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2008 Corvette Pace Cars Now in stock!

May 20, 2008

On my way to work today, the sky got dark and the clouds opened up to a down pour! I sighed to myself looking forward to the very near future when the sun would be open and Atlantic City beaches would be filled with locals and tourists alike. As for now, nothing would break the rainy duldrums I was feeling on a cold May day. Nothing, that is, but a truck load of 2008 Indy 500 Pace Cars!!! Check out the pictures!

I want to give a thumbs to the Corvette team for bringing back the Corvette coupe, it’s a great look!

You can view more pictures by Clicking Here. Once the rain stops and we get the cars prepped, I’ll post more pics on that same page.

If you are interested in a 2008 Indy Pace Car coupe or convertible, call me at 877-537-2325 for our discounted prices!

You can discuss this story with other Corvette Enthusiasts on the Kerbeck Corvette Message Board by Clicking Here!

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