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Corvette Helps Turn Motor City Into Hockey Town!

June 7, 2008

First, let it be said that as a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, I’ve waited a long time to see a parade town Broad Street. In fact, that goes for all of the Philly teams that have many times come close but haven’t seen a championship since 1983…but I digress.

The fans of the NHL Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings took time off from work, school, and whatever else they had planned for the day, to celebrate the championship team members with a parade Woodward Ave in Detroit.

So, why am I writing about this in a Corvette blog? We’ll what better way to escort the Detroit players than in a series of Red and White Corvette Convertibles with the sign on the side giving the name of the occupant! Of course, there were a few Chevy Silverados thrown in with the players riding in the truck bed.

Then, in the middle of the parade, was a solitary black Corvette Convertible with no nameplate and no need for it since everyone recognized one of the greatest hockey player in history, Gordie Howe waving to throngs of hockey-crazed fans.

I’m hoping that when my beloved Flyers bring the Cup down Broad Street Chevy will give them the same honor. Of course, the way Philly’s luck goes, they won’t be making Corvettes in Orange and Black by the time that happens. However, when that time comes, we’ll probably have those Hover Cars promised us by the Jetsons. Boy it’s tuff to be a Philly sports fan. Maybe a ride in the Vette will cheer me up!

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