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Cracking the Code of the Z06 Model Name

May 29, 2008

Strangely enough, the Detroit Free Press is filled with tidbits from the General Motors. I’m not sure why, but they must have some connection.

Recently, Corvette Production Manager Harlan Charles spoke with the Phelan’s Corner Blog about Corvette model names.

Much to the chagrin of many Corvette Enthusiasts, the name Z06 does not stand “Zora’s Outstanding” race package as a salute to the legendary cheif engineer of the Corvette. In fact, the O in Z06 is a zero, not a letter. Z06 was originally a manufacturing code for a competition-ready package in 1963, of which only 199 were sold.

To further shatter the illusions of Corvette lovers, the name ZR1 has nothing to do with the beloved Zora either! “I have been told that ZR1 was Zora’s Racer One also, but the reality is the codes are usually random and get meaning from enthusiasts,” Charles says.

Well, at least it shows the ingenuity and creativeness of the Corvette community. It’s no wonder that Harlan and the rest of the Corvette Team travel to Corvette shows all over the country to meet with Corvette owners and listen to their ideas and suggestions.

Of course, I’m still waiting for them to move forward on my Corvette/Suburban Crossover. Harlan says he’ll get back to me about that one.

You can discuss this story with other Corvette Enthusiasts on the Kerbeck Corvette Message Board!

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