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Chief Engineer Speaks to the World!

May 8, 2008

On April 29, 2008 Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter had a live chat session with Corvette enthusiasts on the GM Next website. The entire transcript can be read by clicking here, but here are the highlights on what he had to say.

According to Juechter, production for the 2009 ZR1 will begin production this summer and will be looking at a production of about 2,000 cars. While he didn’t have the fuel economy ratings yet, he did state that the car will have a small gas guzzler tax; however it will be the most fuel efficient 600+ HP car in the world. He also mentioned that some of the improvements made to the block will carry over to the LS3 engine used on the regular Corvette coupes and convertibles.

When asked about the comparison to the 1990 ZR1, Juechter said that, like the C4 ZR1, this car will represent the top of the Corvette line with maximum performance on the track and on the street. He also noted that both models introduced new engine technology to the Corvette line.

Many questions were asked about design and performance developments. Juechter explained the use of items like the see-through window in the hood, the choice of using Michelin instead of Goodyear and the use of Bosch-produced breaks and the decision to stick with rear-wheel drive rather than the all wheel drive systems.

With the Corvette show season starting up, you will be able to meet Tadge as well as other members of the Corvette team in person and ask them your own questions. They will be at many of the race events as well as many of the big shows like Corvettes at Carlisle and Bloomington Gold.

Dave Salvatore, Corvette Manager
Kerbeck Corvette of Atlantic City

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