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Corvette ZR1 put through it paces!

May 7, 2008

Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Jeuchter has a great job. Not only is he the man with his finger on the pulse of Corvette Technology on a daily basis, but he also gets to talk about it to those of us who love the Corvette.

Most of the questions he is getting from Corvette Lovers lately have to do with, I was shocked to learn, the new ZR1. In a recent blog, Jeuchter talked about the interest in the details of the new “King of the Hill”. In a move to see just how good this car was, the Corvette Team decided to put the pedal to the metal to see just how fast it would go.

On a cool day with light wind in early April, the Corvette Development Engineering team took the ZR1 to the test track in Papenburg, Germany. With its 638 horsepower supercharged LS9 V-8 engine, clocked in at a staggering 205 miles an hour (330 km/h). They were thrilled with the results and excited for it to hit the streets. They even brought a camera along for the ride to document our experience. Check out the video posted below.

A few weeks later, Jeucther hosted a live chat session on the GM Next website with Corvette Enthusiasts worldwide to talk about the ZR1 and the state of the Corvette in general. Information gained from that chat can be found in another one of my blog posts!

Like I said, Tadge Jeuchter has a great job…almost as good as mine!

Dave Salvatore, Corvette Manager
Kerbeck Corvette of Atlantic City

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