • Kiki England, WY says:

    Great site!

  • Louis Suffern, NY says:

    love my new black grand sport. thanks kerbecks!

  • Jason Penisville, CT says:

    I like your site! Very nice!

  • Doug /, NH says:

    Nice! Got a ’99.

  • nancy newton, NJ says:

    Hi, very nice website. i am looking to buy a corvette. I really would like a new one.

  • richard selkirk, NY says:

    nice site, just bought a 1997

  • james brodheadsville, PA says:

    i am the new owner of a 1986 corvette convertible indy 500 pace car,original white paint,red leather interior,4+3 manual tranny,350…235 horse,my car has the original oem cassette deck in it,but who has cassettes anymore? i am looking for a cd player preferably oem to fit right in my car. i dont know what years will fit in my car,appriciate any help,thanx

  • Steven Elkins Park, PA says:

    Love looking at older Vets. Planning to get one in next two years: 1976-1979 prefer 77 it has special meaning for me. Must be 4 speed moderate milage, any color but white, very very clean.

  • Mona xxxxxxxxxxxx, NV says:

    Love Corvettes! Great fun to drive.

  • Chi west coast, AK says:

    i love my people very well

  • JJ New Castle, PA says:

    Just looking at vettes. Cant wait for summer so I can get back in my 98 roadster.

  • Ed Freehold, NJ says:

    Love my new Z06! Awesome car and another great experience with excellent service at Kerbeck. Thanks!

  • jeff Beverly Hills, CA says:

    nice site! love it! jefflabowski@rocketmail.com

  • Aaron Dallas, TX says:

    I am a fan of Corvettes aaaaron@removed.us

  • misha united kingdom, NY says:

    great concise very clear web site not available in the u k its refreshing to find hard to find facts from so far away i wish more u k car dealers would follow this example. I will be in the market for a new CO6 and this gives me the details that will give me a good grounding on choice.

  • david bear, DE says:

    just bought a 09 z06 after the 09 toys for tots run , but we will be there in 2010, looks like fun

  • Dr. Bob , -Select- says:

    Love corvettes.

  • Lance Arlington , TX says:


  • debbie toms river, NJ says:

    i bought my 08 1 lt vette off david brown in october i love my car!!!!!

  • Edward Victorville, CO says:

    Greetings from a Corvette fan from the beginning in 1953 when I was 12 years old. I started collecting 1/18 scale

  • Paul Hawley, PA says:

    I love your web site. I would love to visit this spring/summer 2010 would like to buy a convertible in the mid 90’s or there about. will be talking with you again..great web site

  • Bill qwerty, CA says:

    email at billyorebank@gmail.com I love corvettes

  • muteb Aloyon Alhassa, WA says:

    corvette1988.1@ hot mail.com Saudi Arabia Chevrolet corvette in Facebook and net log and car domain.com and Metacafe and Souq.com and sand off road vehicle rail truck show nation.com amonstrous communitv national geographic abu dhabi digital corvettes.com

  • Gary Jamaica, NY says:

    I have always LOVED CORVETTES and i can not wait to see the C7 as i am hearing that the split rear window may come back from the 1963 model.

  • johnny newington, CT says:

    Hi was looking for some info and brochure on the 09 zr1 in the blue color what is the differance in the 2010 modle on the zr1 please send info thanks again.

  • Francis Syracuse, NY says:

    still looking ahead to spring purchase (April) Saw your used cat. Nothing for me. Looking for 2003-2007 coupe, auto,Black,Dk Blue ,Silver , Pewter appropriate miles . May trade 2007 Chevy Avanche LT ( no leather or roof 30,000 Black) If anything comes up please notify me , and could you put me on your newsletter list. THANX

  • john trenton, NJ says:

    fun,fun,fun! enjoy your commercials on the weekends,my 10yr old son and i visited your corvette showroom and snapped a few pictures of some choice vettes including the blue ZR1. we have a 77 vette that we juiced up a little for show and go. we would have loved to have participated in your toy for tots drive, but i didnt think our car could make the jo